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like all siding materials some of these low-cost alternatives have drawbacks. for example fiber-cement siding is much heavier than traditional siding options and needs some moisture barrier underneath to ensure its waterproof qualities. exterior building products aren't 100 percent watertight.【Get Price】

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metal siding (specifically steel) comes from recycled sources like junked cars and scrapped building materials. steel is easily recyclable making it a viable option for environmentally friendly siding. repurposing recycled steel requires more manufacturing power than wood or other materials which is a concern for some homeowners.【Get Price】

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retrofits require a complete tear-off of the old siding a job that requires one or two days for a 2450 square-foot house and adds about 5% to the total cost of the project. green factor: the production of portland cement is associated with co2 emissions which are probably offset by the material's extreme longevity.【Get Price】

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fiber cement siding is a great alternative to wood siding and is made from a combination of cement recycled materials wood fiber and special additives. vinyl siding is highly durable and resists fading and weathering for timeless beauty. panel siding is easy to install and is available in a variety of textures and colors.【Get Price】

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if finished in aluminum siding: the low end is about $3.00 per square foot up to $6.00 per square foot for the thicker top of the line siding. it’s a shed so $3.00 x 304sq.ft. = $912.00. using the same process for steel siding: cost ranges between $4.00 and $8.00. so $4.00 x 304sq.ft. = $1216.00.【Get Price】

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advantages of metal siding over other materials: incredibly pest resistant – woodpeckers hate it. fire resistant. weather resistant. made from 67% recycled materials and is a 100% renewable resource. rugged paint finishes guaranteed against fading chalking or peeling for up to 20 – 50 years. no rotting or twisted boards and easy to install.【Get Price】

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the strength and the longevity of metals surpass most of the common house siding options currently on the market. the application process generally requires a frame for attaching the siding a backing material such as plywood and a moisture barrier (these needs will vary depending on the specific material and the location of the house).【Get Price】

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a company called rollex claims 100% recyclability of its steel in house siding. revere building products states a typical 2000 square foot house takes up to 40-50 trees or 1 acre to provide wood siding where as to complete this same job with steel siding only requires about 6 scrapped cars of steel.【Get Price】

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the first way to make your siding project more eco-friendly is to carefully remove the existing materials. fiber-cement siding aluminum stone brick or wood may all be reused in other homes and kept out of landfills if gently dismantled in a process known as soft demo.【Get Price】

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roofing & siding; siding roundup: 8 options to beautify your home learn more about the pros and cons of today’s most popular siding materials to make an informed choice on the best option for ...【Get Price】

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cedarboards d6 contains a minimum of 60% post-consumer and post-industrial recycled material. life cycle assessment tools such as bees show vinyl siding and polymer shakes and shingles to have a lower environmental impact than a majority of cladding options.【Get Price】

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please call 888-447-9877 to order reclaimed grey barn wood siding and paneling. please call 888-447-9877 to order【Get Price】

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7) accent wall. the corrugated metal siding comes into the house. the metal is used to continue the architecture from the outdoor deck. get a closer look at this photograph at 8) corrugated metal beadboard. corrugated metal beadboard. provides a fantastic barrier between the wooden walls and dark flooring.【Get Price】

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the siding on a single barn will also differ. barn siding is reclaimed from century old utilitarian structures that are dilapidated or no longer applicable to our modern farming practices. we provide our siding as-is denailed power washed and kiln dried. whatever state you desire your siding in we can provide it.【Get Price】

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today you have more attractive house siding options than ever before. this buying guide details the top 10 siding materials to help you decide which type will give your home the look and durability you want while staying within your budget. 1. vinyl siding 2. fiber cement siding 3. aluminum siding 4. natural wood siding […]【Get Price】

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metal siding starts out on the plus side because it is often made from recycled materials. steel and aluminum are some of the most recycled metals in the u.s. in fact the steel recycling institute says that steel is the number 1 most recycled metal in the country.【Get Price】

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architects stutchbury and pape developed a $35000 flat-packed prefab cardboard house made from 100% recycled materials with a waterproof outer membrane made of hdpe plastic. scrap metal (images ...【Get Price】

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#3 bark siding. the company bark house stands out from the rest by repurposing tree bark as natural bark siding. you may not have heard of bark siding but bark is actually an incredibly durable sustainable and gorgeous alternative to other wood products. think about it — bark’s main function is protecting trees from fire insects and ...【Get Price】