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one thing that i can add is that when we replaced a chain link fence with a privacy fence a local tree/landscaping company came out and plucked the posts out - concrete plugs and all - with a bobcat for an eminently reasonable price. this made it especially easy to drop new wooden privacy fence posts into the existing holes.【Get Price】

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are the deer jumping over your chain link fence ? we have the solution! on each existing post clamp on one of our post extensions. then attached the deer fence fabric. deer will then have a barrier that they cannot hop over. as each installation is unique please email us with the number of posts that are on your existing fence and the diameter of each post. please also measure the distance ...【Get Price】

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in fact you can even convert your chain link fence into a bona fide privacy fence with minimal expense and time. by themselves chain link fences don’t offer much privacy or visual desirability. but there are many easy-to-implement solutions for those property owners who want to boost the decorative appeal of their existing chain link fence.【Get Price】

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give the fence a final once over to make sure you have trimmed all the unneeded material and you are done. this is a fairly simple way to add some privacy to your chain link fence. chain link is an awesome material for keeping any home or business secure but having everything so visible could also be a security risk.【Get Price】

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chain link fences are great but they don't offer a lot of privacy. fence slats are a great way to add privacy and they come in a lot of different options. learn more about the advantages of fence slats for adding privacy here.【Get Price】

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once you line up your back fence panel with the last steel post connect the panel to the post using the tension band method from step four. now you should have your end panels connected to the end posts with the middle panel able to shift side-to-side along the extended cross pieces. center the middle panel in between your fence posts for ...【Get Price】

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while many wood fences are installed panel-by-panel chain link fences come in pre-made sections interlocked with galvanized steel fence posts. the posts must be cemented into the ground but as you can imagine installing one big piece of fence (chain link) compared to a hundred tiny pieces is much simpler.【Get Price】

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since most chain link fences are only 42" tall you should not try to connect a 6 foot privacy fence to the old posts. then since wooden fence sections usually come in 8' lengths if the chain link posts are spaced 8' or less apart you could easily attach the new sections to the old posts.【Get Price】

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when privacy comes to mind the last thing that most people think about is a chain link fence. however chain link fences can be easily and inexpensively into a real privacy fence by simply filling in the spaces between the mesh.【Get Price】

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i wouldn't try to attach the fence panels to your existing posts. those panels are really heavy. have you seen these gadgets?i haven't used them myself but my understanding is that you drive these into the ground and mount the posts to them rather than putting the post into cement in the ground.【Get Price】

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raise the panel sliding the ties over the chain link fence’s top rail then secure the bottom ends with another pair of bolts. x research source twist a washer and nut onto each bolt to ensure the panels stay in place.【Get Price】