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a foot is a foot. you need to measure your yard area. be sure to put the fence in your yard not on the property line. found many web sites that will give estimates but you need to know what you want and the length.. included links to websites that describe different styles.【Get Price】

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material cost: $3.15 to $5.75 per linear foot based on whether the material is a roll or a panel. labor cost: $5.00 – $6.75 per linear foot. bamboo fence repair cost is about 50% higher than installation cost because old fencing must be removed first and then the new material is installed.【Get Price】

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how many posts are needed to build a fence. the first step in figuring out how much wood is needed to build a fence is to measure the length. given the total length you can estimate the number of posts you need. posts are typically 8 feet apart. so divide the length by 8′ and round up to get the number of sections.【Get Price】

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the panels come in 16-foot lengths and in heights ranging from 3 to 8 feet. for example a 16-foot-long fence of 4-foot-high panels costs about $50 per linear foot in my area. if you’re doing the labor yourself the fence can be quite inexpensive.【Get Price】

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total linear feet: total linear feet. fencing type: 1x4 cedar fence board 1x6 cedar fence board 8 ft cedar pre-built fence panels. additional options:【Get Price】

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before you do anything you need to figure how many rolls of fence it will take to get the job done! using our fence calculator you can input the amount of land you are fencing in either linear feet or acres in order to estimate how much wire you will need. step one: enter either the linear feet or acreage of the area you will be working.【Get Price】

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jul 24 2018 ... when many of us picture the american dream a wood fence is ... posts are typically sold in 8-foot or 16-foot sections. ... for example if you're installing a 100-foot fence that is 4 feet high you need 200 linear feet of railing.【Get Price】

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a 200-foot fence with equal sides needs six posts spaced by 8 feet per side for a total of 24. (50 ÷ 8 = 6.25 so 6 posts each side.) if you're using panels and the spacing must be exact you ...【Get Price】

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feet. meters. fence height. step 2 select your panel type. waney fencing panel close board fencing panel. close board arched fencing panel. pailing ...【Get Price】

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for example 250 feet. 2- the cost of the fencing materials. to figure out the cost of the fencing materials you simply decide how wide your panels are and how many it will take to cover the distance. for example if your panel is 6 feet high and eight feet wide you simple take your linear feet/panel width. in our example 250/8= 31.25 panels.【Get Price】

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similar to shown: 6-foot-tall open-louver panel about $21.50 per linear foot in redwood; bay area fence & deck inc. vertical board fence photo by ben mathis/getty images【Get Price】