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duramold - fairchild - howard hughes and the spruce goose

in the late 1930s aircraft of composite materials began to appear made of plastic-impregnated wood materials called duramold. the most famous and largest aircraft of duramold construction was the eight-engine howard hughes flying boat dubbed the spruce goose.【Get Price】

performance and design of prototype wood-plastic composite ...

developed for wood-plastic composites that contain less than or equal to 50 percent plastic by weight and are therefore proposed only for materials of similar formulations. 2.3 flexure 2.3.1 scope this test method covers the determination of modulus of rupture for structural beams made of wood-plastic material.【Get Price】

us7151125b2 - non-wood fiber plastic composites - google patents

this invention is directed to an extrudable compound an extrusion method using a polymer a cellulosic fiber and at least one lubricant selected from the group consisting of ethoxylated esters of hydantoins ethoxylated esters of sorbitol and sorbitan and ethylene bisamides made from fatty acids containing 6–10 carbons and composites manufactured through such processes which simulate ...【Get Price】

method for making wood and plastic composite material - p & m ...

pre-press compression of the wood/plastic material is achievable through use of a board or boards that are placed onto the loaded and leveled wood/plastic material. when a suitable packing/density is achieved according to the press method of the present invention the wood/plastic material is referred to as a mat.【Get Price】

wo2013151287a1 - wood plastic composites ... - patents.google.com

wood plastic composites wood plastic wood flour prior art date 2012-04-03 application number pct/kr2013/002676 other s french (fr) inventor kyung gu nam jung il son original assignee lg hausys ltd. priority date (the priority date is an assumption and is not a legal conclusion.【Get Price】

douglas mancosh inventions patents and patent applications ...

wood-plastic composites utilizing ionomer capstocks and methods of manufacture patent number: 9073295 abstract: an extruded composite adapted for use as a building material includes a core having a base polymer and a natural fiber in a substantially homogeneous mixture and an ionomer capstock.【Get Price】

composites comprising plant material from parthenium spp. and ...

additionally the composite can utilize recycled plastic as well as parthenium extracts which are currently discarded in other industries. potential commercial uses this invention can be used to make numerous termite and fungal decay resistant items particularly those used for construction such as lumber plywood poles railroad crossties ...【Get Price】

the story of bakelite the first synthetic plastic

the first commercially-used synthetic plastic was bakelite. it was invented by a successful scientist named leo hendrik baekeland. born in ghent belgium in 1863 baekeland immigrated to the united states in 1889. his first major invention was velox a photographic printing paper that could【Get Price】

kr100681333b1 - a wood plastic composites - google patents

the polyolefin/wood composite capable of being used in the presence of clay added thereto comprises: 70-80 wt% of wood powder having a size of 50 mesh; 1-3 wt% of montmorillonite a layered mineral substance used as a compatibilizer; and 19-25 wt% of polypropylene as a polymer matrix.【Get Price】

describing an invention part 2 - patents legal blogs posted ...

though wood plastic composite materials were new to the market in 1992 had the inventor and his patent attorney included even a mention of other materials a different initial outcome might have ...【Get Price】

one of adding bamboo powder of pvc wood-plastic composite ...

the invention claims of one of adding bamboo powder of pvc wood-plastic composite material the material of the following weight parts: wood powder in 30-40 of butyl acrylate 10-20 of benzoyl peroxide 0.02-0.03 n n-dimethyl aniline 0.01-0.02 polyethylene wax 3-4 sulfur generation acrylic acid second two laurate 1-1.2 calcium stearate 1.5-2 polyvinyl chloride 95-100 […]【Get Price】

jps62184803a - manufacture of wood-plastic composite body ...

wood manufacture plastic composite composite body plastic prior art date 1986-02-10 legal status (the legal status is an assumption and is not a legal conclusion. google has not performed a legal analysis and makes no representation as to the accuracy of the status listed.) pending application number jp2772386a inventor shiyou fujimura hiroshi ...【Get Price】

list of new composite patents & technologies

the invention relates to an intermediate casing hub of an aircraft turbojet engine which includes: an outer shroud (14) intended for defining a secondary flow space of a stream of secondary gas on the inside and an inter-flow area on the outside the outer shroud (14) being provided with a secondary opening (29) and a bleed valve comprising ...【Get Price】

apple wins mystery patent for improved composite laminate

apple credits john difonzo and chris ligtenberg as the inventors of the granted patent titled "composite laminate having an improved cosmetic surface and method of making same" originally filed ...【Get Price】

synthetic wood composite material and ... - free patents online

the cellulosic reinforced plastic composite of the present invention may be used to produce products by any of the traditional molding means including but not limited to extrusion compression molding and injection molding. a profile die may be utilized during extrusion to shape the cellulosic reinforced plastic composite material as desired.【Get Price】

composite material including a thermoplastic ... - patent lens

composite materials that are palatable to a wood-destroying pest species and also pesticidal to the pest species can be used in pest control devices (110) and can be used as wood substitutes for structural components which are resistant to destruction by wood-destroying pests. the composite materials include a thermoplastic polymer a food material for the pest and a pesticide. the composite ...【Get Price】

us8557881b2 - wood composite material ... - patents.google.com

the invention relates to a wood composite material and to a method for making it. in accordance with the invention the wood composite material is formed of adhesive laminate waste comprising adhesive material glue and release material and having been arranged into chaff the chaff being arranged into the wood composite material.【Get Price】

pvc/wood composite - arkema inc. - free patents online

modifications to the wood fiber and the use of compatibilizers coupling agents and interfacial agents have been used to improve the compatibility and adhesion between the wood and plastic in the wpcs. u.s. pat. no. 3894975 and 3958069 describe an in-situ polymerization of wood fibers with maleic anhydride and styrene to prepare a wood ...【Get Price】

patents assigned to company l.l.c. - justia patents search

abstract: the invention relates to a method for making a dimensionally stable wood-thermoplastic composite material composed of a wood component and a thermoplastic component comprising the steps of forming a wood-thermoplastic mass at a temperature above the melting temperature of the thermoplastic component. the mass is then passed through a ...【Get Price】

method of joining wood material to plastic material - erwin ...

background of the invention. 1. field of the invention . the invention relates to a method of joining wood material to plastic material. 2. background art . as far as is known wood and plastic materials are adhesively joined according to the state of the art. the bearing strength of the adhesive joint however is insufficient for many ...【Get Price】

company inc. - wikipedia

patent. the first patent for a “method of producing a wood-thermoplastic composite material” was filed as u.s. patent number 5746958 in march 1995 and granted in may 1998. the assignee was company llc operating in winchester va.【Get Price】

patents by inventor marek j. gnatowski - us patent patent ...

abstract: a composite wood product and methods for manufacturing the same and determining the concentration and distribution of an organic biocide within a composite wood product are provided. the organic biocide may be added to wood elements (i.e. fibers flakes strands veneers) prior to consolidation and/or heating of the wood particles to ...【Get Price】

composite wood planters post caps and other containers ...

this invention relates to certain container type products specifically planters consisting of four or more sides and a bottom and post caps consisting of four sides and a lid. this invention provides for constructing said products by joining components that are milled from composite wood extruded stock using conventional wood milling methods.【Get Price】

wood-polymer-zeolite composites - pq corporation

although the term “wood-polymer-zeolite composite” is used herein to describe the compositions of this invention it is to be understood that the term encompasses materials in which cellulosic materials other than wood (i.e. other than wood flour fibers or pulp etc.) are used either in addition to or instead of wood-derived materials.【Get Price】