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i have been trying to have a backyard garden for 3 years without the damn squirrels destroying the tomatoes. i've tried every method i could think of including fencing and mouse traps. still the squirrels got to the plants. after the fake flying hawk was employed all destructive creatures have vanished.【Get Price】

20 natural ways to keep squirrels away from your yard

16. electric fencing. squirrels can climb anything. they don’t spare any high spot – your pipes trees walls and any kind of fence. they have sharp teeth and can nibble a standard wire mesh too. the best way is to get a low voltage electric fence. this will keep the squirrels and other rodents out of your yard. 17. put a cap on that chimney【Get Price】

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keeping squirrels out of the tomato patch - duration: 8:52. gardens all 46172 views. ... solar powered electric fence for your garden to keep the critters out - duration: 8:11.【Get Price】

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electric fences are designed to produce a completely harmless but totally effective very-low-amperage charge. a squirrel usually only has to make contact with the fence once to get the message. squirrels target many of the same plant species preferred by humans.【Get Price】

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you can use any kind of fencing to keep deer out of your garden but wooden fences work best. this is because – just like squirrels – deer are attracted to plants that they can see. the overpopulation of deer in many regions of the united states have led to dwindling food supplies for deer.【Get Price】

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if you want to go with a fence around your garden to keep the squirrels out then your best bet is an electric fence. squirrels will jump or climb over most garden fences. they’ll even nibble through standard wire mesh fencing. 10. dog hair【Get Price】

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if you’re dealing with raccoons as well as squirrels (which i am) an electric fence around your garden is particularly helpful. use three to five wires spaced three to four inches apart and starting close to the ground. this should prevent anything from going over under or through the fence. 3. repel【Get Price】

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by constructing a small electric fence around your plot you’ll be able to keep squirrels rabbits groundhogs and other wildlife away. likewise your fence can ward off wandering pets! if you have any questions about setting up an electric fence around your garden contact zareba® on facebook .【Get Price】

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fencing out small wildlife: raccoons rabbits squirrels feral hogs etc. keeping out small critters. rabbits squirrels raccoons skunks woodchucks and other similar nuisance animals often wreak havoc with gardens flowers and shrubs. while each animal is unique you can deal with most by observing the following recommendations.【Get Price】

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a dog or cat may keep squirrels out of your yard particularly if your dog chases squirrels. if you don’t have a cat or dog you can place plastic owls around your property on elevated surfaces such as fence posts or the roof to frighten squirrels away. you can also buy containers of predator (wolf or tiger) urine to spray in your yard or garden.【Get Price】

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fences designed to exclude squirrels and other small animals from gardens utilize a low wire mesh fence about 18 inches high in combination with wires that carry an electric charge.【Get Price】

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1. a fence. a physical barrier is as simple as a fence. of course the mesh needs to be a finer mesh than standard chicken wire and should be buried in the ground around the perimeter of the garden to discourage the burrowing habits of voles and chipmunks. however varmints can still find their way underneath if determined.【Get Price】

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consider placing a physical barrier such as a chicken-wire fence a few inches inside the electric strand to increase your fence's effectiveness. warning place warning signs around the fenced area and keep children and pets away from the electric strand.【Get Price】

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the shock wire will also keep tree squirrels out but only if they attempt to climb over the fence. if you have overhanging tree branches the squirrels can use those to climb out over the fence ...【Get Price】

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an electric fence kit like the dare de gk 20 electric fence garden kit the havahart electric fence kit for pets and small animals the patriot garden kit or the zareba electric fence kit is the number 1 raccoon deterrent and electric dog fence for your backyard. deterrence by the electric fence is achieved by sending a harmless shock to the ...【Get Price】

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guaranteed way to keep squirrels rabbits raccoons skunks and other ground-dwelling creatures out of your garden so your crops can grow and stay protected. zareba red snap'r electric fence. any ...【Get Price】

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materials and costs are modest. installation of an electric fence around a small 50-feet by 50-feet home garden should cost less than $200. the materials can be reused for 10 or more years so the long-term cost will be around $20 per year.【Get Price】

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lay nylon bird netting over the top of the wire fencing to create a roof to keep out tree squirrels. clip the netting to the top of the fence to hold it in place using removable plastic plant clips.【Get Price】

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my watermelons were being eaten by raccoons. i found the only way to keep them off of them was by installing an electric fence. i also wanted to mow my grass around the garden that has the ...【Get Price】

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electric garden fencing - one solution that gardeners may want to consider is an electric garden fence. this type of fencing will give you a lifetime of relief from squirrels and all the other “critters” that enter your yard.【Get Price】

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grey-squirrel-on-garden-fence-uk-side-view by ibonzer is licensed under cc by-sa 3.0. part 1. do you have squirrels? observation. unlike some other garden pests squirrels are diurnal like humans meaning they are wakeful and feeding during the day and sleep at night.【Get Price】

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this zareba electric garden fence is a necessary training aid for conditioning pets to avoid certain areas. battery-powered so that you can use it in remote spaces this fence can also help keep out bothersome critters such as skunks and raccoons. use it to restrict access to lawns gardens shrubbery garbage cans swimming pools and more.【Get Price】

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amazon.com : premier 48" electric chicken net fence 12/48/3 yellow - 48" h x 82'l : garden & outdoor【Get Price】

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electric fences will keep your garden free of not just squirrels but also a variety of critters including raccoons skunks opossums cats and most dogs. the barrier fence protects pets and children inside your property from getting shocked although many older children will test out the fence in various ways at least once to see if it really ...【Get Price】

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guaranteed way to keep squirrels rabbits raccoons skunks and other ground-dwelling creatures out of your garden so your crops can grow and stay protected. zareba red snap'r electric fence. any questions let me know! filmed october 2014.【Get Price】

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if you have any other tactics to keeping squirrels out of your plants or garden let us know about it in the comments section below! we're always open to hearing new and creative ideas to help keep your garden and your home in the best possible condition for the majority of the year.【Get Price】