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though your deck is at ground level it's ideal to use footings so it remains even over time. if you were to set a deck directly on the ground it would sink into the earth and be subject to rot due to constant contact with moisture.【Get Price】

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these help if you plan on laying your deck directly on the ground. firstly they provide a level stable base for your frame to rest on – one which is not uneven or changeable. secondly they keep the frame away from the ground which prevents the absorption of groundwater (which can often lead to rot & the degradation of your frame).【Get Price】

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when placing your new deck keep this in mind. avoid laying your deck over a known root system as this can damage your tree and may cause problems with your deck in the future. level the ground: before you place your composite decking you need to level the ground. if the area is small enough you can do this by hand using a shovel hoe and rake.【Get Price】

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but instead of putting the boards directly on the ground which will make it difficult to keep them straight and true try this: put down 4-by-4-inch sleepers small pressure-treated timbers set ...【Get Price】

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little by little we have been working on the back yard and the new deck is working out perfectly! these directions are for a ground level deck but can easily be modified for an above-ground application. our wood pallet deck has served us well. we have used it for four years and it’s been relocated once but it was time for an upgrade.【Get Price】

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learn how to build a small freestanding deck supported by concrete blocks. it's perfect for placing anywhere in the yard or just outside of an entry door.【Get Price】

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now here are your two options for laying your decking. you can either build it directly on the ground or square the site and build it on top of risers as a floating deck. if you lay it directly on the ground you may find that it’s more susceptible to absorbing moisture and might need additional maintenance.【Get Price】

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examples are fence posts deck posts guardrail posts structural lumber and timbers. • uc4b gound contact heavy duty — wood and wood-based material used in contact with the ground in severe environments and in climates with a high potential for deterioration including permanent wood foundations and wood used in salt-water splash zones.【Get Price】