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treated wooden posts either round or square at least 5 inches in diameter; rails: 1-inch-by-6-inch-by-16-foot boards; oak or treated pine for pasture areas and only treated wood for moist environments like barnyards; galvanized 3-inch-long wood screws or galvanized 3.5-inch ring-shank nails; quick-set concrete (two 50-pound bags per post)【Get Price】

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for wire fences especially all wire comes in rolls so you will need to build a contraption that allows the spool of wire to freely spin when you pull it along and unroll a strand of wire along the fence line all without you having to hold the very heavy new spool (most new spools of barbed wire weigh around 70 pounds (31.8 kg) to 90 pounds ...【Get Price】

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a split-rail fence is an inexpensive way to create a light-duty fence. split-rail fences can mark a boundary create a rustic look or hold livestock that is too large to fit through the fence. many fencing companies will create and sell the posts and rails so that you can assemble a split-rail fence but you can also make them yourself with ...【Get Price】

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may 16 2012 - when you want the classic beauty and performance only round rail wood fencing can provide look no further than our beautiful round-rail wooden fence.【Get Price】

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rails are usually 8 feet or 11 feet long. they're round half-round or square / diamond-shaped. the rails insert into the holes in the posts and are held in place by their own weight. posts are made to accept either two or three rails. two-rail fence posts are approximately 6 feet long and three-hole posts are approximately 7 feet long.【Get Price】

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1 how to build a simple split-rail fence . ... even though our fence parts had been pretreated with a wood preservative we applied a clear exterior-­grade stain to give it a finished look.【Get Price】

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the posts you’ve bought to build a rail fence should already have holes cut out for the rails to fit in. clearly mark each post 36 inches (91.4 cm) up from the bottom. you’ll use this mark to make sure you set each post the correct depth by aligning it with the string you’ve set 12 inches (30.5 cm) off the ground.【Get Price】