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how to re-deck the pontoon with new carpeting - luxury ...

how to re-deck the pontoon with new carpeting [ad_1] when my husband and i purchased a 1998 fisher pontoon boat for what we thought was a steal one of the first things we needed to do is replace the dry-rotted carpet. the pontoon had been sitting in the sun for ten years and the carpet was torn and had areas of dry-rot.【Get Price】

pontoon boat fence railing frequently asked questions

once the pontoon fence is fastened down to your deck it should last a lifetime. if you have damage we carry a touch up for the powder cote finish and the fence panel itself is a standard (very popular) color that should be easy to replace.【Get Price】

deck hardware screws versus bolts | pontoon boats 101

with deck bolts you must drill a hole for the shaft of the bolt. when rebuilding you can try to drill from beneath using the old holes in the cross channels. to fasten deck bolts you must get under the pontoon to tighten the nut onto the bolt. in a production setting as shown to the left and with power tools it isn’t much of a chore.【Get Price】

rear mount pontoon ladder installation -

the side of the ladder body rests against the side of the pontoon boat centering the ladder over the end of the pontoon log. see picture below: 2. drill two pilot holes through the deck for the two long bolts and place bolts through ladder and deck. do not tighten yet.【Get Price】

any tricks for drilling thru carpet and deck? page: 1 ...

re: any tricks for drilling thru carpet and deck? i have several sizes of hole punches i use and for bigger holes i use a utility knife best way is to cut a small x in the carpet then tape it down or hold it open. drill your hole and trim the carpet to fit.【Get Price】

install a dock cleat in 4 easy steps for all boating needs

the length of the lag bolt will be determined by thickness of wood below deck. it is preferred to lag into the dock frame vs. relying on the decking only. furthermore you may want to consider cutting away the deck material in the selected area and adding a wood mounting block that fastens directly to the frame.【Get Price】

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some pontoon boat carpet will have flat-headed through bolts which secure the carpet to the deck. these can be very hard to get out but you can do it. there’s a great online guide which i recommend you take a look at which will give you a stepped process on how to remove flat-headed screws and bolts.【Get Price】

how to make your own diy pontoon boat - pontoon family

get a drill with a coarse thread hex-head screw. make sure the screw is two and a half inches long at least. use the drill to connect a two-by-four block between every joist. attach two screws for each block. step #7: add your galvanized strap. the galvanized strap provides bracing to your diy pontoon boat. you want 16-gauge galvanized steel ...【Get Price】

installing your fence package |

a- phillips drill bit b- square drill bit c- 1/4" drill bit d- 3/8" drill bit e- 7/16" wrench f- phillips screw driver g- drill h- marker/pen if you are starting with fence over a newly carpeted deck you don’t necessarily have to put the new fence where the old was.【Get Price】

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pontoon boat & deck boat forum. open and honest pontoon boat discussion. ... i do it all the time on ductwork if i don't have a drill handy of just need a screw or 2.【Get Price】

installing pontoon furniture

gap between the pontoon furniture is reduced. 3. with the pontoon furniture situated on your pontoon deck use bolts or lag screws for installation to the pontoon deck. (recommended) for bolt installation a. pre-drill (1) 5/16" hole in each corner or (4) per bench. after pre-drilling each hole drop a bolt in【Get Price】

your fool-proof guide on how to build a pontoon boat - wheelzine

~ 2 pontoon fenders ~ 2 – 4 deck cleats ~ trolling motor ~ prefabricated foldable deck ladder (a 4-step ladder would be just fine) fastening material ~ epoxy resin (2 gallons) screw gun hammer cordless drill with ⅛” drill bit ~ marine carpet glue (2 gallons) ~ jacks ~ pontoon deck joint tape (50′-0” long roll 2″ wide)【Get Price】

tips for restoring pontoons -

• deck . the deck is the foundation of a pontoon boat and must be in excellent condition if you hope to have a long lifespan for your pontoon boat. walk around the deck and check for sponginess that could be a sign of rot. get under the pontoon boat with a flashlight and hunt for any indication that the wood foundation is weak.【Get Price】

how to replace your pontoon's floor - cabin life

to refurbish a pontoon deck start by taking off everything even the console. once your wiring is complete you can put the flooring on. we used ¾-inch treated plywood (the cheaper option) but if you really want your floor to last opt for marine-grade plywood.【Get Price】

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to install this ladder you will use the cross members of the pontoon deck and attach it with large self-drilling screws. when you pull the ladder out for use it comes out at a slight angle so it makes getting on or off the boat easier for heavier people and older users too. this ladder will hold up to 300 lbs. due to its build quality.【Get Price】


2. a tape measure to center your fence package on the pontoon boat. 3. a 5/16” bit to drill the holes for the fence through the floor & for the rear gate. 2. a grease pencil or sharpie marker or pen to mark the holes for drilling. (this prevents your drill causing damage to the fence panel when drilling the holes for the floor.) 3.【Get Price】

homemade pontoon boat : 8 steps (with pictures) - instructables

our pontoon boat started from a 7ftx10ft frame of water-treated 2x6's 2x4's and 2x2's. we got these from the remains of my old backyard deck which was replaced over the summer (all framework was pressure treated and stained). the pontoons are made out of six 30-gallon barrels which we found at a recycling center.【Get Price】

drilled 4 holes in the top of my u-shaped pontoon page: 1 ...

the holes in the pontoon are about a foot from the edge of the deck and about 8 inches from the edge of the pontoon. any advice as what to do? this was the last step of a total rebuild and i mistakenly used the same drill bit i was using to drill through my 1 1/2 fencing + 3/8 spacers.【Get Price】

how to: deck repair with plywood and epoxy resin - sail magazine

after this has cured drill the size hole that is necessary to accommodate the hardware installation. this way there is no exposed wood to allow moisture into the deck. similarly if you make a large hole such as for a hawsepipe in a plywood deck coat the exposed wood with epoxy.【Get Price】

bedding (installing) snaps or fasteners in boat deck - youtube

prevent water leakage by bedding your fasteners approriatley. this video shows how to bed snaps and other fasteners on the deck of a boat. prevent water leakage by bedding your fasteners ...【Get Price】

pontoon makeover diy - youtube

tools needed: drill razor (2 good ones) rags tile grouter tool and a pipe to flatten. used marine grade carpet with 6700 outdoor/indoor glue. it was a total of 10 hours in between the 2 days.【Get Price】