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for painting an exterior ceiling you will want to use just regular exterior paint. official ceiling paint is for interior use only so it won’t work for your project. one of the major differences between ceiling paint and wall paint is that ceiling paint is “flatter than flat” which makes it splatter less.【Get Price】

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paint the deck. use the paintbrushes to apply an even coat of paint. cover the stain completely but do not worry about putting on a thick coat. it is better to paint smooth even slightly thinner coats and do several than to layer on the paint so thickly that it dries in globs. wait several hours for the first coat to dry then apply a second ...【Get Price】

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paint. classic and wallet-friendly paint can be a quick and easy way to give your deck ceiling a makeover. you can opt for a classic white or go bold with a mint green or deep red.【Get Price】

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apply one to two coats of paint made for high-traffic areas (the porch floor of the lake cottage pictured above is painted in benjamin moore's narragansett green) or simply choose a deck stain to let the wood's natural beauty show through. check out these helpful tips for staining your deck.【Get Price】

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painting a ceiling isn't much different from painting a wall. a good job takes preparation. to repair existing damage and protect your furniture floors fixtures and trim read prep for paint. for the best results use a ceiling paint and primer in one. it’s formulated to spatter less and has a flat finish to help hide imperfections.【Get Price】

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a painted deck or fence can be beautiful but painting can also be a real problem. unlike wood siding wood in decks handrails fences retaining walls and other complex structures expose several surfaces of each piece of wood to the weather. some of the surfaces (such as the area between a fence rail and a …【Get Price】

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primed and painted drywall may need a different paint than wood; your damp basement may need a different type of paint then the bedroom. if you have your paint chips already selected go ahead and write on the back the type of room (bedroom bathroom etc.) the type of surface (primed drywall ceiling wood etc.) and any other needs ...【Get Price】

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given the proper room and architecture painting your ceiling in a contrasting color can add some excitement to your room. while painting the ceiling is an easy task you do need to make sure you tape your walls and cover them with a drop cloth or something of similar weight and thickness. due to drips painting the ceiling can be a messy job.【Get Price】

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but fortunately the paint was exterior formulated for all types of siding including vinyl. i finished painting yesterday and the ceiling looks great! you are absolutely correct; it sure is pretty! with my 2 kids’ help it still took 5 or 6 days to paint 60 feet of ceiling. lol!【Get Price】

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however: if while removing the paint flake you do not see any water stains on the ceiling you can use behr exterior ultra paint and primer in one. two coats of either color-matched or the color you select should be sufficient. finally: the only oil-based products that are considered self-priming are high gloss ... a bit unusual for a ceiling.【Get Price】

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blue hydrangeas look gorgeous underneath a porch ceiling painted in a clear classic blue. laurey w. glenn from the porches overlooking magazine st. in new orleans louisiana to those along monument ave. in richmond virginia southern porches tend to have one thing in common and it's not hanging baskets rocking chairs or very good dogs .【Get Price】

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use paint that is water-based and high-quality. if there is a wood ceiling or awning on your deck paint this first. then paint the posts and railings. paint the bottom of the deck last. painting from top to bottom will allow each section to dry and make it easier for you to work in the space.【Get Price】

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using a paint that’s specifically made for outdoor porches or floors use paint rollers on extension poles to apply an even coat of paint to your porch. as with the primer you can use a brush to paint hard-to-reach spots. paint made specifically for floors or porches will stand up better to wear and tear than other paints.【Get Price】

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when we painted our concrete patio i opted for stripes and it seemed easier than a complicated pattern. with all the choices of stencils on the market you can definitely make any pattern you’d like with a stencil or just painter’s tape! look at how a beautiful mess updated this stunning concrete patio.【Get Price】

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dirt - paint can't properly adhere to a dirty surface so care should be taken to eliminate dirt debris mildew and other contaminants from the deck prior to painting. moisture - the number one enemy of paint is moisture. water vapor separates the paint from the wood and any attempt at bonding will fail. when should you repaint a deck?【Get Price】