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a composite deck will not rot warp or splinter like treated lumber or any other wood decking for that matter will. composite decking stays smooth and beautiful for years! a composite deck will not fade or stain! has a 25 year warranty for that! if you get a stain on a wood deck prepare to use a stiff-bristled brush to scrub it out ...【Get Price】

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carpenter ants cause property damage as they burrow into wood. they attack wood siding fence posts decking and more. although they don't consume the wood like termites do they create visual damage and weaken wooden structures. if you suspect a carpenter ant infestation contact midwestern pest control for help. our technicians will inspect ...【Get Price】

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composites are resistant to pests – termites carpenter ants beetles and other pests eat away at wood causing extensive damage. composites are pest-free making them ideal for everything from window frames to retaining walls.【Get Price】

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i have 2 really annoying pests; rabbits and carpenter ants. both live under my wooden deck and the carpenter ants have forced me to replace the deck. i am going to use composite material instead of redwood but i must use pressure treated lumber for the under-girding. the rabbits chew up almost anything that's green.【Get Price】

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additionally wooden decks are susceptible to damage from insects like termites carpenter ants or carpenter bees. bugs won’t even touch a deck. the surface temperature. historically composite decks have fallen prey to the scorching heat of the summer sun but modern composites are much more reflective.【Get Price】

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traditional wood decking requires treatment to avoid destruction by termites carpenter ants and other damaging insects. composites which are made of substantial amounts of inedible plastics are impervious to insect attack and therefore do not require treatment.【Get Price】

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they don’t eat the wood but they do like to live in it and they’ll soon make your deck look like swiss cheese. you’ll also see sm all piles of sawdust and dead insects around your deck. 3. carpenter bees. carpenter bees don’t cause as much damage as carpenter ants or termites but they do bore holes in your wood or composite deck .【Get Price】

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once a carpenter bee has established a nest woodpeckers may be attracted to the site and exacerbate the damage by continuing to attack the wooden structure. empty carpenter bee nests can also make an easy home for carpenter ants or termites which can cause significant additional damage.【Get Price】

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carpenter ants will readily forage onto anything that has wood including homes garages trees and most certainly decks. since they can travel far as explained in our carpenter ant control article the nest may not even be located on your property. still allowing these ants to forage on the deck would be a mistake.【Get Price】

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the insect most likely to leave what look like sawdust piles is the carpenter ant (see sawdust piles could mean carpenter ants). carpenter ants leave “dump piles” behind. carpenter ants don’t eat wood but they use their jaws to tear wood pieces out when they are creating their galleries inside.【Get Price】

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carpenter ants can be black red or a combination of both colors. carpenter ant behaviors. carpenter ants need to build their nests in areas of high moisture; their developing eggs have specific moisture needs. carpenter ant colonies start with one main colony which can take 3-6 years to fully mature. once the colony matures they will start ...【Get Price】

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carpenter ants and destruction of even composite decking. this video is unavailable.【Get Price】

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how to control ants in a compost pile. finding ants in your compost is not always a bad thing. ants are beneficial to the composting process because they bring fungi and other organisms into the ...【Get Price】

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carpenter ants carpenter bees termites even powder post beetles or old house borers all provide visible indications of insect activity such as entry or exit holes mud tubes or the presence of the insects themselves. carpenter ant damaged wood will show cleanly excavated wood passages - the frass is brought outside of the area of excavation.【Get Price】

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an upcoming job involves replacing a deck with a synthetic material. we found extensive carpenter ant infestation in the pressure treated railroad ties used for the old decks' support. we are considering using a type material. says that it contains about 50% wood fiber. the other alternative is a pure vinyl product like carefree.【Get Price】

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wood decking products require treatment to avoid destruction by termites carpenter ants and other damaging insects. because composites are comprised of substantial amounts of plastics inedible to insects they are not susceptible to insect attack and do not require treatment. fire resistance.【Get Price】

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for the most part i have put up with ants since other than their propensity for farming aphids they are beneficial. and as an organic gardener i use chemicals only as a last resort. but one year my garden was invaded by carpenter ants which became destructive. they also were attracted to the yardlongs and their bites were painful.【Get Price】

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i plan on replacing the ant-infested deck with composite decking but since the stringers will be made of wood they are just as susceptible. there is also an exposed wood face as the final step up to the sliding door of the sunroom that is perpetually damp.【Get Price】

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and if carpenter ants do get into a building of some sort they can infect virtually anything made of lumber including window frames deck boards and door sills. however in virtually all cases the area is already very moist and as such it has a pre-existing weakness that the carpenter ants vulture-like opportunists that they are can ...【Get Price】

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carpenter ants are among the largest ants in the united states measuring up to 20 mm—or roughly ¾ of an inch. most often black but sometimes red or yellow carpenter ants live both indoors and outdoors nesting inside moist decaying wood (like old tree trunks or rotting wooden boards in human structures).【Get Price】

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carpenter ants do not have stings therefore they do not sting people. however they use their formidable mandibles to defend their nests when attacked. carpenter ants rarely bite humans; the powerful jaws of a worker can bite and tear through human skin; the bite inflicted is sprayed with formic acid which gives a burning sensation.【Get Price】

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3. carpenter bees. carpenter bees don't cause as much damage as carpenter ants or termites but they do bore holes in your wood or composite deck . the holes will appear about a half inch in diameter and they'll look perfectly round. these bees bore into wood or wood-like materials to build their nests.【Get Price】

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decking isn’t susceptible to rot mold termites carpenter ants or even the weather elements that decrease the lifespan of wood. another huge incentive to opt for a rebuild is the freedom to design the perfect space. change the size or shape of your deck. get creative with a unique design that includes curved decking.【Get Price】

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if you only have ants in a certain area like along your sidewalk spot-treat the area with an outdoor insecticide. liquid or granules work fine as a way to get rid of ants. for large-scale ant problems on how to get rid of ants use a lawn and garden insect killer that contains bifenthrin as the active ingredient.【Get Price】