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why do the floors slope in this old house - mcgarry and madsen. jul 28 2012 there are three reasons for sloping (out-of-level) floors in an old house. one of them was built-in when the house was constructed and the other two porches in old houses often get enclosed into rooms but the floor slope 【get price】【Get Price】

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if the area is very large use a long straight 2 in × 4 in (5.1 cm × 10.2 cm) board and set your level on top of it. if the floor is uneven lift up the board until it is level so you’ll know how much flooring compound you’ll need to even it out. floors are rarely perfectly level.【Get Price】

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common reasons for sloping or sagging second story floors. load bearing wall removed or altered on first floor. if a load bearing wall is removed on the first floor then the second story floor joist or trusses may drop down in the area where the load bearing wall was removed.【Get Price】

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basically the floors were sloping. every floor sloped from the right of the house down to the left (although in one room there was a hump back up at the edge of the room which we think might have been the hearth of an old fireplace which has just been carpeted over).【Get Price】

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unfortunately they didn't correct for the built in slope of the original porch when the closed it in so the room has a consistent 1-inch slope towards the outside of the house (e.g. it's not an intermittent 'sag' 'warp' or 'dip' the whole floor slopes out relatively consistently).【Get Price】

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the easiest way to find out if your floor is out-of-plane is to use the time-honored marble method. drop a few marbles onto the floor in various areas around the room and then watch them roll.【Get Price】

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the slope of the floor should be maintained or a slope may need to be created if none exists. a slope of ¼ inch per foot or greater away from the house is needed for adequate drainage. boards are usually laid in the direction of the slope sloping down to the outer edge of the floor.【Get Price】

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the erc guideline also states: if a room which meets guideline #5 and should be included in gla has a sloping ceiling the appraiser should consider the 5-foot height rule for calculating livable space. included in the calculation would be only that floor area for which there is a vertical distance of 5 or more feet between floor and ceiling.【Get Price】

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the floor drops a full inch over 5ft' 8" starting from the middle of the room heading to the exterior wall. the start of the slope seems to be at a "bend" that seems to be where the original exterior of the house may have been if this is indeed part of an addition. the bathroom ceiling and floor below are not sloped.【Get Price】

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there are several problems that can cause a sagging or sloping floor which is one of the reasons why fixing a sloping floor is difficult. foundation issues deteriorating wood supports (especially sills which rest on the foundation footer) improperly installed joists or sub-floors and other issues can all cause a floor to slope or sag.【Get Price】

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it should be obvious that the rest of house floor are uneven or not level. otherwise it is possible that the front of the porch rose out of the ground then your porch isn't on a frost footing. the porch would likely need replaced an poured with an appropriate footing.【Get Price】

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first is to cut full length wedges out of 2x4's or bigger & screw them to the top of the sub-floor at the joist locations. second is to remove the sub-floor too & sister-on pitched or sloped 2x4's or bigger. third is to use concrete or cement over the sub-floor & new decking the floor needs to be real stiff to avoid future cracking.【Get Price】

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sloping floors are most often caused by normal and acceptable deflection (bend) in the wood joists which comprise the floor structure. in some cases the slope is caused or aggravated by similar deflection in the girder (main bearing beam) that supports one end of the joist sets - but even this scenario there is usually not a problem that needs ...【Get Price】

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a 2% slope will probably ensure better drainage.we could also find no slope tolerance for use when a floor slope is specified. aci 117-90 standard specifications for tolerances for concrete construction and materials gives a level alignment tolerance of 3/4 inch for top-of-slab elevation of slabs on grade. if the slab elevation at the trench ...【Get Price】

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most builders consider 1/4-inch slope per foot the proper design for a concrete patio. for a 12-foot porch this would be 3 inches and this is too much for a porch constructed on a slab. for the porch shown a pitch of 1 inch for the 12-foot length was used.【Get Price】

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make sure the porch floor has a slight slope to it—between 1⁄8" and ¼" per linear foot for tongue-and-groove floors. (if the porch is deeper than 8' use a slope closer to 1⁄8" per foot to avoid a pronounced slant.) if the porch floor isn’t tongue-and-groove allow at least ¼" between new or replacement boards as you lay them to ...【Get Price】

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i have a 10x13 first-floor room which used to be a porch but at some point was closed in by the previous owners and sheet linoleum was glued down to the plywood subfloor.【Get Price】

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different from slanting/sloping floors are those that sag or have dips. for instance you may have a dining room floor that end to end is level but between those two points are various sags and dips. your foundation may not be the problem. instead it may be an issue with joists and beams below your floor that require shoring up.【Get Price】

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having built many decks in my time i prefer the look of horizontal one by six boards spaced similar to your decking nailed one above the other to the skirting frame below the deck. this will not only give sturdier support to the bug screen it will also allow for easier installation of an access hatch or gate below the deck.【Get Price】

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the average person can sense if a floor slopes 1 inch in 10 feet and sloping floors or sagging floors are often one of the warning signs that structural engineers look for when analyzing a house. although most floors slope it is important to know how much and why.【Get Price】

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and like i said before i'm only doing this so i can lay slate tile on the porch flooring so luckily my leveling job doesn't have to be all that pretty just needs to be leveled out so water does sit against the house every time it rains.【Get Price】

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if you are going to install porch flooring in an area where it will be rained on then you have to be sure to slope the level of the surface to provide for proper drainage. grading the land around the porch can also help to prevent liquids from pooling on its surface causing potential problems.【Get Price】

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if floor sloping is limited to the first story of the house (that is there is no corresponding slope to the 2nd-story floor) then the reason could be missing support posts and damaged joists. however if the second floor slopes along with the first floor then there could be a more serious structural cause such as foundation damage or settlement.【Get Price】

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use a vapor barrier to keep your floor above free from condensation caused by the new insulated area. this can be stapled up between the floor joists. roll out the fiberglass insulation sheets between the joists facing side up making sure it is snugly in place. make sure that you wear gloves and a mask for protection.【Get Price】

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for example if you are trying to level a chair on a sloped floor slip a book of matches or a wooden shim under the leg that isn't reaching the ground. if you aren't too concerned about keeping the furniture piece in pristine condition glue or tape the item to the bottom of the furniture for added stability.【Get Price】

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sloping or uneven floors are rarely caused by a problem with the floor system itself. these signs usually signal a problem with your home's foundation. the foundation experts at connecticut basement systems have a solution to fix your foundation and your uneven floors.【Get Price】