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this is partly because concrete produces some of the most durable floors especially when properly installed. regular maintenance also helps to extend the life of concrete surfaces. you need to clean the floor regularly to keep it in good condition. it is also a good idea to seal and polish concrete periodically.【Get Price】

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wearing rubber gloves mix two tablespoons powdered laundry detergent two tablespoons trisodium phosphate (tsp) and one-quart water. scrub the mildewed area with a stiff-bristled brush and the cleaning solution then rinse well. for extremely heavy mildew stains use a chlorine bleach and water solution instead.【Get Price】

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other options include staining and then polishing your floors (which achieves a different effect than just re-staining) or covering them entirely with a new material like a microtopping or concrete overlay.【Get Price】

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if you plan on leveling a concrete floor you can do so with relative ease by using a leveling compound. it spreads across uneven slabs filling in low spots as it creates a new level surface.【Get Price】

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basic labor to clean concrete floor with favorable site conditions. remove surface debris. apply cleaning solution to surface. brush to raise embedded dirt and light staining. rinse. includes planning equipment and material acquisition area preparation and protection setup and cleanup. 4.0 h. $74. $158.【Get Price】

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over time through the traffic of feet heavy machinery and the regular cleaning of concrete the lime leaves the surface and hence create dust. this is the paradox of cleaning concrete floors – the more you wash it the dustier it gets. there is a solution to this but more of that later. equipment for cleaning concrete floors【Get Price】

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you can achieve nearly any color with water-based stains. unlike acid-based stain they don't interact with the concrete that you're staining so the color will stay consistent. water-based stains are generally easier to apply and cleanup is minimal.【Get Price】

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to make your concrete floors resistant to future stains apply a concrete sealant. use a paint roller to apply it to clean primed concrete. start in the middle of the area and roll the sealant out to the edges. floors need to be resealed every two to three years.【Get Price】

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surface pro nevada specializes in concrete cleaning custom concrete restoration concrete colored sealers stained concrete pool & deck re-sealing & repair garage floor coatings as well as complete marble restoration services for the las vegas valley. we preserve your investment with proven systems designed to keep your property looking beautiful!【Get Price】

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allow surface to cure for at least 30 days. on previously painted surfaces power wash wire brush sand patch and prime exposed areas. fill and caulk voids seams and joints especially around doors and windows to prevent moisture intrusion (if applicable). check concrete tilt-up for bond breakers or oils.【Get Price】

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3. cleaning the concrete floor with vinegar. mop the area with water. this will get it ready for cleaning. for outdoor projects you can use buckets for water. warm water helps the cleaning process. you may also use soapy water to rinse the concrete floor. while you can use a regular mop a spin mop works even better!【Get Price】

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general maintenance. first things first let’s go over some general tips for concrete floor upkeep. unless you have a polished floor you want to protect the surface with a durable floor sealer that will keep the dirt and dust from settling into any crevices elevate its appearance and protect it from damage.【Get Price】

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it simply becomes part of your existing floor adding to the overall aesthetic of your interior space while making it more hygienic and inherently cleaner. even on damaged floors patching up can be done before the sealant is applied. conclusion. concrete is a versatile flooring option for many homes.【Get Price】

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consolideck dailyklean is a specially designed concentrated maintenance cleaner for concrete floors including floors hardened and densified with lithium-silicate products. this specialized blend of degreasers and detergents removes most common soiling deposited on concrete floors daily.【Get Price】

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in the southwest bricks are commonly layed on packed sand or directly on concrete slabs. sand is usually swept over the floor to fill the gaps and the sealed in by sticky sealers. finish coats of various materials then bring the floor to the desired gloss level and smooth the surfaces out enough to facilitate cleaning.【Get Price】

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polished concrete flooring is very forgiving in the cleaning department. what’s more this type of flooring is great for allergy sensitivities as it reduces dust mites and allergens. durable.【Get Price】

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your professional polymer flooring installer can offer the correct method and procedures to maintain your particular flooring system. however here are general tips on caring for your floors: sweep your floors daily. use a soft-bristled broom or mechanized sweeper to sweep your floors daily.【Get Price】

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this is the gold standard for pet-proof floors. concrete withstands scratches from claws spilled water and pet messes and it won't absorb odors. provide soft mats or pet beds for added comfort. underlayment. concrete floors generally require a level of felt paper metal lath and a base layer of concrete.【Get Price】

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once a interior concrete floor surface has been beautifully enhanced by polishing it is time to discuss how to maintain the lovely look on an ongoing basis. - sweep with a dust mop or vacuum across the whole area at least twice a week. - mop the floor with a light detergent (like dawn) at a ratio 1 cap full per gallon of water at least once a week.【Get Price】

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hello michael v has been providing property maintenance service for residential & commercial properties for over 13 years if i can be of any service please feel free to contact me at 646-626-3659.【Get Price】

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concrete polishing. for interior commercial spaces and larger residential spaces our concrete polishing options are vast. when looking for a low maintenance long lasting flooring solution polished concrete provides an easy to care for floor that looks great and withstands foot traffic and wear and tear. our commitment to you【Get Price】

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to keep the pristine look of a clean concrete floor a slick of sealant or stain with a sealant will ensure the floors stay unspoiled and immaculate. before sealing concrete flooring it should be thoroughly cleaned with either a commercial cleaner or a homemade detergent mix.【Get Price】

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cleaning indoor floors is a little trickier since you can’t spray them down with a hose. instead use a pump-type sprayer to saturate the concrete with water then apply the degreasing solution ...【Get Price】

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for regular cleaning concrete floors don't need elaborate cleaning methods. water and a brush is usually sufficient to remove most everyday grime or stains. cleaning products for everyday cleaning of concrete floors include ammonia vinegar and liquid soap.【Get Price】

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interior concrete flooring yes interior concrete flooring is being used in a wide variety of interior flooring finishes. look in any home decorating magazine or watch any home improvement station and your bound to find an article or episode on the growing popularity design aspects and beauty of interior concrete flooring.【Get Price】

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protection maintenance & repair. the maintenance needs of concrete flooring depends upon the amount and type of traffic it receives but with minimal upkeep your concrete will provide you with decades of use. your contractor can recommend a maintenance schedule that fits your surface and location.【Get Price】

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the principle to follow is to use a coarse disc or sandpaper at the beginning when the floor is first sanded to remove major abnormalities. from then on use progressively finer abrasive as the focus shifts on polishing rather than re-leveling. first consider the equipment you are about to use.【Get Price】

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if the concrete floors require extensive repairs you might have to spend about $2 per square on top of the staining costs on concrete repairs. in some cases after the repairs the contractor may find it necessary to resurface the concrete surface to cover up the unsightly surface left after the patch up job.【Get Price】

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to do a basic cleaning of any concrete floor and to remove stains you will need some basic cleaning supplies including: a broom and duster (or a vacuum) a nylon-bristled brush for scrubbing stains. dish soap and water to remove stains. trisodium phosphate laundry bleach and detergent to remove mildew.【Get Price】

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some of the many maintenance-related advantages to concrete flooring are: no joints grout lines or fibers to trap dirt. stain water and abrasion resistant when properly sealed. pet-friendly easy clean-up for muddy paws and accidents. simple cleaning of dry or damp mopping.【Get Price】

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interior concrete maintenance concrete floors that have been stained colored or painted are the newest material of choice for both homer designers and homeowners. when these floors are installed they are acid-stained then sealed with a concrete sealer so that they will be water-resistant as well as impervious to stains dirt and anything abrasive.【Get Price】

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for the average home every 2 years is probably just fine. but you can also base it on how the floors look; no harm in doing a new seal before the official time is up. do know however if you added wax on top of the sealer you will need to stip that off before adding a new layer of seal.【Get Price】