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Hyne Timber | Proudly Australian | Treated and Engineered. Timber Products; Termite Resistant Framing; Outdoor & Indoor Timber Framing; Pine Glue Laminated Beams; Sustainable Pine Decking; Australian Hardwood Glulam Beams【Get Price】

Engineered Wood Products | Tradeware Building Supplies, Brisbane The 'C' in 17C stands for 'Camber'. These pre glue laminated pre-cambered beams that are designed to finish straight under a load. 17S are a similar beam but are ('S' - Straight) not pre-cambered. Each of the following can be ordered in either Untreated, H2 or H3 treated.【Get Price】

Laminate Glulam Timber, Beams, Flooring | Prolam, Prowood NZ When it comes to structural components, few can match the quality of Prolam. That’s why it’s New Zealand’s leading structural timber product. Combine that with the company’s revolutionary online specifier, and lead times of just 2 to 5 days, and you can trust the Prolam team whenever you need engineered, pre-cambered glulam timber.【Get Price】

Brisbane Posts & Beams Quality Without Compromise Brisbane Posts & Beams. Brisbane Posts & Beams has been operating from our Brisbane Northside base for over 20 years. We have grown in that time to have dedicated, friendly and experienced staff. Brisbane Posts & Beams prides itself on its quality products and friendly service.【Get Price】

Engineered Wood Products - EWP | Tradeware Building Supplies. These glue laminated beams 18C ('C' in 18C stands for 'Camber') is often made from hardwood. It is commonly used as a replacement for 17C and is suitable for lintels or roof beams. 155 x 65 155 x 85【Get Price】

Merbau Timber - Kwila Timber - Brisbane Timber Suppliers Our Merbau Timber Brisbane Range Beams & Posts. We carry Kwila timber beams and posts that come in a variety of widths and sizes perfect for every job. Need a special size, contact our helpful sales team and we will see what we can do. Merbau GL17 Beams; Merbau Laminated Posts 90×90, 100×100, 140x140x 190×190; Indoor and Outdoor Railing【Get Price】

Engineered Laminated Timber - Garde Timber : Garde Timber GluLam GL17 Pine Laminated Beams. GL17 is suitable for indoor and outdoor, above ground applications in Australia. The renowned natural strength of timber is enhanced with our glue laminating process, ensuring Beam 17 is comparatively lightweight and ideal for long span / high load applications.【Get Price】

Australia's Cross-laminated Timber Panel Manufacturer Australia's only manufacturer of Cross-laminated Timber (CLT) Panels for the Building and Construction Industry. 100% Australian Owned. Certified. ISO 9001:2008.【Get Price】

Glulam Beams | Pine Timber ProductsPine Timber Products Pty Ltd Glue-laminated pine is an engineered timber product which is made up of kiln seasoned, graded pine, laminated joined face-to-face under pressure with a waterproof structural adhesive. Glulam beams are stronger and stiffer than the same size in sawn timber and are used where high strength to weight is required.【Get Price】

Glulam | WoodSolutions Glulam, short for glued laminated timber, is an engineered wood product. Large glulam members are produced from smaller pieces of stress graded and seasoned timber, known as laminates. Glulam originated in Germany around 1900 but didn't make its way to Australia until the 1950s.【Get Price】

Laminated Timber Supplies “The Specialists in Engineered Timber” Laminated Timber Supplies | P. O. Box 466, Croydon, Victoria, 3136 Australia | T (03) 9761 4488 | F (03) 9761 4202 | E【Get Price】

Merbau Glulam Meyer Timber With a Bal ratng of BAL 29, Magna Glulam timber is attractive, strong, durable, hard and stays straight. Made from sustainable supplies of Merbau (Kwila) timber utilising off-cuts to make the resource go further. Manufactured to australian standards and comes with a 15 year warranty.【Get Price】

Manufacturer of Quality Laminated Veneer Lumber (LVL. Wesbeam is an Australian-owned manufacturer of quality Laminated Veneer Lumber (LVL) products for the tall timber building system and residential construction industry. Our growing range of LVL products are engineered to span further, carry greater loads and withstand the tough Australian climate. Contact Us!【Get Price】

First Timber Arrives at the World’s largest Engineered Timber. The first delivery of cross laminated timber (CLT) columns, beams and floor panels have arrived at Brisbane Showgrounds for what’s set to be the world’s largest and tallest engineered timber office building, 25 King.【Get Price】

Finlayson Timber and Hardware To see our full range of timbers, colours and features drop in and see us at one of Queensland's largest flooring showrooms at 135 Wellington Road East Brisbane or give Andy a call on 0417 700 050 or 3393 0588. QBSA.【Get Price】

Laminated Beams & Engineered Timber - Narangba Timbers Glued laminated timber (or glulam) is made by gluing together several graded and seasoned wood layers using a structural adhesive. This produces a solid member with the wood grains of the layers running parallel to one another. Laminated Veneer Lumber (LVL) is made by binding together thin wooden veneers for more dimensional stability.【Get Price】

laminated beams in Brisbane Region, QLD | Building Materials. laminated beams Brisbane Region Clear all.. Timber Used LVL- laminated linear lumber 300 x 65mm up to 8 m lengths From $19per lineal m 300 x 45mm up to 6 m lengths.【Get Price】

Purlins, Posts and Beams in Loganholme | A & D Discount. Considering the quality of Merbau laminated posts and beams is an important choice to make when building your new patio. As one of Brisbane’s leading suppliers of quality laminated timber posts and beams, we at A & D discount roofing look forward to the opportunity to offer you a suitable solution so why not call us today.【Get Price】

Engineered Wood Products | Finlayson Timber and Hardware Engineered Products such as Glulam (Glue laminated timber), LVL (laminated veneered lumber) and timber I-beams are common place. All are able to offer the aesthetic and environmental benefits of wood along with additional properties and strengths often associated with materials such as steel or concrete.【Get Price】

Laminated Timber Supplies “The Specialists in Engineered Timber” Laminated Timber Supplies can also assist you in working out the required beams sizes to accommodate any span and load for your project or design, why not send us your plans and let our extensive years of project experience assist you in ensuring you specify the right size beam for your job with the help of our advanced beam programs.【Get Price】

Glued laminated timber | Wood Products Laminated timber beams have good fire resistance and do not bend under the effect of heat. Charring speed for laminated timber is approx. 0.6 mm/min. Charred depth after one hour in a normal fire is approx. 36 mm. Steel parts embedded in laminated timber are also fire protected for an equivalent period.【Get Price】

LVL , Laminated Beams - Online Pricing - Shop Now 17C Laminated Pine Beams - Internal. 17C Laminated Pine Beams H2 Treated - Internal. 17C Laminated Pine Beams H3 -Treated - External. 18C Laminated Hardwood - Internal. 21C Laminated Hardwood - Internal / External. Firmlok Steel Beams & Accessories. GL17 Magna Kwila Laminated Beam. Hyjoist H2S Treated - Internal. LGL H3. LVL F17 H2S - Internal.【Get Price】

timber beams in Brisbane Region, QLD | Building Materials. We have the following timber we have taken back to the yard. All hardwood timber, in great condition. Floor Joists - 165mm x 50mm - 6.5m long x 5 of - 165mm x 50mm - 2.7m long x 30 of - $100 a large joist / $50 small joist Beams - 210mm x 70mm - 6.0m long x 3 of - $150 a beam Flooring - 83mm x 19mm - $2mtr - with nails still in it - Quite a bit still left Ceiling rafters & battens - 95mm x.【Get Price】

GARDE TIMBER - Garde Timber : Garde Timber Garde Timber is an Australian owned Timber Merchant based in Brisbane specialising in Architectural Timber Products built on over 32 years industry experience. We offer a range of High durability Sustainable Native Hardwood products including decking, flooring, feature posts and beams, Timber cladding, benchtops, Timber Slabs and a broad range.【Get Price】

Structural Timber | Timber Supplies Brisbane | Versace Timbers Structural Timber Supplies . LVL - Laminated Veneer Lumber. Structural timber, or Laminated Veneer Lumber is a high-strength engineered wood product made from veneers bonded together under heat and pressure. It is used for permanent structural applications including beams and rafters.【Get Price】

Engineered Wood Products - EWP | Tradeware Building Supplies. 17C & 17S Laminated Beams These glue laminated pine beams ( 'C' in 17C stands for 'Camber' ) or ( 'S' in 17S stands for 'Straight') are designed to finish under a load. Each of the following can be ordered in either, H2 or H3 treated up to 12 metre lengths.【Get Price】

Beam 21 GLT | GL21 Hardwood Beam | Glue Laminated Timber. Beauty and brawn. With unique strength and a rich textured appearance courtesy of premium native hardwood, Hyne Timber’s Beam 21 makes a bold design statement that can truly define an internal or external space.【Get Price】

Engineered Timber & Laminated Beams | Sunstate Timbers Laminated Beams A breakthrough in building technology, laminated beams are made from thin slices of precisely engineered timbers that are tightly compressed together and fixed in place with an adhesive. This not only increases the strength and load bearing aspects of the beam, it also makes it more versatile and lightweight.【Get Price】

Laminated Veneer Lumber (LVL) Beams | Sunstate Timbers Laminated Veneer Lumber Beams in Brisbane At Sunstate Timbers, we can provide a range of Laminated Veneer Lumber (LVL) beams in our timber yard. LVL is a high-strength engineered timber product formed by assembling wood veneers (thin sheets of wood) and bonding them together with a waterproof adhesive【Get Price】

Vicbeam| Laminated Timber Glulam Specialists Vicbeam, Victoria's premier laminated timber manufacturer, specialise in providing glue laminated timber (Glulam) products for residential & commercial markets【Get Price】

LVL Laminated Veneer Lumber - Brisbane Timber Suppliers Engineered Timber. 18C Hardwood Laminated Beams Not in stock, Order in only; 17C Glue Laminated Beams; LVL Laminated Veneer Lumber Not In Stock Order In Only; I Beams Not in stock, Order in only; LGL Glue Laminated Softwood Beams H3; Timber Cladding. Tight Knot Pine Chamfer; Pine STD & Better Weatherboard; Hardwood Weatherboards.【Get Price】

Posts - Structural Timbers - Building Products Cypress F7. F14 Royal DPR Hardwood. F14 Sawn Hardwood GOS. F17 Royal DPR Hardwood. F17 Sawn Hardwood GOS. F17 Kiln Dried Hardwood Durability 3 - Internal Use【Get Price】