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as suggested in "design and build a wood fence" a gate's hinge post should be buried the greater of 3' or one-third of its length deep in the ground and anchored in packed dirt. the latch post too ...【Get Price】

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to add this type of fence on level land is easy but a slope can cause problems. aside from complicated construction sloping areas also require more security from outsiders and animals. follow the steps below to simplify this project. step 1: set the corner posts. before you start building the fence clear the area.【Get Price】

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installing a fence on a hill seems like a daunting project but with the proper planning you can tackle it just as easily as a fence on level land. you have two building choices: you can follow the natural contour of the land or you can build a stepped fence. this guide will walk you through the process of building both types of fences.【Get Price】

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to build your own diy garden fence here is the how-to: measure the depth of how deep the posts will go. we chose 10′ cedar 4×4 posts and put them 2′-3′ into the ground depending upon the grade of the location. we wanted the fence to look level from a distance so the uphill posts are 3′ deep and the downhill posts are 2′ deep. 2.【Get Price】

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make marks for the screw holes on the panel. attach the hinges to the bottom and top rails and drill holes for the bolts at the marked places. step 5 – attach the gate. place each hinge edge against the fence fitting it snugly in place. align the fence panels with the rails of the gate and make adjustments for the height if they do not ...【Get Price】

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building a garden fence is not at all rocket science; all you need to do is to follow some simple steps and you are all set. you must check our website to learn how to build a garden fence. we are known for excellent garden fences and customizable designs. if you’re elmer fudd sending an acme pest …【Get Price】

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tips for installing a gate on a slope. posted july2011 | category: fencing tips. first off if you can avoid installing a gate on a slope do it. installing a gate on a hillside presents quite a few challenges and if it can be avoided try to install the gate in a flat area with as little slope as possible.【Get Price】

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how to plan and build a slatted fence 1. measure the exact length of where you want to build a slatted fence. the timber slats that we used were 3.6m (the wide ones) and 4.8m long (the narrow ones) – therefore the fence posts had to be 1.2m apart (from centre to centre).【Get Price】

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building a fence with preassembled panels. when building a fence on a slope using preassembled panels the entire panel is stepped up or down so it remains level. the posts are installed plumb and each panel steps lower or higher as the grade changes. this allows the overall line of the fence to follow the slope in a stair-step fashion.【Get Price】

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a grade that slopes 10" over just 12-ft. were we to run the bottom rail parallel (option b) the gate would appear off balance or asymmetrical with one side of the gate a full 10" taller than the other side. so we added a rubber sweep to the bottom of the gates dadoed into a groove so when the left gate opens the rubber sweep simply folds ...【Get Price】

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approx. $20+/ft for surfaced 6x6 (5-1/2" x 5-1/2")--. depending on your local lumber yard. normally a special order in the west of about 1 week. this can often be 2 weeks back east. seldom a wise choice for an entire fence-line and used primarily to shoulder your gate or an assembly of the gate and flanking panels representing a featured entry.【Get Price】

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to install a chain link fence follow these steps: 1. ensure that your chain link fence is legal. before constructing your chain link fence make sure that you have all of the necessary permits. the line on which the fence is located must be within your property so double check to ensure that the operation is legal. 2.【Get Price】

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now – time to tackle building a gate! building the gate. as you can see the old gate like the rest of the old fence was well past its intended service life. when building the fence you may have noticed that i did not demo the entire fence at one time since i have three little critters who like to leave the back yard on occasion.【Get Price】

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evaluate the string line to determine if you can make any adjustments in the fence line to make it “flow” better. you may slightly push a picket into the ground and you may raise a picket a couple inches above grade. too much variation will lead to a large gap at the bottom of the fence. 6.【Get Price】

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if you're up for one more diy we've got everything you need to turn a fence panel into a stunning gate: turn a fence panel into a gorgeous garden gate give your fence some customization and create your very own garden gate.【Get Price】

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access is one of the key factors to how successfully your fence serves you. having gates that work well where needed is essential. when you have a need for a gate in a line of fence on a slope it presents a unique challenge which after all is part of what do-it-your-self builders look for in a project.【Get Price】

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once the fence is built there should of been enough time for the concrete to set. the gate posts should have no problems supporting the weight of the gate now. of you opt not to use concrete make sure you really compact the dirt around the posts well or the posts will work the hole and become loose. one more tip.【Get Price】