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what does fungus look like and how is it caused? fungus develops under the right conditions when wood and moisture come together. billions of dollars in wood are damaged by fungi every year. that’s why as a homeowner it’s better to be proactive and search for fungus before it has a chance to wreak too much havoc.【Get Price】

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greetings. i've read all the topics i could find on painting plastic deck as wood and the usual advice is to paint it black then paing it light color like tan or concrete and then scrub the plastic grain with knife or sand paper. okay i've tried that and here is what i've got:【Get Price】

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first i paint the plastic with a wood-like tan. i prefer floquil foundation or pollyscale aged concrete. then i go over each board with a wash of suitable pollyscale diluted in 70% isopropol alcohol--e.g. rubbing alcohol. i dilute about 80 drops (two eyedroppers full) of the paint into 1 ounce of alcohol.【Get Price】

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how to paint faux wood. with the right technique and tools you can get paint to resemble just about any surface including wood. while the dry-brushing technique is suitable for small craft projects a woodgrain rocker is more convenient...【Get Price】

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futurewood supply a large range of eco friendly composite fencing cladding & decking which looks & feels like real timber. click now to find out more.[ service] concrete floors that look like wood - harmon concrete. is the title right? "concrete floors that look like wood." yes it is.【Get Price】

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the clean look of freshly oiled or wet teak. plasdeck looks more like teak decking in its prime. never gray or faded plasdeck will always look like well-maintained teak. our color and graining are more accurate. other synthetic decking can appear too uniform making it look less like natural wood and more like plastic. the best uv protection【Get Price】

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just like wood uncapped composite decking can develop mold. learn how and why this can happen what to do to remove it and the steps you can take to prevent mold from returning. mold is a natural environmental occurrence. if the conditions are right it can show up almost anywhere – on wood vinyl sheetrock or even decking.【Get Price】

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our design-build full-service approach extends far beyond simply supplying your porch and deck railings. on-site consultation and evaluation to ensure that the railing you select is the best fit for your home. our boxborough showroom offers a wide range of deck and porch railing ideas. in-house design and fabrication by our team of professionals.【Get Price】

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composite decking is made from a mixture of recycled plastic and wood dust that’s molded into long dense boards. pvc (polyvinyl chloride) decking also called synthetic decking is made of 100 ...【Get Price】

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fungus repair on wood. fungus is the cause of dry rot which is one of the most serious defects that wood can develop. the fungus grows by consuming wood fiber and the wood becomes soft and punky.【Get Price】

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mold and fungus are often found in buildings including homes. this is especially important if you have allergies or asthma because direct exposure to the mold and fungus will cause you to inhale mold spores. scrub the affected area with a scrub brush and soapy water. repeat the cleaning and disinfecting process on all areas that have mold.【Get Price】

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deck stain secret#2: prep new wood differently than old wood sanding outdoor wood isn’t something most people do before they finish a new deck precisely because it seems like so much work. pre-application pressure-washing is much more common because it’s easier.【Get Price】

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mold on a deck can be unsightly and cause health risks when it becomes slippery or when people breathe in the mold spores. moldy decks can also detract from the look and the value of a house. learn how to prevent mold on a deck to protect the investment made in your deck preserve the beauty of the deck and to protect the health of your family.【Get Price】

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the entire process can be boiled down to four simple steps:* 1. airbrush the deck with mud. * 2. streak the deck with driftwood. * 3. streak the deck with walnut. * 4. repeat steps 2 and 3 as necessary. this method is fortunately very simple and very forgiving. first one must airbrush the deck with mud and allow it to dry at least 24 hours.【Get Price】