how to cover wood porch with wood

covering an existing concrete porch with wood - part 1 ...

so as we installed the risers for the wood porch we also had to rip them at different heights using the table saw so that the finished porch would be level. for the risers we used pressure treated 2 x 4’s that are rated for ground contact. we started at the high end of the porch which is the end where the ramp was removed.【Get Price】

6 tips for protecting outdoor wood furniture from weather ...

again like the water sealer this will maintain the look of your furniture’s wood but won’t protect it as well as paint. also with varnish be sure to reapply a coat at least every few years to maintain its strength. 5. cover. patio furniture covers will physically protect your furniture from the weather as well as other harmful elements.【Get Price】

repair for an old wooden porch - extreme how to

porches are almost always made of wood and many older homes have a porch floor made from tongue-and-groove lumber. knowing the devastating effects that water will have on a wood porch older homes were built so the porch floors gently sloped from the house to the outside edge of the porch.【Get Price】

13 creative ways to cover your patio | hunker

this wood slat patio cover instantly creates a warm and rustic vibe. the light-colored wood finish paired with the white brick fireplace are ideal for exteriors in super hot climates but that's not to say they can't work beautifully in cold ones as well.【Get Price】

how to hide wood filler before staining |

wood filler is used to eliminate any defects and deficiencies in the surface of wood.【Get Price】

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most interior wood fillers even waterproof ones aren't flexible and won't last on a wood deck. exterior fillers and caulks that remain flexible on the other hand will gum up the sanding machine.【Get Price】

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watch this video before covering concrete stairs with wood – home remodeling ideas ... you must know this stuff before you build a deck porch or outdoor wood project - duration: 11:38 ...【Get Price】

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in keeping with classic low country cottages this home boasts an elevated front porch clad in durable garapa wood decking. fresh family-friendly basement designer sarah barnard relied on vibrant orange hues and outdoor elements give this typical basement a light and airy vibe.【Get Price】

how to wrap porch posts with wood: 13 steps (with pictures)

cut a series of wooden boards to the same height as your porch posts. you’ll need a total of 4 pieces for each post—one for every side. for the sake of stability it’s best to cover each side of the post with a single panel so be sure to pick up boards that are longer than your posts are tall.【Get Price】

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with the wood now completely protected i hid the unsightly black plastic with a plant for now. one day soon we plan to paint the entire patio cover including this post. that will hide the plastic even more. and a few inches of black plastic is worth having a structurally sound patio cover.【Get Price】