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material vl[m/s] d:kg/dm3 z[mrayls] vl = longitudinal sound velocity: alumina: 10520: 3.86: 40.6: d = density: aluminum rolled: 6420: 2.70: 17.33: z = acoustic impedance【Get Price】

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such a close impedance match allows efficient transduction of acoustic signals in tissue and water. piezoelectric polymer films also exhibit excellent sensitivity and low density. when piezoelectric polymers are extruded into thin film they can be joined to a structure without affecting its mechanical motion.【Get Price】

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calculated acoustic impedance z(f) as a function of frequency f for pvc pipes of different diameters and length = 1.2 m. the horizontal dashed lines indicate z(f) = 1 mpa s m-3. a fourth method would be to increase the internal diameter of the cylinder but 50 mm appears to be a practical upper limit for players with conventional facial geometry.【Get Price】

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impedance tube also allows for accurate measurement of the normally incident acoustic impedance and requires only small samples of the absorbing material. a sketch of the b&k standing wave apparatus is shown in the figure below. a loudspeaker produces an acoustic wave which travels down the pipe and reflects from the test sample. the【Get Price】

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small particle size tungsten powder and pvc powder are placed into a high pressure die. standard processing of the powder mixture includes degasing followed by heating and compressing. to maximize the acoustic attenuation the pressure applied to the mixture is maintained until it has cooled down.【Get Price】

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acoustic impedance is the product of porous media density through which the sound wave travels and the velocity of the sound wave (andreassen et al. 2007).examples of sound velocity media density and impedance relative to seafloor gas hydrates are given in table 2.10.【Get Price】

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to 0.4. acoustic impedance and attenuation has been determined for different filler volume fractions to provide data for modelling to aid transducer design and also determine the filler volume fraction required to provide optimal results. acoustic impedance values of 3-15mrayl were measured for the materials made in this work【Get Price】

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hydrocarbon exploration – used by the hydrocarbon industry to provide a high resolution map of acoustic impedance contrasts at depths of up to 10 km within the subsurface. this can be combined with seismic attribute analysis and other exploration geophysics tools and used to help geologists build a geological model of the area of interest.【Get Price】

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a front layer to inject a maximum of acoustic power into the investigated material and finally a backing. the backing permits to control the bandwidth the temporal resolution and the sensitivity of the transducer. to increase the bandwidth the acoustic impedance z (which is the product of the speed【Get Price】

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material sound velocities the table below lists typical longitudinal wave ultrasonic velocities in a variety of common materials that can be measured with ultrasonic ...【Get Price】

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(acoustic flow rate) at the surface; see equation 1. ua p q p z (1) impedance can be expressed in either its constituent units (pressure per velocity per area) or in rayls. specific acoustic impedance z is the ratio of pressure over particle velocity; see equation 2. za u p z (2) the characteristic impedance of a medium such as air is a ...【Get Price】

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acoustic impedance and specific acoustic impedance are measures of the opposition that a system presents to the acoustic flow resulting from an acoustic pressure applied to the system. the si unit of acoustic impedance is the pascal second per cubic metre ( pa·s/m 3 ) or the rayl per square metre ( rayl/m 2 ) while that of specific acoustic ...【Get Price】

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lochab & singh: acoustic behaviour of plastics 597 value of the acoustic path length (d) by the time of travel (t) as determined from the cro. v = d/t m/s …(1) the acoustic impedance z is equal to the product of the density ρ and velocity v of the sound of the material. the value of the acoustic impedance depends on its physical properties.【Get Price】

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acoustic impedance is often compared to electrical impedance and much like in electrical circuits circuit stages (e.g. amplifier and speaker) work better when their impedance is similar (or "matched") also in acoustic systems sound energy is transmitted more efficiently when the vibrating body has an acoustic impedance closer to that of the ...【Get Price】

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the copolyester homopolymer is a partly crystalline elastomeric material. the level of crystallinity was measured by x‐ray diffraction and the sensitivity of this level to heat treatments and quenching determined by dsc. a morgan pulse propagation meter was used to measure sonic velocity and indirectly acoustic impedance of the blends.【Get Price】


figure 3 shows the impedance of a woofer in free air and in a transmission line tube tuned to the resonant frequency. like the bass-reflex the transmission line damps out the resonant motion of the cone but it does it with a lower “q” or sharpness so that you tend to get a single bump instead of the double bump of figure 1.【Get Price】

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tables of acoustic properties of materials. we offer a comprehensive list of material properties for your reference. if you have any material properties that you would like to contribute please contact [email protected]【Get Price】

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most real acoustic activities occur at frequencies up to a few hundred khz. here a simple drop ball mechanism is used to generate acoustic source waves in the khz range and the attenuation capacities of several solid materials are measured. the recorded waveforms substantially differ between materials.【Get Price】

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abstract. ozone-resistant materials can be obtained by mixing butadiene-nitrile rubber (bnr) with polymers or elastomers. it has been established that depending on the rubber polar butadiene-nitrile groups content and bnr/pvc ratio the blends can display the properties of either homo- or heterogeneous systems.【Get Price】

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the acoustic impedance is simply the ratio of the sound pressure at the measurement point divided by the acoustic volume flow (which is just the area multiplied by the particle velocity). if the impedance is high the pressure variation is large and so it can control the reed.【Get Price】

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the microperforation and the acoustic impedance of the membrane itself without pe rforation. therefore it is reaso ... a 20 pvc 250 .3 a 30 pvc 244 .8 a 40 pvc 250 .6【Get Price】

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acoustic impedance: attenuation db/cm 5mhz or [] abs beige 2230 1.03 2.31 11.1 ... pvc acrylic alloy sheet 2218 1.35 2.99 - polycarbonat lexan 2300 1.20 2.75【Get Price】

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acoustic properties of plastics ref material vendor vl f mm/:s vs mm/ s d g/cm3 zl mrayl loss db/cm updated april 11 2003 page 2 of 2 polypropylene profax 6432 hercules usi 2.74 0.88 2.40 5.1 @ 5 as polypropylene white sheet material port 2.66 0.89 2.36 18.2 @ 5 polystyrene "fostarene 50" amer 2.45 1.04 2.55 as polystyrene "lustrex ...【Get Price】

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acoustic impedance is a very convenient property for characterizing effects that occur when the sound wave meets the boundary between two phases. there are certain similarities between longitudinal ultrasound and light reflection and transmission through the phase boundaries.【Get Price】