can you put a pool on a deck

The Best Materials to Waterproof your Pool Deck The chemicals used to keep your pool water clean and free of bacteria can, over time, begin to degrade the surface of your pool deck. Consequently, you should hose off the deck every few days. You should also periodically use a mild detergent or specially formulated deck cleaner to remove chemical build-up.【Get Price】

Can I sit my 18' Intex Metal frame pool on a wood platform. #2 Your pool weighs about 50,000 lbs so a deck that would hold it up would have to be very substantial. That's about 300lbs/sqft. You could probably pour a concrete deck for less than you could build a wooden deck that substantial.【Get Price】

Intex Rectangular Pool with Deck.wmv - YouTube How to Build a Pool Deck in 2018 # 2 Finishing the Frame - Duration: 6:13. Craig Heffernan 235,101 views. 6:13. Intex Pool with deck - Duration: 2:59. Grasshill Construction 551,227 views.【Get Price】

16 Gorgeous Pool Deck Designs and Ideas to Inspire Your. When you install an above ground pool, you don’t have to have a massive deck to accompany it. You can build a small above ground deck to give you a place to get in and out of the pool comfortably. If this sounds like what you’re interested in, you’ll be happy to view these plans.【Get Price】

Putting an easy set pool on the deck? | Yahoo Answers Not only should you double up on each joist, but you should also add extra ground to deck supports underneath the area where the pool will be placed. I would use no less than 4x4 posts spaced 2 to...【Get Price】

What can I put on my wooden pool deck to minimize the hot. What can I put on my wooden pool deck to minimize the hot surface. I do not want to use regular carpet as it holds water and my deck is hugh.【Get Price】

Can I sit my 18' Intex Metal frame pool on a wood platform. Your pool weighs about 50,000 lbs so a deck that would hold it up would have to be very substantial. That's about 300lbs/sqft. You could probably pour a concrete deck for less than you could build a wooden deck that substantial.【Get Price】

Can I Build A Deck Over Concrete Patio, Pool Or Septic Tank? Can you build a deck over a swimming pool? Yes you can. And it may sound like a nifty solution, but not many people end up building a deck over their swimming pool. Instead, they often fill the pool with soil and lay down turf—because this is cheaper. But if you want a deck, we can do it! Can I build a deck over a septic tank? Yes, you can do.【Get Price】

Paver over a concrete pool deck - YouTube How To Install A Paver Pool Deck - Duration: 3:18. Tuscan Paving Stone 125,007 views. 3:18. : English Location: United States Restricted Mode: Off History Help【Get Price】

Step It Up: Best Above Ground Pool Steps To be clear, these swimming pool steps work both with and. without a deck.. However, they function especially well as walk in steps attached to a deck. The thoughtful design allows them to attach firmly to the deck surface, and they can be weighted down with sand or pea gravel to keep them firmly in place (tip: put the sand/gravel in jugs or other containers to make it easier to pull the.【Get Price】

Above Ground Pool on Wood Deck - ShadeBuilder Regards and Thank You. Hi Becky. Any sturdy deck will hold this size of pool. You can set your posts on concrete blocks, or put them into the ground in concrete. You can connect the posts with purloins and place 2 x 6 inch limber over them. On top of the frame you can use plywood and then your cover.【Get Price】

7 Things to Consider Before Putting a Tent on a Deck That’s 1,760lbs. You need to make sure your deck can handle that much weight, plus your guests and other party equipment. As well as making sure you are okay with a concrete block possibly scratching the surface of your deck. Scratches can be avoided as long as there is something separating the deck and the weight that can provide friction.【Get Price】

Framing a Deck Around a Pool | DIY Deck Plans If the deck must step down to the pool, place the level break as far back as possible from the pool edge. Ledger Boards Against the Pool Frame. In some cases, you may want the deck to attach to the pool frame. In these cases, a ledger board can be installed around the perimeter of the pool, level with the pools edge.【Get Price】

Safety on Deck: Inflatable Pools and Decks—Never The Two. Common decks typically have a design load of about 50 pounds per square foot. This pool would put a deck well over its weight limit. Although decks can be designed to carry such a load, most...【Get Price】

Easy deck footings for above ground pool decks You can bet this pool gets a lot of use and brings lots of smiles, laughs and relief from the hot summer. If you have an above ground pool and you want to build a pool deck around it to get maximum use keep these building solutions in mind.【Get Price】

Save your grass and put the kiddie pool on the patio One of the annoying things about the inflatable swimming pools is that they kill the grass, but if you combine them with foam letters you get a great way to put the pool on the patio. Keeps the pool water cleaner, too. Related: Games to play with the alphabet floor mat Plastic play slide works in the kiddie pool, too【Get Price】

Travertine Pool Deck Installation on Concrete and Sealing They were laid directly on the existing concrete pool deck which did have cracks. No sand or other base was put down before the pavers were put on the dry concrete. After the travertine pavers were laid sand was brushed into the cracks and then the deck was hosed down.【Get Price】

How to Build a Pool Deck - Above Ground Pool Deck Plans The 3-1/2-ft.-wide circular pool deck provides easy access to the water, while the sun deck is large enough to accommodate a table and chairs and a few chaise lounges.. Now you can put the.【Get Price】

Deck Joist Sizing and Spacing | These spots can be addressed with a power hand planer to give you a nicer, smoother surface for the deck of your dreams. Laying out the first joist position on an angle. Using a scrap piece of wood as a guide to locate the first joist in the situation of an angled corner.【Get Price】

Putting a pool on a deck? | Yahoo Answers We have a deck that is about 1 foot off the ground. The support beams are 14 inches apart. The pool is 30 inches high and 12 feet in diameter. Do you think it would be safe to put it on our deck. I calculated it out to be about 12000 lbs. Any info would be great!【Get Price】

Pool in Deck | In Deck Pool | Decks with Pools | Endless Pools The perfect centerpiece for a new or existing patio, the Endless Pool lets you create an at-home sanctuary for exercise and entertaining. Its small footprint gives you added versatility. Recess your Endless Pool into your deck, then add extra-wide coping, and you've created a perimeter of poolside seating. To cool your feet or just hang out, it'll be the most popular spot on your deck!【Get Price】

In-Ground, On-Ground, Above-Ground Pool Ideas | InTheSwim. Adding a deck around the entire perimeter of a rectangular above ground pool can make you forget that it’s not actually an inground pool. Depending on the height of the deck, the depth of your pool, and the deck access points, it isn’t unfathomable to pull this off.【Get Price】