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flooring options for your rental home: which is best?

laminate flooring is not forgiving if anything it tends to accentuate any imperfections in the floor beneath it. if you have a lot of uneven surfaces humps or dips this may not be a good option for you. second there is a huge difference in quality from product to product. i would recommend commercial grade laminate floor with a lifetime ...【Get Price】

what kind of flooring increases home value?

contrary to what all those home renovations on hgtv made you think not every room needs to have the ideal flooring. in fact there are definitely rooms where it matters more than others. cave explains that while sellers can get away with carpeting in the bedrooms buyers like to see hardwoods in the main areas of the house like the living ...【Get Price】

10 small space design secrets from interior decorators ...

move your couch and chairs away from the wall. this will create depth in the space. you want to see a fair amount of the floor. the more of the floor that can be seen the larger the room will appear. next ground your furniture with an area rug in the same color tones as the flooring. you will visually open up the space.【Get Price】

what type of flooring is best for a rental

4 important factors when choosing rental flooring . durability: you do not want to constantly be replacing the flooring in your rental. when choosing a flooring material you want to select something that is attractive to tenants but will also withstand a lot of wear and tear.【Get Price】

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here are some types of wood flooring for condo that are very popular among most home owners. 1. real hardwood this is one of the most popular types of wood flooring option for condo. this hardwood floor is made from the real wood. wood is a living product that can expand or contract when it is used as the flooring option. therefore this floor ...【Get Price】

25 superb interior design ideas for your small condo space

the natural scenes of trees and mountains are effective views to ease the mind from all the busy streets of manila. however even when real estate philippines offers locations with this kind of scenery it is still hard to find when you are in the city so you can always go for alternatives and improvise with your own garden condo and wide windows that do not only allow for the morning ...【Get Price】

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modern condo aesthetics are pretty uniform and hardwood floors are most consistently seen as a must although that’s changing. laminate flooring used to be a no-no but it’s true that some ...【Get Price】

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also you’ll feel the rising of hot air at this floor level which is a plus if you prefer warmer temperatures in your condo. of course the best advantage of living on the upper floor is the view. condo units located on the upper floors can have higher prices because of the amazing views that you’ll get to enjoy.【Get Price】

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compare condo home floor plans. keep these tips in mind when searching for your ideal floorplan. there are many possible home floor plans but not all will be right for you. look for a floorplan that fits your lifestyle current furniture and is in your ideal location. browse our spacious floorplans and find your perfect floor plan today.【Get Price】

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enhanced traction for an added measure of safety. healthcare education and retail facilities have an extraordinary responsibility to protect the health and well-being of occupants with an environment that is clean comfortable dry and safe.【Get Price】

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different than solid hardwood flooring engineered hardwood is made with many different layers. because this specific material has many different layers and are more resistant to moisture engineered hardwood planks are ideal for flooring in homes in a humid climate.【Get Price】

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classic herringbone flooring is beautiful and interesting while adding additional texture and point of interest to your bedroom. but if you’re working with a strict budget this isn’t going to the best flooring option for you if you are seeking affordable bedroom flooring as it can be expensive to install as herringbone flooring is quite intricate and labor intensive.【Get Price】

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carpet while warm isn’t the ideal flooring for a child’s room. some vinyl products that fit eco-friendly qualifications and look similar to linoleum are made of wood flour jute rosin and ...【Get Price】

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here we present you 20 great design ideas for condos. they all look so urban and modern. source source source source source source photo credit: brett【Get Price】

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its moderately heavy stable nature makes it an ideal choice for high-traffic areas. designer christopher j. grubb mirrored the floor's wood grain in the door frames art niches and ceiling cutout and used it as inspiration to design this resort-style bedroom complete with collectibles from around the world.【Get Price】

what plank size is ideal for certain room size?

what’s the ideal plank size? the general rule of thumb when choosing is the bigger the room the bigger the plank size can be. most laminate designs range between 5” and 8” planks but may be broken up within the plank to have the appearance of 3” or 2″ board patterns.【Get Price】

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this distinctive structural characteristic also causes cork floors to absorb vibrations and sound and they bounce back if dented. cork flooring is available in pre-finished tiles in a range of finishes. the tiles have a natural nonslip surface that makes cork ideal for wet areas like kitchens or bathrooms.【Get Price】