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it really is dimensioned in millimeters and is thus even thinner than "modern under-sized plywood". a 3/4" thick sheet of "regular" plywood is actually 23/32" thickwhich translates into 0.719" or 18.26mm. paraply comes in 18mm thickness which makes it 0.709" (no close multiple-of-eight fraction).【Get Price】

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how thick of plywood should i use for the floor. this is a spectra 20 with 4 stringers and a jet under 60 mph. i will resin the entire floor. i plan to put a ski locker in it as well. i have had answers from 1/2" to 7/8". is it necessary to use marine grade plywood? it seems to be special order only.【Get Price】

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what thickness plywood for jon boat floor | aluminum fishing boats come in three basic styles: jon boats mod-v (or modified-vee) and deep-v. jon boats have a very flat bottom and a squared-off or blunt bow and are especially popular for use on rivers and smaller lakes because they can operate in shallow water and get on plane ...【Get Price】

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fig 1 – because of plywood’s cross grain a plywood frame will be flimsy and not as strong as one from lumber of the same thickness.fig 2 – however because of plywood’s cross grain using gussets floor timbers and similar members to join sawn wood frame members will largely prevent splitting at such connections.【Get Price】

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congrats on the new boat shan-i know you'll be putting it to good use.probably ok to remove the seat -plenty of tinnies are built that way-there should be ribs which give the hull it's strength.i'd build a removeable marine ply floor shaped to the hull sides (with oregan lands glued to the bottom with marine epoxy if it wants to flex-that'll depend on how wide the floor is for the thickness of ...【Get Price】

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while i’ve seen many floors for inflatable boats made with wood that looked great i had a few main concerns that caused me to hesitate: way too heavy — i’ve hauled around a lot of 3/4″ thick sheets of plywood before and it’s never a pleasant experience.【Get Price】

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sevylor fish hunter hf-280 hf-360 wood ply floor installation and fabrication inflatable boat part 4.【Get Price】

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the boat is a 12 ft jon and i'm playing on decking the floor for sure and maybe a casting deck and side panels. what thickness of plywood should i use and what should i seal it with? i've heard both spar urathane and fiberglass work.【Get Price】

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if you spit the floor into 3 sections as i did to minimize storage space remove 2 inches from the center panel length. if you are making a 1 piece floor the measurements shown should work fine. i used 3/8 plywood sheet this was ok but i feel 1/2 would have been a better choice after testing on the water.【Get Price】

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the length of the wood screws is equal to the combined thickness of the floor and the marine plywood. add thin strips of wood under the edges of the repair patch to make it flush with the floor of the boat. plywood bulkheads can be added as additional support for the floor. warnings. take the proper precautions when working near fuel tanks.【Get Price】

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most boats that are 20 feet or less used 1/2 inch plywood. when you remove the old floor you should be able to see what is there. if you use thicker plywood make sure your side panels still fit.【Get Price】

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my jetboat has .062" floor haven't had any of the problems you describe. but then again i built it not the factory. i had an identical floor in my old 14 foot dura craft and i used that boat for commercial oystering and crabbing. once i had 22 bushels of oysters in that boat (at 60 lbs per bushel) as well as 2 people.【Get Price】

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any plywood that was as strong as boards 3/4" thick would be the same thickness and the cost would be about $1.50 per square foot. the boards would appear more expensive until you consider the waste involved in cutting perhaps 1/3 of the plywood into scrap when fitting into curved areas.【Get Price】

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take a few sheets of marine plywood some 2 by 4s add a bit of imagination and a few available hours on a weekend and you can build a plywood boat. a well-built plywood boat with a reinforced transom on which to mount an outboard motor can become a viable source of recreation for anyone who wants to spend some ...【Get Price】

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floor joists are made from 2-by-8-inch or 2-by-10-inch lumber or from engineered quiet beams which are made from a thin layer of chipboard on edge between two lumber caps forming an "i" shape.【Get Price】

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guys a friend is looking to rebuild the floor in his 1980 fibreline boat and is looking for marine grade plywood? he says it is different than pressure treated or outdoor plywood. does anyone know of a source for this in 5/8 thickness? thanks【Get Price】

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jun 21 2017 - cheap fix for a rotten boat floor (part 1 of 2) installing new plywood - youtube【Get Price】

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the boat is a quintrex and i understand that thickness depends on sub floor frame and how the floor is supported but im guessing 3mm ought to be enough (considering the bottom of the boat is 3mm press out of the same material).【Get Price】

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the soon-to-be back cabin area of the boat is currently floored with 1/2 inch ply. it’s in decent nick but i’m wondering about the merits of replacing with - say - 18mm especially as the main back cabin structure will be sitting on it. at present it is located on central fore-aft bearers and othe...【Get Price】

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for the best performance of plywood in boat manufacturing first make sure that the plywood comes from a mill that is a member of apa. stamped onto each sheet of our plywood is the apa trademark. the apa or engineered wood association is a nonprofit trade association that was founded in 1933.【Get Price】

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boat decks have to absorb heat vibrations and sound retain fasteners remain firm underfoot and last for the lifetime of the boat. we use ¾-inch 7-ply marine grade plywood covered by our limited lifetime structural and deck guarantee because it fulfills these requirements better than aluminum.【Get Price】

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i've been wanting to use aluminum insted of plywood for my jon boat floor. but i have been looking around and there are more types of aluminum than i ever thought of. i'm thinking of using 1/16 the u braces on the floor and sides are about 1 foot apart and 2 inches wide.【Get Price】

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what all of the boat manufacturers use or have used that i have ever seen in a boat floor is standart bc or ac-grade plywood. the same stuff that you can get in any lumber yard. i've seen this stuff shot in as little as 5 years and i've seen it last 20+ years. it all has to to with the type of care the boat receives.【Get Price】

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hi i am currently altering a shetland 536 family four in to a centre console boat i have ripped off the cabin taken the deck out and removed all the foam as it was soaked. whilst in a state of disrepair i have decided to replace the plywood on the transom as this was damp which leads to the question how thick should the replacement plywood be?【Get Price】