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although composite and pvc decking does get hotter than treated decking at the temperature tested a lighter color of the man-made decking comes close to the same temperature as a darker color on the treated stained wood for the 86 degree day tested.【Get Price】

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we plan on doing a composite deck this spring but came across the idea that they get too hot to walk on in the summer. i am really only concerned about our dogs. the deck will be fairly light colored but in direct colorado sun for many hours during the day.【Get Price】

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we install a lot of composite decking as well as hardwood cedar and to a lesser degree pvc. a common question that comes up is whether or not composite gets too hot in the summer to walk barefoot on.【Get Price】

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composite decking contains plastic which gets hot when in direct light; the more plastic a deck board has the hotter it will get. add in dark colors and many types of composite decking can actually reach temperatures that are 70 degrees hotter than the ambient air temperature when in direct sunlight making it both uncomfortable and downright ...【Get Price】

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some composite decking can do a fabulous job at keeping your feet cool whereas others will scorch them like bricks can. if you decide to go the composite decking route you will have to do your homework to figure out which ones resist heat and which ones will burn your feet. it is common knowledge to choose a light color if at all possible.【Get Price】

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is a killer on the feet after being in the hot sun by: anonymous went to the jersey shore sandy hook spent the day on the beach walked across the sand to get to the parking lot saw a walkway thought good get off the hot sand - almost died when the was 10 times hotter than the sand.【Get Price】

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so does composite decking get hot in direct sunlight? while early composite decks were very sensitive to temperature and did get notoriously hot any new composite decking will be much more resistant to heat. high-quality modern composite boards don’t become hotter than traditional wooden deck boards. in addition the lighter the color of ...【Get Price】

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mike i get what you are saying and i personally have shade sails on my deck to give me a comfortable space to hang out. i have heard numerous comments from past customers and new ones about the heat.【Get Price】

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does wood decking get as hot as composite decking? yes wood can get as hot. i measured a piece of 3/4-inch oak decking and it was the exact same temperature as the composite decking 152.3 f!【Get Price】

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homeowners that are considering installing composite decking in their outdoor spaces are asking the question "does composite decking get hot in the summer?" with traditional wood decking known to absorb a fair amount of heat during hotter spells of sunshine it makes perfect sense why people would ask the same question regarding its composite ...【Get Price】

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the dense structure of traditional composite decking readily absorbs heat resulting in a hot walking surface that can be uncomfortable for bare-foot boaters. to address this issue manufacturers now have developed a way to reduce the heat absorption of composites to create comfortable decking options for marina users such as ...【Get Price】

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does composite decking get too hot? we often get asked what is the coolest decking in our low-maintenance options. with the rise in popularity of composite and capped composite decking which offer a low-maintenance lifestyle this is something to consider when making your product selections.【Get Price】

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when dealing with hot pool decking a low-cost alternative is to create a way to shade part or all of the deck area. there are plenty of cost-effective simple ways to do this. the most basic way to create a shaded area to prevent hot pool decking is to invest in large patio umbrellas.【Get Price】

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although each decking material – whether timber or composite – will vary in how hot it can get the primary test of how much heat your decking holds is the colour of the chosen ma­terial. as a general rule of thumb darker coloured decking materials and finishes retain more heat than lighter ones.【Get Price】

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power washing your deck can be a big mistake and is not usually recommended for cleaning composite decks. power washing incorrectly such as too close or with too much pressure can ruin your deck scratching it and opening the material up to a host of other issues such as splintering mold and a variety of other problems.【Get Price】

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how hot does ariddek aluminum decking get in the sun compared to other decking?. understandably this is a frequent question when it comes to ariddek aluminum decking. no one wants to worry about scorching their bare feet on a hot summery day.【Get Price】

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so installing new decks is not in the budget. the composite deck didn’t look too bad and like i said location and acreage were important. this composite material is horrible. it is hot to walk on and we get lots of sun and heat behind our house. great for pool swimming but not for walking on this composite material deck.【Get Price】

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home > review > wpc products > does composite decking get hot enough to burn feet real vs composite :: plastic or plastic composites even with faux wood grain still look and feel artificial.【Get Price】

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a common upgrade on a us home is the addition of an outdoor deck to enjoy leisurely time with family and friends. outdoor decks are easy to build and maintain but one commonly overlooked factor is that new decks made from plastic composite material generate static electricity that potentially becomes a nuisance through the first years unless ...【Get Price】

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re: how hot does composite decking get with full sun? the heat from a deck is not high on the concern list with customers. according to research low maintenance is the number one reason people buy a composite deck.【Get Price】