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these fences are very low maintenance and do not need painting however they do need to be cleaned periodically to maintain a positive appearance. you do not need a pressure washer to clean a vinyl fence but a power washer will decrease your cleaning time. no pressure washer – no problem! items required: 1 – pump-up sprayer【Get Price】

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another thing to take into consideration when cleaning is the need to protect the vinyl. while vinyl fences are durable using a do-it-yourself solution that is overly caustic could cause damage. if the fence is that dirty it’s a good idea to hire a commercial pressure washing company that knows how to protect the material.【Get Price】

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mold and mildew on your metal wood and vinyl fences won’t stand a chance. this is just one of the guarantees when you trust the cleaning and maintenance of your fence to one of our professional power washers at clifton tx pressure washing services. a fence is supposed to be a protective feature as well as a visually appealing one.【Get Price】

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pvc or vinyl fencing is easily damaged with high pressure. this is a surface for which we would apply our softwashing process. we can whiten even the harshest and dirtiest of fences!【Get Price】

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if you have been searching for vinyl fence washing near me in tampa florida then scotty’s pressure washing should be your first call! the team at scotty’s pressure washing has been successfully low-pressure washing vinyl fences in the tampa area for years and their testimonials and reviews speak for themselves.【Get Price】

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types of pressure washer nozzles; types of cleaning solutions; while there is definitely lots to learn about pressure washers generally you’ll want to use a washer with around 2000 or 2800 psi as that provides the right amount of power you’ll need to clean your vinyl fence. different cleaners for different purposes【Get Price】

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whether you go with a traditional wooden fence or splurge for the vinyl/composite fencing cleaning and maintenance will be an important factor in extending the life of your fencing. just like your house your fencing is exposed to all kinds of elements during the year: heat cold rain snow dust dirt mold mildew and algae.【Get Price】

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if you’re cleaning a painted wood or vinyl fence you can also get a brush attachment for your pressure washer that will help you scrub particularly stubborn spots. choose the right tip. pressure washer tips come in different sizes each with its own spray width. the wider the spray the lower the pressure.【Get Price】

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if other methods have failed you may want to consider using a pressure washer to clean your vinyl fence. high pressure water will help dislodge gunk debris or stains. rent or purchase a pressure cleaner at a local home improvement box store or hardware store. try using high pressure water without chemicals first.【Get Price】

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step-by-step: pressure washing a vinyl fence. stand 3-4 feet away from your vinyl fence pointing the nozzle at the bottom of the fence and working your way up. if the grime isn’t budging gradually walk closer to your fence adjusting the pressure appropriately. maneuver the nozzle in arcs along your vinyl fence until you are finished cleaning.【Get Price】

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for most vinyl fence cleaning needs a pressure washer will be sufficient. set your pressure washer to 500-800 psi to start with gradually increasing pressure if needed to get the fence clean. use a cleaning solution of 1 gallon water + 1 quart bleach + 1/3 cup powered laundry detergent + 2/3 cup powdered household cleaner.【Get Price】

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that's likely to mar the surface. use cleaning fluid designed for pressure washers to do the work. basic cleaning products will loosen dirt. if the fence has mold or lichen on it use a cleaner that treats that. you apply the cleaner at low pressure with a soap nozzle or foaming dispenser. then let it sit there and work for a little while.【Get Price】

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how to pressure wash fence posts and rails. there are a few keys to pressure wash your fence properly. first be sure to choose the right nozzle. for wood fences this means using a 25-degree nozzle. angles less than that could leave gouges in the wood while wider angles may not have quite enough pressure to blast algae mildew and grime. for ...【Get Price】

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kinda new to powerwashing/ soft washing. im mainly doing hard stone surfaces but have been getting asked to do more. right now a guy wants a white vinyl fence done that has dirt splashed up on the bottom and the green mold etc growing on it .【Get Price】

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a beautiful fence makes for a beautiful home and to keep your st. petersburg area home looking its best you need to invest in quality vinyl fence cleaning work. after all your fence won't naturally look its best forever since it will remain exposed to a number of issues over time and this exposure will lead to stains discolorations and ...【Get Price】

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cleaning a white vinyl fence can be easy cheap and it just takes a few minutes. so there’s no need to keep putting it off! exposed to the outdoor elements every day all day your vinyl fence will get dirty no way around it.【Get Price】

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spray off your vinyl fence with a hose. when cleaning your vinyl fence always start by spraying the stain with a hose. this will easily remove any loose dirt or grime with minimal damage to your fence. adding a high-pressure nozzle to your hose you can remove even more dirt. use a simple cleaning solution. using a simple cleaning solution ...【Get Price】

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wood & vinyl fence cleaning a fence should be like the “cherry on top” for the rest of your property. we help you safeguard this asset with complete fence cleaning solutions. your pressure washing experts our goal is simple: to the beauty and quality to your fence. but our approach is comprehensive detailed and…【Get Price】

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pressure washer; fence cleaner; a clean towel; with this method you can also create your own diy cleaning solution as described above. have the pressure washer ready. stand up to 3-4 feet away from the vinyl fence. you should point the nozzle of the pressure washer at the bottom of the fence and work your way upwards.【Get Price】

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here i am pressure washing my first pvc fence and it's a filthy one. it's so bad that it didn't all come off with the pressure cleaner. the mold was kind of stained into the plastic so i had to ...【Get Price】

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here is another quick vinyl fence cleaning tip. mostly for contractors but a homeowner could use this to help diy there washing of plastic fencing. we do this and more like【Get Price】