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attaching roof posts to existing deck i want to build a roof over our deck and i'm wondering the best way to attach the support posts to the existing decking structure. i've asked two of the builders that built the place and both tell me that they would just sit the posts directly on the deck and bolt/screw the post straight through into the ...【Get Price】

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tamp the post down into the hole: if you used a fence post hole digger it’ll be a tight fit adding stability and strength to your new fence but it may be hard to tell if you’ve driven the post to the bottom of the hole or not. if for example your fencing manufacturer recommends inserting the fence posts to a depth of 18 inches before ...【Get Price】

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install a post cap also called a post-to-beam connector onto the beam or doubled joist above; use a level to be sure it is plumb with the post base. tap in the post. measure the distance between the two hardware pieces then subtract 1/16 inch or so to account for imperfect cuts.【Get Price】

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mount the posts to your deck or property line if necessary. if your posts aren’t already installed bolt them to your deck’s fascia or the board that runs along the outer edge just below the deck floor. for a cleaner look use a miter saw to bevel the posts or cut their bottom end at a 90 degree angle.【Get Price】

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when homeowners and diyers build a deck they often fail to attach the railing posts to the deck framing securely. a secure method of attaching railing posts to a deck is to notch the post at the bottom so it fit snugly in the space between the two outer floor joists. the posts are then held in place with screws. watch this video to find out more.【Get Price】

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setting a post is the foundational step for many projects including building a fence or a deck. learn how to dig post holes and set 4x4 posts with gravel concrete or foam.【Get Price】

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if the posts are being used for a deck for instance at the corners they’ll need to attach to a strong upper framework to keep the structure secure. step 1 - brackets you need to start by laying out where the posts will meet the cement patio and mark the center of each spot.【Get Price】

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using a notched wood post beam connection will lock the beams in place. learn how to install a notched wood support post to cantilevered beam at【Get Price】

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read our blogs and learn more about why fencing is superior to vinyl and wood fencing. setting fence posts 801.374.6428 / 543 e. 600 s. provo • 801.990.6888 / 2912 s. 460 w. slc【Get Price】

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cut across the post on one face. turn the post over to the opposite face of the fence post and cut the post the rest of the way through. stand the post in the fence post bracket. mark the screw holes through the bracket onto the post. lay the post on a firm level surface. install a 3/16-inch bit in the drill and tighten the chuck.【Get Price】

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to anchor posts to concrete footings you need to use a post base connector. whether you’re using natural decay-resistant or preservative-treated wood it’s recommended that posts be elevated off the concrete by 1 inch to help prevent decay at the end of the post due to moisture.【Get Price】

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the post is then inserted into the bracket and held in place with screws. post anchors make it easy to install a fence post without cement or other types of anchoring. another huge advantage of post anchors is that they can help keep your fence posts from rotting by protecting the wood from direct constant contact with damp soil. on their own ...【Get Price】