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teak wood is dense so it is not inclined to bend warp or crack over time. natural oils prevent teak furniture from dry rot. teak contains a natural resin that is a rubber-like substance. this resin acts as a natural repellent against insects and termites. although it’s said that termites won’t eat teak the truth is they will.【Get Price】

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fiberglass is a popular material used in boats cars and recreational vehicles due to it being lightweight and a good weather protectant. fiberglass will bind with the wood and give it protection from water. the following steps will cover the tools materials and application techniques needed in order to apply fiberglass over wood.【Get Price】

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also beware the cost of the new teak itself is many times not the biggest expense. i'd say about 50% of the covering boards i've replaced had more serious underlying issues with the substrate they are mounted on that was difficult to detect before removal.【Get Price】

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this is a video showing how i made templates for new teak covering boards to be installed on the gunwales around the aft deck of a 25' fiberglass boat. the templates were made out of 1/4" luan.【Get Price】

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teak wood comes from tropical hardwood birch trees. its beauty strength and resistance to weather make it a treasured wood. teak is used to make furniture boats chess sets and household products. although it's durable this type of wood still can develop cracks and it breaks when enough force is applied.【Get Price】

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the extra 3/4" +/- height is there so that all of the water running off of the side decks runs off the side of the boat and doesn't run over the covering board and into the cockpit most sf have these gunnels and you would put teak covering boards right on top so that the water isn't running into the end grain of the teak.【Get Price】

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the wood has the approximate strength hardness and resistance as teak but its bending properties are inferior. iroko has a specific gravity of .55. “it’s always been around but it has just become more popular because of the high increase in teak prices” says matt westmoreland a wholesaler with world timber corp. in hubert n.c.【Get Price】

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10. replace the parts in the sailboat but leave it open with good air circulation until all the fumes dissipate. if you chose teak oil it is slow to harden and it can take a couple of weeks for the fumes to go away. after you refinish your interior teak it might make the exterior woodwork look worse.【Get Price】

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treadmaster a deck covering company based in the uk has developed atlanteak a flexible film or sheet material that has a teak-like finish. one form of atlanteak is made from thermoplastic sheeting that has a teak planking finish and another is based on the same cork and rubber composition used for the treadmaster non-slip deck finish.【Get Price】

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if the board has no obvious cupping examine the end grain of the board; if there is an obvious curve to the grain pattern position the board so the curve faces up. install the new decking board position the replacement board so the gap between the adjacent boards is uniform then drill two pilot holes through the board at each end about 3/4 ...【Get Price】

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but the request for teak comes in so rarely i don't really have an idea of what would be a good replacement wood. the homeowner lives at the beach and i think is influenced by the older yachts that have teak everywhere. sapele is now being used on the boats as a teak substitute... but the cost gets driven up by the need to custom make moldings.【Get Price】

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hatch boards are your boat's doors. if yours are filthy broken or need replacing this video shows you how. we used fake teak plastic for no maintenance.【Get Price】

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next dip a new screw in some caulk and replace it. to insure a good seal to the screw it is a good idea to wipe down the threads with some solvent. teak decks are often very securely glued down with flexible sealant and the screws are there to hold down the wood until the sealant dries.【Get Price】

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teak decks are attractive when properly cared for but if ill-kept present the nightmare of leaks over your bunk.i used to think that teak decks were the greatest. when conjuring up my dream boat there was always a beautiful expanse of newly finished honey-colored teak decks with perfectly...【Get Price】

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the primary purpose of the cover board on a canvassed deck was to seal and secure the edges of the canvas. though in some cases a hardwood spline was used to trap the edge of the fabric into a rabbet either in the covering board or in the deck with the cover boards fitted against the spline.【Get Price】

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the covering boards are usually the widest the trim around things sticking up through the deck slightly narrower the planking even narrower etc. the amount of angle before you "nib" off a plank is an "eye ball" thing and would be scarf placement corner radiuses etc.【Get Price】

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like a house you need a good roof before doing much else inside. the teak is 3/4 inch screwed over 2by2 long leaf yellow. i was thinking about taking up the teak and putting a 1/2 inch layer of marine ply down an glassing it for a base. i was hoping to to lay the teak in a bed of liquid rubber and then screwing it back down.【Get Price】

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if your teak deck is looking a bit thin and tired or is lifting away from its substrate or maybe if you just want a new design now might be the time to start planning its replacement. a key ally in the process will be west system and pro-set products. natural teak decking takes many forms from thick planks to very thin veneers.【Get Price】

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re: teak coaming or covering boards my last boat was all teak. lots of people i met said "wow thats a lot of work" but i got to tell you i loved bleaching and oiling it and nothing feels better on bare feet than warm teak.【Get Price】

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or choose a flooring made from a wood that stands up to the weather such as teak or cedar and either get it prefinished or leave it unfinished for a more rustic look. because the flooring won't be walked on you can get away with boards as thin as 3/8 inch. try to order long pieces to avoid seams.【Get Price】