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the tree is known to the yoruba as ìrókò logo or loko and is believed to have supernatural properties. iroko is known to the igbo people as oji wood. it is one of the woods sometimes referred to as african teak although it is unrelated to the teak family. the wood colour is initially yellow but darkens to a richer copper brown over time.【Get Price】

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african old and rare tribal used yoruba man and woman double figure nigeria. hand carved from a single piece of wood. height: 18 cm. the yoruba people numbering over 12 million are the largest nation in africa with an art-producing tradition. most of them live in southwest nigeria with considerable communities further west in the republic of benin and in togo. they are divided into ...【Get Price】

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the art of wood carving in nigeria in particular is popularised by the fact that some inanimate objects are sacred and assume reverential importance. ... it positions the yoruba artistry side by ...【Get Price】

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the numerous deities of the yoruba religion are usually the subject of a yoruba carver’s work. carvings include figural shango dance wands kneeling eshu figures and representations of other gods. horse and rider and twin ibeji figures are also dominant motifs of the yoruba carvers in nigeria.【Get Price】

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vintage ibeji twins figure carved wood orisha yoruba nigeria w. africa 20th c. $895.00 + shipping . picture information. opens image gallery.【Get Price】

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each decking species will have different movement properties but let’s use ipe as an example. if we install a typical 1×6 ipe decking board today using our weather conditions of 90% humidity and 96° while assuming the wood is 5.5″ wide it will maintain that width through the heat and humidity; however as we draw into the fall season both the heat and humidity begin to drop.【Get Price】

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blackened decking – how to make your decking beautiful again. whether you’ve gone for cheap decking or something sturdier and longer-lasting blackening is a risk especially after a long wet winter. when fungus meets wet wood the tannin in the timber reacts and forms a horrible black stain.【Get Price】

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olowe of ise veranda post before 1938 (yoruba people nigeria) wood pigment 180.3 x 28.6 x 35.6 cm (the metropolitan museum of art new york city) in the early twentieth century a yoruba ruler commissioned this architectural column from one of the most renowned sculptors in the history of yoruba art olowe of ise.【Get Price】

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the yoruba are situated in southwest nigeria in what is often referred to as yoruba land. the yoruba name is a more recent name that came from the yorubaʼs neighbors the hausa. yoruba in hausa literally meant “the people of the kingdom of oyo” and later was used by missionaries in the 1800s. yoruba【Get Price】

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‘iru’ literally means tail in the yoruba . the yoruba people are found in the southwestern parts of nigeria and they are known to have a rich cultural heritage with the irukere being a prominent feature. origin of irukere. one of the famous yoruba deity known as orunmila (deity of wisdom) is said to use the irukere.【Get Price】

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sir the basic problem is that your architect is not economic conscious in using space and i have the feeling the guy that mention 1.5million didn't study the floor plan but just the topic '4 flat'. you see i have done a decking of 4 flat with less than 2m. so u need to study carefully the forum where u see quote for 4 flat.【Get Price】

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nigerian art history. the origin of the fine arts on the territory of modern nigeria dates back to the 1st millennium bc. among the world masterpieces of nigerian traditional artwork is the sculpture of the yoruba people. it is an important part of the art of west africa.【Get Price】

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these features can also be seen on the yoruba wooden form represented in figure a. in comparison with other mankala boards found throughout africa the ayo game board analyzed in this paper is not all that detailed. the wood is worn and has not been treated with any type of dye unlike many others which are very dark and polished.【Get Price】

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in no other part of west africa has the art of wood-carving flourished to such an extent as in the yoruba country in south-western nigeria. even to this day this part of africa is still the richest field for traditional wood-carving of all descriptions although there are signs that this art is rapidly dying out.【Get Price】

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i heard dis is mostly done in yoruba lands. but still abit sceptical. i just want it to be a game room something to get my boys excited wen we talk about nigeria. i cant afford a concrete decking and it wont fit in with a bungalow.【Get Price】

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pole yoruba culture nigeria height: 63 cm. magnificent ancient yoruba pole from nigeria. the condition of the wood partially eroded and oxidised attests of the antiquity of this piece. the sculpture is wonderful powerful and well-balanced. this is the masterpiece of an experienced artist. the face is expressive it confers much presence to the figure. the eyes are covered with metal. a ...【Get Price】

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yoruba. ife is the home to the yoruba people of southwestern nigeria located in the present-day osun state. the yoruba people comprise one of the largest ethnic groups in sub-saharan africa constituting close to 40 million people predominantly in nigeria. evidence of habitation at the site dates to as early as 600 bce.【Get Price】

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study 23 yoruba flashcards from shannon s. on studyblue. arowgun of osi-ilorin carved palace doors from unknown site in ekiti state wood early 20th cent【Get Price】

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6. stool wood the scientific name is aistoniabooneide wild. it is also called cheese wood or pattern wood. in nigeria however it is locally called ahun in yoruba and egbuora in igbo. this is another popular medicinal plant in nigeria. it is a tall forest tree that grows up to 45 metres tall.【Get Price】