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what type of decking boards are compatible with camo deck fasteners? camo fasteners work with composite cedar treated pvc and hardwood decking. the camo 1-7/8 inch fasteners are compatible with 5/4" decking. trouble shooting what if the fastener is not driving in all the way? check your screw guides. material may have built up on the guides.【Get Price】

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finally hidden fasteners are a lot more expensive and slower to install than face screws – especially if you are using a biscuit jointer to cut slots. some install with special tools that speed up installation but this is not something you would buy for a deck or two. types of hidden deck fasteners.【Get Price】

nails or screws for deck: which is better and when?

nails vs. screws. unless you’re willing to spring for structural screws you will likely need both fasteners in your arsenal when doing your deck build. you’ll need nails to ensure the strength of your framing and screws to make sure your decking stays put.【Get Price】

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face screwing vs hidden fasteners? i’ve had a discussion twice today with customers on this subject so i thought i’d post an analysis and my thoughts on the subject. there are a lot of things to consider…although pre-grooved boards are more expensive ($.35-$.40/lf milling upcharge) you will use less screws.【Get Price】

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i am building a deck about 27'x16' that's 27" above the ground. it will be framed out of pressure-treated lumber. i will be using accents madeira composite decking running perpendicular to the joists. i have researched about hidden fastening systems for the decking and i particularly like tiger claw's tc-g and similar systems (i'm willing to cut slots in the planks with a router). i do ...【Get Price】

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screws vs. hidden fasteners while the difference between using hidden fasteners and face-screwing your deck floor is mostly a cosmetic issue there are a few other considerations. there is a hidden fastener for just about every decking product; and there is a color-matched screw for just about every product too.【Get Price】

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painted head screws for fastening decking when installing a tropical hardwood deck such as an ipe deck contractors are immediately faced with the question of whether to use face screwed or hidden fasteners to secure the deck. each method has its benefits and shortfalls and ultimately the specific environment of the project along with ...【Get Price】

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the cleaner alternative: hidden fastener systems. instead of using screws composite decking makers have designed hidden fastening systems that create a clean smooth surface while providing a solid stable connection to the deck frame. rather than installing screws through the top of every deck board clips are first attached to the framing ...【Get Price】

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if you’re building your own deck you’ll find there are a ton of ways to fasten down the decking. you can go high-end and use hidden fasteners you can go middle-of-the-road and go with screws and you can go low-end and use nails. i’m going to go ahead and right off the bat tell you to use screws.【Get Price】

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duralife decking offers three composite decking hidden fastening systems to make deck installation fast easy and flexible. the step-clip system and the fastenator are ideal for installing interior deck boards while the cortex plugs are great for hiding screws on steps edge boards and benches.【Get Price】

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get estimates on screws & clip usage for invisible fastener kits. perfect for wood patios. 1-866-427-2547. find a dealer ... hidden deck fasteners. extreme® ...【Get Price】

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deckwise® ipe clip® vs camo® clips vs edgeclip™ – best ipe hidden fastener/clip battle we get a lot of people asking about hidden clip systems for their ipe decking. there are a lot of options out there but some of the most popular are edgeclip™ deckwise® ipe clips® and camo® clips.【Get Price】

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there are many projects where hidden fasteners should not be used. for those projects deck screws work best. here's a short list or decks where you should not use hidden deck fasteners: any deck that is 30” or closer to the ground requires face screws for best fastening performance.【Get Price】

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this has got to be our current favorite hidden deck fastening system for all of the reasons mentioned in this review. for that alone we gave it a 9/10 for performance and value came in at a rare 10/10 – because camo’s fasteners don’t cost any more than traditional coated deck screws – and that makes this entire system all that much ...【Get Price】