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do-it-yourselfers can use it too. cement board is a thin layer of mortar sandwiched between sheets of fiberglass mesh cloth. the 1/2-in. thick board is unaffected by water making it a great substitute for a mortar bed. in this article we’ll show you how to create a strong durable and waterproof tile base around your bathtub using cement board.【Get Price】

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do you need backer board for kitchen backsplash: tip 3 the size of backer board now you have to measure the backsplash that you will like to decorate with the backer boards. it will give you a hint when you have to buy the backer board in the store.【Get Price】

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so you may have already answered this question. but i am asking just to make sure: at the backwall of my tub opposite where the faucet is i had to shim the studs to make my hardieback edge clear the tub lip. in so doing i ended up with 1/2 inch hardie edge sticking out over my existing wall of the bathroom.【Get Price】

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why do you need a head onboard? there are many reasons that it’s a good idea to have a head on board your vessel. kids: kids are unpredictable and often have to use the bathroom. you will want to make sure that you are prepared for anything that they can throw at you.【Get Price】

7 reasons to gut your bathroom when you remodel

if your home is old enough for a bathroom renovation you may want to go ahead and completely gut it. i started my bathroom remodel last month with a complete demolition. if i hadn't a number of problems would have been unavailable for repair...or even undiscovered. here's what i found when i opened up the walls and ceiling of my 1970 condo in the atlanta georgia area.【Get Price】

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green board is not the proper backer for a shower stall unless a complete waterproof-membrane system is applied over it. even then i still believe that cement board is the proper substrate to use. in the early 1970s i was one of many tilesetters who used green board.【Get Price】

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i believe if you pay someone to come work in your home - that's what they should do. it would be the same as working in an office. when you work in your office you leave to go use the bathroom get water eat and you don't get paid to do those things. so i am not a fan of someone who comes by and hasn't already prepared to just work.【Get Price】

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do a dry run and lay the backerboard down to fully cover the area you plan to tile. if needed cut the backerboard to fit in small spaces or around obstructions. score the board with a utility knife then cut it using a jig saw with a carbide blade. snap a grid to the subfloor using a chalk line to mark your backerboard placement.【Get Price】

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use standard green board for other moisture areas like behind toilets around sinks or on kitchen backsplashes. 6 paint green board once installed with a good water-resistant paint.【Get Price】

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whether you’re laying down a new tile floor or installing a shower you may use a sheathing material such as backerboard. although most backerboards currently available won’t fall apart when exposed to moisture and are somewhat water-resistant they aren’t waterproof.【Get Price】

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@ted - nothing wrong with using plywood to build out but i will say i have never installed green board for the outside of a shower area. if you did you would have to put something over it like kerdi. is this what the marble manufacturer instructions say to do? – dmoore apr 26 '14 at 12:35【Get Price】

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how to determine which drywall is best for your bathroom. use green board drywall in this room because water is not routinely splashed on the walls. (tim carter) by tim carter.【Get Price】

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once you have it all locked in place it is time to finish your greenboard installation. to do this you have to mud and tape it completely and put on a layer of protective paint. coat every seam and all your screw holes with joint compound (also called mud) using a putty knife.【Get Price】

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originally greenboard was used as a direct backer board for ceramic tile in highly wet areas such as showers or bathtubs but this usage began to be phased out in the 1990s. cement backer board such as durock is best used for tile in highly wet applications such as shower stalls with greenboard and other water-resistant drywall panels kept ...【Get Price】

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knauf aqua panel is one product that can be used. it is a cement based board so resistant to wet/moisture. the board can be procured from diy stores e.g. wickes. the board comes in a 1200mm x 900mm size due its' weight and you use the appropriate screws and tape to install. if you do use aqua panel you will need to use a cement based tiling ...【Get Price】

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use the cement board for the shower and then use the green board for the remainder of the walls and ceiling. once you get the green board installed you will still have to prime and seal it before you paint it. the most common paint sheen for a bathroom is either satin of simi-gloss.【Get Price】

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for playstation 4 on the playstation 4 a gamefaqs message board topic titled "do you wash your hands after every bathroom use?".【Get Price】

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drywall also commonly referred to as sheetrock or wall board is lightweight and cost efficient for use on interior walls or ceiling panels in new construction renovation and repair work. this guide will show you the different types of drywall available. tip: the most common of drywall sizes in residential construction is 4 x 8-foot x 1/2-inch.【Get Price】

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green board is fine and i see it in every new home i go to and many existing homes i go to (that have severe moisture problems). i have been spec'ing and just installed in my own home regular run of the mill paper faced drywall.【Get Price】

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green board is basically sheetrock with a waxy paper face. it's not as stiff as cement board nor as waterproof both of which are nice to have when applying tile. can you use it? sure. it's been done before. is it to code? not sure. you'd have to check with your local authorities. if you decide to use it see if you can find a product called ...【Get Price】

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it is also used in shower and tub enclosures (or anywhere with significant wetness issues) as a means of helping to create a moisture barrier. unlike drywall which is not water proof or green board which is merely water resistant backerboard is water proof and when used with a proper moisture barrier help to mitigate headaches down the road.【Get Price】

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greenboard is texturized like drywall so the smoother the surface the better the paint will go on and appear once it's dry. if you don't have a lot of surface area to cover you can use sandpaper blocks by hand. if you have a large surface area or green wall to cover use an electric sander to help you accomplish the sanding process faster.【Get Price】

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click on this link to learn more about bathroom remodeling drywall and building design. watch this video to learn more about green board and water resistant drywall.【Get Price】

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cement board detail. the best approach when installing cement board or other tile backer around a tub is to keep the cement board out of the lip area. apply it to the wall with the bottom edge about 1/4 in. above the lip of the tub. then apply a generous amount of thin-set to the bottom bathtub tile and position it 1/8 in. above the tub.【Get Price】

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how to install green board and drywall. when you’re repairing drywall or using green board to install a new wall you’ll do it very similarly to how you would regular drywall: analyze and measure the area you would like to add drywall to. score your drywall according to the measurements you took. once the drywall is scored bend the board ...【Get Price】

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you have to read the instructions very carefully on any mastic. some allow use in damp areas but their definition of damp may not coincide with a shower. they often restrict use to smaller tiles as well. thinset (the real stuff dry mixed with a liquid) includes a fair amount of cement in it.【Get Price】

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it does have less of a propensity towards mold growth than traditional paper-covered drywall. another alternative to mold issue is green board. this paper-backed drywall with a light green tint is often installed in high-moisture areas heavily coated with cement board or bathroom-quality paint on top.【Get Price】

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if you have the tile professionally installed the installer will take care of putting up the cement board (it's often called "wonder board" and it's heavy). if you lean against the walls of your shower or engage in any rigorous activities in there the greenboard can flex which can crack your tiles/grout or cause the thinset to loosen.【Get Price】

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this way you won't have to deal with peeling paint on the remainder of the wall. if you still want to use an enclosure kit then determine the height of the kit and install standard drywall from the ceiling to 1/2 inch below that height. finish the wall with cement board down to the top of the tub. on the remaining two shower walls you can use ...【Get Price】

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with tile showers in particular you can have a lifetime guarantee as long as you follow the proper installation methods. while it might sound like a good idea to install backer board over drywall before tiling the shower the reality is that the drywall should be removed beforehand in most instances.【Get Price】

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i’m remodeling our bathroom (i’m a first timer) and i am using green board on the walls. what i don’t know about is what to use behind or above the shower surround. we also have a 7ft plaster ceiling that i would like to replace because the paint is peeling. it seems to get worse as time goes on so i’m hesitant to prime and paint it as is.【Get Price】