vinyl siding cost for 1200 square foot home

How Much Does a New Vinyl Siding Installation Cost? | Ask the. The best I can offer is rough price range for a 1200 square foot house. Figure 4 to 6 dollars a square foot for the siding, $4,800 - $7,200, and $1,800 - $2,500 for trim pieces, nails, window treatments, vents etc.【Get Price】

2020 Average Siding Prices | Home Siding Cost Estimator Siding Cost The average homeowner pays between $5,000 and $14,050 for siding to be installed on their home exterior. Vinyl siding costs about $0.90 to $2.50 per square foot compared to fiber cement at $0.70 to $5.25 and brick at about $3.50 per square foot. There are a lot of factors that go into the final cost of installing siding.【Get Price】

2020 Cost of Siding - Estimates and Prices Paid - CostHelper Typical costs: Vinyl siding is relatively low-cost, low-maintenance and easy to install. It costs less than $1 a square foot for a do-it-yourself project, or $1,000-$1,250 for 1,250 exterior square feet. Having it professionally installed runs $2-$7 a square foot, or $2,500-$8,750 for 1,250 square feet.【Get Price】

2020 Vinyl Siding Cost - Cost To Install Per Square Foot. The average cost to install vinyl siding on a single-story, 1,600 sq. ft. home ranges from $4,850 to $5,600, or $4.80 per square foot installed ($2/sq. ft. plus $2.80/LF for trim and accessories). Higher-quality siding on the same house will set you back by about $10,200 and $11,100 or $8.80 per square foot ($4/sq. ft. plus $4.80/LF for trim.【Get Price】

Cost to Install Vinyl Soffit - 2020 Cost Calculator. For a basic project in zip code 47474 with 125 linear feet, the cost to Install a Vinyl Soffit starts at $2.83 - $4.91 per linear foot. Actual costs will depend on job size, conditions, and options.【Get Price】

Cost to Install Vinyl Siding - 2020 Cost Calculator. For a basic project in zip code 47474 with 120 square feet, the cost to Install Vinyl Siding starts at $5.04 - $8.93 per square foot*. Actual costs will depend on job size, conditions, and options.【Get Price】

Cost of Hardie Board Siding - Calculate 2020 Prices Now Hardie Board Siding Costs Zip Code Sq. ft. Basic Better Best; Material Prices: $120.00 $192.00: $168.00 $252.00: $240.00 $336.00: Installation Cost【Get Price】

2020 Vinyl Siding Costs Per Sq Ft: Install or Replace. The labor cost to install vinyl siding is $3.70 per square foot, with most people spending between $2.15 and $5.25 per square foot. Installing 1,200 square feet of vinyl siding costs $4,440 in labor.【Get Price】

2020 House Siding Cost | Average Prices To Reside & Replace House siding costs $4,300 to $15,800 on average, or between $3 to $11 per square foot depending on the home's size and materials used. The cost to reside a 2,000-square-foot home with vinyl is $7,100 on average. The cost to replace siding adds $1,000 to $3,000 for removing the old siding. Siding Cost By Material.【Get Price】

2020 Cost of Vinyl Siding - Estimates and Prices Paid. Typical costs: Range from less than $1/square foot for do-it-yourself panels from a building supply store to $2-$7 or more if installed by a contractor. For an 1,800-square-foot exterior (50' long, 40' wide and 10' tall'), that's $3,600 to $12,600 and up for professionally hung vinyl.【Get Price】

2020 Home Siding Costs - New Siding Price Guide - Modernize Home Siding Costs The average cost to install vinyl siding on a 1,500 sq. ft home ranges from $4,255 to $15,622. Installing vinyl siding costs $1.25 to $8 per square foot for quality siding. A full replacement with brick siding costs up to $10 per sq. ft or $15,000 in installation costs.【Get Price】

2020 Average Vinyl Siding Cost Calculator: Compare Installing. The average vinyl siding cost is $2 to $12 per square foot installed. For a typical home with 1,500 exterior square feet, that works out to a total cost of $3,000 to $18,000. Trim pieces will raise the overall cost a bit because they are more labor-intensive, as will soffit, fascia, and window channels if they are not included in the estimate.【Get Price】

Siding Cost Guide - From Vinyl Siding to Fiber Cement, we'll. Where on the cost spectrum your siding project falls depends on these variables. Specific material: LP SmartSide ranges in price from about $1.35/sq. ft. for siding planks to about $2.85/sq. ft. for textured cedar shake siding, an increase of 110%. Some homeowners don’t use any of the more expensive shake-look siding. A few homes use it.【Get Price】