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for your common timber paling fence 1.8m high you can expect to pay approx $140-$180 per lineal metre. the style in which the palings are in the picture is a "friendly neighbour" option however the orientation of the palings and rails will not change the cost (for example if you have all palings on one side).【Get Price】

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the length of your fence can determine the per metre cost. for example the longer your fence the cheaper it should be and vica versa if your require a short run (under 10m) the per metre rate of fencing would be more expensive. foundations can effect the cost of your fencing.【Get Price】

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when choosing the 1.8 m high good neighbour fencing the gap between the palings is a standard 30 mm on both sides. calculations are based on post spacings of: 2300 mm centres so you can span a full 4.8 metre length of rail over 2 bays and you will have some flexibility with your post spacings.【Get Price】

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estimated installation costs: $ 7 to $10 to cut and place per base. brushwood panels brushwood panels are quicker to install but are more expensive than handpacked brushwood. a panel 1.8m high by 1.5m wide retails for around $180 + gst. add to this the cost of the frame labour and cappings and you are looking around $270 per metre.【Get Price】

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original cost of 90 metres of crappy wall: around 120k. cost of fixing crappy wall: around 120k so in our case total materials and labor for 90 metres of 9 ft high concrete block wall finished on both sides = 240k or just under 3k per linear metre.【Get Price】

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i want to replace the fence between me any my neighbour’s house. i’m just interested in a simple 5 or 6 ft closed board fence (the type with a little cm gap between each board). wooden fence posts should be fine. i haven’t measure it exactly but i think i’m looking at about 10 meters of fence.【Get Price】

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“how much is your electric fencing per metre?" to their detriment the average property owner is under the misconception that he/she can request a price on the average electric fence and/or a price per metre and then extrapolate it back to their own property thereby getting an idea of what it will cost them.【Get Price】

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select lapped in paling gap / lap to calculate palings overlapped and draw a paling overlap diagram showing spacing. paling lap is calculated at nearest over or equal to 0.25 x paling width to fit full palings. (no end cuts). the first rail (left side diagram) starts outside the centre of the first post.【Get Price】

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cost of fences: dairy and beef / flat: metres of fencing: 1-wire electric: $1.65 per metre* x (2.5 mm wire no. 2 ¼ round posts 7.5 metre spacing) each additional wire - electric【Get Price】

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a simple wooden fence made from low-grade radiata pine is one of your cheapest options at around $100 per lineal metre for the finished fence. (as a guide an average size section is around 60 lineal metres). unless you leave the timber to weather you’ll also need to add the cost of painting or staining.【Get Price】

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a brick or concrete fence is the most secure type of fence and doesn’t cost much more than most steel running between $550 and $800 per metre. a rendered brick and steel fence will create a more upscale look for between $750 to $1000 per metre. a sandstone and timber fence also makes an attractive option for between $800 and $1200.【Get Price】

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simply use the slider below to set the desired length for your feather edge fence and the calculator will display the materials and quantities required to build your fence. please note that calculations are approximate and based on using full lengths of the timber components to create 3 metre wide bays.【Get Price】

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to fence in a square acre it will cost between $3320 and $9960 in materials for the approximate 830 feet of fencing needed. with professional installation a split rail fence will cost you from $12 to $30 or more per linear foot $1200 to $3000 per 100 feet and $9960 to $24900 to enclose an acre.【Get Price】

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cost range: up to $20 per lin. ft. average cost: $5 per lin. ft. countertop edges come in a variety of sizes and shapes. for a 2-centimeter (cm) thick countertop you have the option of a 2-cm or 4-cm edge while a 3-cm thick countertop typically has a 3-cm edge.【Get Price】

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use our free fencing and gates cost estimator to get a ballpark idea of how much it costs to build a fence for your property in new zealand.【Get Price】