can i add roof to my existing plastic fence

10 ways to dress up your fence | buzz custom fence

you can use extra fence panels to match your existing fence or create a new look. for a more distinctive look you can cover these wooden boxes with vines to break up the pattern add variety to the fence and bring a lush appeal to the backyard.【Get Price】

18 ways to add privacy to a deck or patio | hgtv

diana wearing of diy den & treasure showcase zip-tied old shutters to an existing wire fence. the one-of-a-kind fence can be removed or rearranged at any time. the one-of-a-kind fence can be removed or rearranged at any time.【Get Price】

can my neighbour put up a fence without my permission ...

below you can find information about what you can and can’t do to a fence in different ownership scenarios. if your neighbour owns the wall or fence. if your neighbour is the legal owner of the fence and for example you want them to paint or fix the wall they have every right to say no.【Get Price】

what to consider when replacing an existing fence

frederick fence co. 1505 tilco drive. frederick md 21704. 1-800-49-fence. [email protected] mhic #16416. monday – friday 7:00 am – 4:00 pm open to retail sales during the pandemic via phone 301-663-4000 or email [email protected] or [email protected]【Get Price】

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f. on a waterfront what type of fence can i install? g. do i have to keep the good side of my fence to the neighbor? h- enclosing patio carport: a. do i need a permit to enclose a patio or carport with existing roof? b. do i need a permit to replace my screen enclosure? c. can i replace my screen with impact windows and doors? d.【Get Price】

adding a decorative top to privacy fencing | all around fence

with that in mind you can add some decorative elements to a vinyl fence like a horizontal cap over the posts. you could also choose a decorative border for the top of your metal fence depending on how it was constructed. these are all options we can go over with you during your consultation so you can select the best fence design for your needs.【Get Price】

attaching steel corrugated roof panels to chain link fence ...

that sounds kinda hillbilly. they do make plastic pieces that slide into chain link fence. use that or replace the fence with a privacy fence. however you need to talk to the neighbor first. fences are on property lines and are basically owned by both parties. you could get the neighbor to pay 1/2 the cost of new fence.【Get Price】

can i use my existing wood fence posts to install a new vinyl ...

the ground in my backyard is a bastard to dig which stopped me from doing the job of installing a new vinyl gate myself out the window. i just got the idea though that if it was possible to keep the existing posts then cut down the wood fence and replace those with the vinyl it wouldn't be too bad of a project.【Get Price】

adding a lattice to an existing fence |

a second way to install it is adding it directly on the existing fence but this project requires more time and effort. you will need to use screws and ties to attach the lattice wood pieces properly. if your existing fence is steady and firm enough you can attach the lattice and add the personal touch you want.【Get Price】

privacy fence solutions | hoover fence co.

most importantly it can add privacy to your backyard or side yard. we have several privacy fence options designed for new or existing chain link fences temporary fences ornamental metal fences and kennels.【Get Price】

how to install an effective electric fence in 8 simple steps

if branches tall weeds or trees are laying on your fence it will cause it to short out and therefore be ineffective. so you’ll need to go around the area you plan on fencing and weed eat it down. then use loppers and cut back any trees or branches from the area. once your fencing area is clear you are ready to start building your fence. 2.【Get Price】

attaching corrugated plastic roofing material to chain link ...

my run is made of a chain link dog run that is 6 feet tall. i was thinking about adding a covering to keep out rain/snow and help keep the chicken in and other things out. i like the idea of using the clear corrugated plastic roofing material you know that wavy stuff.【Get Price】

fencing extensions - everything you need to know -

you can extend your existing fence using the same materials or you can create a more interesting fence by using complementary extensions. the problem with using the same materials may be that your new fence will make your old fence look old. if you can paint the fence you can blend the two together.【Get Price】

building a sun room : 23 steps (with pictures) - instructables

calculate the slope of the roof and mark the outline of the roof on the existing house. cut away the vinyl siding or whatever material is on the outside of the existing house right down to the sheeting. this build had a cathedral ceiling and so needed a ridge board. alternately you can use scissor trusses but that lowers the ceiling and makes ...【Get Price】

soundproofing fence

the mass loaded vinyl will be stapled or nailed to the fence using a plastic cap stapler or a nail gun that shoots the roofing nails with the large plastic heads. the first step is to un roll the mass loaded vinyl across the bottom of the fence. you want the mass loaded vinyl to touch the earth or the be flush to the ground.【Get Price】

porch column wraps or vinyl sleeves: which solution is right ...

and which one is best for your project? vinyl column wraps. if your existing porch roof column is still structurally sound but needs a long term cosmetic overhaul consider a porch column wrap. a column wrap is a four piece system that snaps in place around the existing column. installation is simple.【Get Price】

adding a gate to an existing wood fence |

if your dimensions are accurate and on scale you can use this sketch to estimate the lumber you'll need for your gate. don't forget to add dimensions of the ground your gate will cover so you can estimate the volume of concrete you'll need. step 3 – determine bracing requirements. your gate is likely to sag to some degree.【Get Price】

turn your fence into a gate with 17$ : 7 steps - instructables

take your time on this part! you might have to add and remove the panels (spacers) to achieve the correct height. to mount the hardware stabilize the cut portion of the fence back into its original space. as you see in the picture the swinging portion of the fence is a bit higher to give the fence swing clearance.【Get Price】

how to attach a trellis to the top of a fence | hunker

modify the existing post with wood battens. there are two methods of extending fence posts to attach a trellis to an existing fence the first is by joining an extra length of post to each existing post with wooden battens. secure sturdy battens to join the extra length of post to the existing one overlapping each.【Get Price】

vinyl fence installation tips: attaching the gate

assemble the vinyl fence gate following the manufacturer’s instructions. many manufacturers offer kits that can be used to construct a gate from a fence panel. typically all you need to do is cut down the panel then add the gate kit components with vinyl cement.【Get Price】

fence building law basics for homeowners

can you bypass these issues by installing the fence just inside of your property? in most cases a fence on your own property that is close to the boundary line is still subject to fence laws. most courts would recognize that you are flouting the law if you build a 20-foot high fence just inches (or even a few feet) from the boundary line.【Get Price】