garden fence on rock ground with no posts holes

Woodchucks Situations & Solutions - Mass Audubon

Some homeowners find the burrowing holes woodchucks dig in the lawn a nuisance. ... Ideally, you want to install fencing before the woodchuck gets a taste of any ... help of 5-foot posts), be sure to bury the wire at least 10 inches in the ground. ... Woodchucks ofte...【Get Price】

Concrete is a no-no for fence posts | National Columns |

May 12, 2012 ... It has been awhile since I wrote about fence posts, but a buddy asked ... Before you set the post in the hole, place a rock or broken chunk of ... gravel and soil, tamping between layers, until you get to ground level. ... How to defend the garden ag...【Get Price】

What Size Gravel to Backfill Fence Posts? - Garden Guides

Dec 5, 2009 ... This isn't a problem for the ground, but when you put a wooden fence post ... Overly large gravel will not sit in the hole as well, and the fence post will lack support. ... Place a flat rock or chunk of concrete block atop the gravel.【Get Price】

Building fences with ground screws - Stop Digging USA

In addition to that there will be no damage to the plants, soil or garden which saves additional repair and ... Different screws for different soil conditions and jobs ... In which case, it is usual to drill holes in the rock and anchor with a steel tie.【Get Price】

Setting Fence Posts - Dos and Don'ts - Bob Vila

It's a bona fide do-it-yourself classic: Every summer without fail, legions of ... Anything less, and you run the risk of having to set the fence posts all over again in ... property line, or simply a beautiful addition to your yard, a fence can fit the bill. ......【Get Price】

Steel fence post - Wikipedia

A steel fence post, also called a T-post, a Y-post, or variants on star post, is a type of fence post ... The posts are driven into the ground with a manual or pneumatic post ... In this case a hole is drilled into the rock, and the post is fixed using cement or epox...【Get Price】

8 thoughts on “How to set a long lasting fence post without concrete”

May 8, 2015 ... Setting fences posts was one such task that I got to observe and learn ... Discard- I use this to cover exposed limestone rocks in the unimproved roads on the farm. ... For depth, shoot for 25-30% of the above-ground length of post so 2 feet ... No fe...【Get Price】

How do you build fences without digging holes for posts? | Hometalk

Feb 9, 2020 ... i have very rocky Soil making digging fence hole nearly impossible. Any suggestions on how to erect a fence without drilling through rock for the posts? ... I thought about building a series of "raised garden beds" with a higher ...【Get Price】

How to Install a Wood Fence Post (with Pictures) - wikiHow

Wooden fence posts are more vulnerable and fragile than metal. ... Not all pressure-treated wood is intended for burial. ... If you plan to anchor the post in soil, the hole diameter should be as close to the fence post size as possible. ... You may need to use a cla...【Get Price】

A DIY Fence Post With No Digging | Hunker

May 8, 2018 ... If the ground is too hard or you don't want to do all the work of burrowing out a post hole for a temporary fence, you may need to know how to ...【Get Price】

How NOT to Anchor a Fence Post - Expanding Foam Fence Post Mix ...

Apr 14, 2017 ... In years past, I've used a bag of quick-dry concrete to set posts, so the plan ... This new product could fix my fence without the inconvenience of ... Perhaps the ground around the hole wasn't dry enough (the ... There aren't many rocks t...【Get Price】

Vinyl fence posts - cement or not? - Houzz

Most installers' quotes indicate they cement the posts for vinyl fences. ... He only cements if he cannot get the post holes deep enough, or at ... ... All 3 say that gravel is not needed because in MA the ground is rocky enough for drainage. ... Made by hand, pr...【Get Price】

How to put up a panel fence | Ideas & Advice | DIY at B&Q

Outdoor & Garden ... wooden fence posts; fence posts secured into the ground using concrete; fence panels secured to ... Clear the area of any plants or rocks, potting up any shrubs or plants that you will want to replant once the fence is up. ... Repeat for all ...【Get Price】

2x4 Garden Fence - More Like Home

Jun 21, 2014 ... Before we did any digging, we drew up a plan for the garden. ... We marked the spacing of the posts 6' apart, except at the gateways where ... Husband went through and dug a hole at each spot about 6" deep. Ideally we would have gone a littl...【Get Price】

Should I set fence posts in dirt, gravel, crushed rock, or concrete ...

Nov 12, 2015 ... The author covered both concrete and compact dirt/rock footers for wooden fences. ... But before throwing in any soil, I 'painted' the bottoms of the posts with automotive ... truck into my back yard and then replacing the fence post was just ...【Get Price】

A DIY Fence Post With No Digging | Diy fence, Rock fence, Fence

May 23, 2013 - If the ground is too hard or you don't want to do all the work of burrowing out a post hole for a temporary fence, you may need to know how to erect a fence without ... A Diy Fence Post With No Digging Fences Gardens And Homesteads With ... With Ro...【Get Price】

How to Strengthen Fence Posts Without Pouring Concrete | Home ...

Poured concrete is a top choice for setting fence posts in the ground and ... Pour about 6 inches of gravel or crushed rock in the bottom of the post hole; use ...【Get Price】

How deep do I dig the holes? Do I put concrete in the hole? How ...

hole and stab the post into the wet concrete leaving 78” from ground to post top. This will ... on the bottoms of the fence boards to the top of the fence posts. How do I ... If you hit rocks that disable you to drill the Post hole exactly 8' from the previous po...【Get Price】

Installing Fence Posts With Sand - HomeSteady

Jan 9, 2018 ... Installing fence posts with sand is a sturdy method for packing around a ... The rock bar will come in handy for loosening up the soil in the hole. ... Using the garden hose, add water in the hole to pack the sand around the post. ... If you are not s...【Get Price】


Jul 1, 2018 ... Pigs and we make our chicken run. More explanation of this video and our links below.【Get Price】

5 More Common Mistakes when Installing Vinyl Fence

Oct 9, 2015 ... For a professional-looking vinyl fence, you need to install it without mistakes. ... Mistake 1: Not Digging Post Holes Deep Enough ... always set vinyl and wood fence posts 3 feet into the ground for our 6-foot ... Building a racked vinyl fence requir...【Get Price】

Draper 1050 x 150mm Fence Post Auger - 24414: ...

For making fence post holes, particularly in heavy or difficult ground; Tubular steel with ... Hiltex 10246 6"x30" Steel Gardening Auger Bit | For Planting Bedding, Bulbs, ... I chose not to use a power auger because my fence was super close to ... for 4x4 ...【Get Price】

Setting posts in difficult ground | Canadian Cattlemen

Jun 1, 2017 ... “This works for drilling small-diameter holes into solid rock to insert a steel post, or even a ... of rocks as a brace to anchor the fence, in lieu of brace posts. ... The pilot post will often go down through rocky ground if it's not solid ....【Get Price】

Setting Posts without Mixing | QUIKRETE: Cement and Concrete ...

Whether you're building a fence, setting a mailbox or even a basketball goal, the ... The depth of the hole should be 1/3-1/2 the post height above ground (i.e., ...【Get Price】

Fencing Guide - Countryside

From electric fencing for horses and livestock to building the ideal garden fencing ... These easy-to-install metal posts withstand summer heat without buckling. ... An innovative tool he uses in rocky ground is a metal pilot post to make a hole for ...【Get Price】

How To Set Posts Without Concrete: Step By Step, Tips - DIY ...

May 2, 2017 ... Use this guide to learn how to set posts without concrete. ... Did you know that it is actually completely possible to set wooden posts in your yard without ... the rocks from the dig site, placing the dirt from the hole onto the tarp.【Get Price】

What is the best method to cement 4x4 posts in the ground for a ...

Short answer: In general, wooden posts in cement will rot faster than in soil. ... use crushed rocks and soil around the post — Waterproof the part of the post underground that. ... wooden post in the history of gardening in the entire world and a cute bunny):. I pro...【Get Price】

Fences for the Farm | UGA Cooperative Extension

Lawn, Garden & Landscapes Home Gardens, Lawn Care, Ornamentals, Landscaping ... Cables are usually passed through holes in wooden posts. ... Also, if no return ground wires are used, electric fences may not be effective in dry weather. ... post is deep in the gro...【Get Price】

Top 5 Things to AVOID when installing your own aluminum fence

Are you ready to start your first aluminum fence installation project? ... #2 – Digging Post Holes without Forethought ... Soil composition also ties in as well. ... If it's filled with rocks and roots, then expect to do a lot manually either way. ... For a 4'...【Get Price】

setting posts in dry concrete is the best way when installing a fence

Oct 4, 2019 ... Not All Cement Is Created Equal – Don't Pour Until You Are Sure ... picket fences, Privacy Fencing, privacy vinyl fencing, Saving money fence ... Take out any rocks or roots which could affect how the post sits in the ground. ... Line the bottom of...【Get Price】

How to DIY Fence Posts that Stay Put | The Fence Authority

Sep 18, 2017 ... Without secure posts, your fence won't stand much of a chance against the elements! ... Fence posts should be buried sufficiently deep in the ground. ... When you dig your post holes, make sure they are three times the width of your fence ... Hor...【Get Price】

Tips for setting fence posts in difficult ground | Beef Magazine

Mar 28, 2017 ... It's not always easy to get that post in the ground. ... Building fence can be a challenge in rocky, frozen or swampy ground where it's impossible to dig postholes efficiently or set posts with a tractor-mounted post-pounder.【Get Price】

Avoid Wobbly Fence Posts: Backfill Holes Securely - Hobby Farms

Jun 25, 2019 ... Some extra effort and patience backfilling the holes makes a big difference ... All Urban Farming · Raised Garden Beds · Container Gardening · Indoor Gardening ... Most of the time, you dig holes not much wider than the posts you ...【Get Price】


May 6, 2018 ... Ground posts--or posts that are seated in concrete below ground ... your mailbox posts, fence posts, porch railings, and other garden structures. ... will work for any situation where you're seating posts below grade in concrete ... You just cut a ...【Get Price】

How to Install a Fence - Deer Fence USA

... the entire property or you're just making a garden fence, the fence line must be cleared. ... Use a digging bar to create a pilot hole for the sleeve. ... If you hit a rock you will either have to pull up and start again in another spot or dig a hole. ... If ...【Get Price】

How to Build a Wood Rail Fence | Single Girl's DIY

Jul 21, 2018 ... Building a fence along my front garden has been on my to-do list for a while. ... (I love dogs, just not when they're making a mess in my flower beds.) ... If you have rocky ground like I do, you may need an extra tool like a crowbar to help loose...【Get Price】

Do you Have to Use Concrete for Chain Link Fence Posts? - Reddi ...

Apr 29, 2016 ... The type of soil you'll be setting fence posts in will help determine ... If you decide to install your chain link fence without concrete, use a post-hole digger to ... posts into the ground, especially if you have hard clay or rocky soil, .....【Get Price】

Fence Post Holes Should be Dug with Right Equipment

The most important part of installing a fence is digging the holes. ... Each tool has unique qualities that make them perfect for different jobs. ... It is capable of digging through almost anything…..even solid concrete and frost in the ground. ... We guarantee post...【Get Price】

Digging the Perfect Post-Hole - Extreme How To

It is a shaft cut straight down into the ground to particular size in a particular place, ... However, for a deck, fence or pergola, post holes need to be right or ... If they're not the right shape and correct depth, they won't fly. ... Deck posts often requi...【Get Price】

Fill That Post Hole With Concrete | Porters Building Centers

When you're building a deck, a fence, a pole building or whatever, everyone thinks ... I did a little research and on this subject and surprisingly there are a couple ... ago now, Mack Porter, and he says, “Don't fill your post holes with concrete”. ... Becau...【Get Price】