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“screws don’t pop like nails “ he says “but we want the new boards to match the rest of the deck.” tip: if you need to rip replacement decking to match existing boards use a tablesaw. ease the sawn edge using a router fitted with a ⅜-inch roundover bit. carefully inspect railings and decking for loose wood.【Get Price】

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re-decking. once all the old deck boards were out of the way i had the green light for the composites. the first new board went down beneath the hand rail and flush with the outside edge of the deck. i used a drill/driver to fasten it down with composite decking screws in pilot holes driven no closer than 1 inch from the edge of the deck board.【Get Price】

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stair stringers should be 16" on center for wood decking and 12" on center for most composite decking. if the deck frame is in poor condition it may be easier to tear down the entire deck and rebuild it from scratch. otherwise you can begin removing the existing decking. if the deck was screwed down this will be easy.【Get Price】

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repair dry splinters in the following way. locate the splinter. if the splinter is still present inside the wood then simply pull up the corner and place a dab of wood glue under the splinter. step on the splinter to hold it in place. place a piece of wax paper over the splinter and hold it down overnight with a weight.【Get Price】

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opt for glue-down carpeting or wrap and tack the edges of the carpet around the ends of the deck for quick removal later. with a carpet you'll want to lay plywood subflooring panels on top of the existing decking boards to rid the floor of the decking gaps that would leave your carpet uneven.【Get Price】

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terrain composite decking… made to look like real wood. idekk geodeck composite t&g deck boards look like real wood but will last virtually forever* because the materials will not feed mold mildew algae and fungus. idekk geodeck composite decking is highly resistant to fading (see manufacturer’s 5 year photo below) have no issues with ...【Get Price】

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but if you replace all the decking you have several options. composite decking may cost nearly twice as much as pressure-treated decking while exotic hardwoods 4 cost even more. for example you may pay $3000 to redeck with pressure-treated lumber $6000 for composite and $9000 for an exotic hardwood. this is for the complete removal of ...【Get Price】

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i would like to replace the decking on my 12 yr old pt deck. i would like to use something other than pt for the replacement. the problem is my current deck boards are 2 x 6's and i am having a hard time finding anything other than wood in this thickness. most of the pvc and composite decking is 1".【Get Price】