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western red cedar (thuja plicata) western red cedar is an evergreen coniferous tree in the cypress family of the pinales order that grows in the western part of north america. the western red cedar also known as pacific red cedar is perfect for saunas because it doesn’t secrete resin or overheat and it is also water repellent. red cedar is ...【Get Price】

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thermally modified wood is heated to temperatures approaching 500°f a process that makes wood sugars inedible to mold fungi and insects according to manufacturers. producers also say that the process improves the dimensional stability of wood by lowering water absorption. some brands carry warranties as long as 25 or 30 years.【Get Price】

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thermally modified wood is redefining the properties features and applications of natural wood in a wide spectrum of residential and commercial applications. thermal modification is a process where the dimensional composition of wood is modified by applying heat in the absence of oxygen which creates a controlled chemical reaction.【Get Price】

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hardwood vs softwood. at urbanline our quality selection of real timber solutions consists of a wide range of both hardwoods and softwoods. our selection of hardwood species includes blackbutt red ironbark spotted gum jarrah and more. while our softwood selection consists of western red cedar and western hemlock.【Get Price】

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thermally-modified wood. hardwood such as ash oak and birch or softwood such as white pine is thermally modified at high temperature to physically alter the cell structure of the wood making it another type of material to consider for decking siding and indoor/outdoor furniture and feature items that are truly individual.【Get Price】

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the wood you choose should have an excellent resistance to decay and cedar is one such wood. western red cedar is reddish-brown. within a few years the cedar ages to a silvery gray. this soft-wood splinters easily but holds up well in rain sun heat and cold. to add beauty and durability to your cedar deck use a penetrating stain.【Get Price】

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western red cedar is often used for façades dormer windows eaves and soffit boards. more information about restol™ on red cedar restol™ on thermally modified wood【Get Price】

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due to the inherent instability of pine weatherboards western red cedar is often used in a paint finish application. cedar’s natural stability and light weight makes it a great substrate for cladding but due to the natural extractives in the timber care needs to be taken when painting it.【Get Price】

thermally modified wood vs western red cedar

cambia thermally modified wood building materials. the enhanced properties of cambia thermally modified wood allow it to meet the yellow poplar vs. western red cedar 0.34 1.11 7500 4560 350 990. get-prices【Get Price】

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parkwood doors have teamed up with abodo wood and now offer their entire range of timber doors manufactured in vulcan+. a high performance alternative to western red cedar . thermally modified wood products have grown in popularity around the world since the technology was first commercialised in europe during the 1990’s.【Get Price】

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the potential of proton magnetic resonance techniques in particular magnetic resonance imaging for analysis of western red cedar has been investigated. proton magnetic resonance experiments were carried out on normal sapwood heartwood and juvenile wood and on rotten juvenile wood from western red cedar logs at a range of hydration levels.【Get Price】

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high. modified wood is brittle and should be treated with care. when to fix: year round. very stable in all conditions. grading: bs1186-3 1990 class 1. en942:2007. j20. ce grade a. clean with a few small sound knots. working properties: thermally modified woods are more brittle than untreated wood.【Get Price】

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almost any wood species can be thermally modified making it an attractive option for homeowners who want to use a certain type of wood for the appearance sustainable harvesting or other reason. thermally modified wood siding should last up to 25 years but it loses its color when exposed to uv rays and will eventually turn grey.【Get Price】

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the materials chosen for the deck were representative of the materials included in the questionnaire and included: thermally modified aspen (populus tremuloides) and ash (fraxinus spp.) pressure-treated southern pine (pinus spp.) imported tropical hardwood-ipe (tabebuia impetiginosa) naturally durable softwood-western red cedar (thuja ...【Get Price】

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what wood to select? that is the fun part of wood design and why we’re passionate about wood. from western red cedar douglas fir and tropical hardwoods to thermally modified and engineered wood (to name a few) there are wood species to match your vision of your structure and its final look feel and durability.【Get Price】

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excalibur wood’s appearance is similar to old growth cedar or redwood and even many exotic tropical hardwoods. excalibur wood is made from environmentally certified radiata pine which has been thermally modified to naturally produce decay and insect resistant lumber without any toxic chemicals.【Get Price】

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how thermally modified wood stacks up against other outdoor materials material pros cons cost per 1x6 lineal foot thermally modified wood hard lightweight stable rot-resistant insect-resistant and chemical-free. care must be used to avoiding splitting when driving fasteners and it grays quickly if not regularly finished. limited ...【Get Price】

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the extra air pockets within the wood protect interiors from extreme temperatures making it an ideal selection for siding and decking. western red cedar is also hygroscopic which means that it will both absorb and discharge any moisture keeping it in equilibrium with the surrounding atmosphere. renewable biodegradable and sourced sustainably【Get Price】

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thermally modified timbers have a stable moisture content of approximately 2 – 4% even when left outside in wet conditions. this means that wet or dry hot or cold the amount of shrinkage and expansion in the modified wood will be negligible.【Get Price】

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the future of thermally modified wood in north america those likely to participate in the development of thermal modification in north america will be midsize value-added manufacturers and innovative companies that have the opportunity to capitalize on their established markets and new product potential of thermally modified wood.【Get Price】

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extraction of western red cedar heartwoods largely affected the detected 0.4–0.6 nm pores which strongly suggests penetration of extractives into cell walls.【Get Price】

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kebony also outranks other types of wood from a standpoint of stability and durability. on the janka surface hardness test the softwood we use is around 800 psi. after the modification it’s 1600 psi. in comparison western red cedar is 350 psi and ipe is 3800 psi. kebony is very hard but not so hard that it’s difficult to work with.【Get Price】

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since this wood lasts longer than it naturally does fewer trees need to be harvested to make decking products. these processes also make wood more resistant to mold. thermally modified wood products are 50% to 75% less likely than their natural counterparts to swell or shrink in the presence of dramatically high or low temperatures.【Get Price】

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founded in austin in 1985 delta millworks makes top quality cladding flooring decking and paneling. the company uses the finest woods from western red cedar to ash and pine and has introduced a range of modified woods proprietary finishes and treatments in its collection.【Get Price】

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ignite by thermory offers the bold look of traditional shou sugi ban (charred wood) cladding with a deceptively flame-free process. ignite uses a brushing staining and embossing technique to mimic the look of burnt wood without the messy residue. ignite is created from thermally modified spruce which offers 25+ years of rot resistance.【Get Price】