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check local code for post hole size. typically the hole diameter should be about three times the width of the post. some codes might require the depth to be below the frost line — the level at which water in the soil typically freezes — to help prevent the ground from pushing up the posts (known as heave) during a freeze.【Get Price】

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install fittings: 1. place tension bands on end and corner posts. 2. quantity of tension bands per hook-up = height of fence minus one; minimum of three. for example a 4' high chain link fence requires 3 tension bands per hook-up. 3. a hook-upis each connection of chain link to an end or corner post.【Get Price】

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installing a stockade fence can be rather time consuming and somewhat difficult. however you will find that it is all worth it in the end whenever you have a strong and sturdy stockade fence surrounding your yard. step 1 – set up posts. you will begin by getting your posts set up an equal distance away from each other.【Get Price】

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measure 4 feet away from the chain link fence at the starting point where you wish to place your first tree. set a stake in the ground at this point. tie string to the stake and walk to the end of ...【Get Price】

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i need to install a stockade fence. since i have a pool the horizontal pieces must go on my side the inside. at the back of my backyard is my neighbors fence. it is a 4 foot chain link fence and then in the inside of that for him he attached a stockade fence to it. but my town requires me to have my own fence.【Get Price】

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this weekend we decided to replace our old chain-link fence with a new wood one. we are using the old fence posts to support the cedar planks. it's only about 20 feet long so we thought this ...【Get Price】

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may 14 2013 - explore fence hub's board "chain link fence" followed by 297 people on pinterest. see more ideas about chain link fence fence chain link.【Get Price】

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the end posts should slide right over your 4′ line posts and give you the 6′ you need to support your fence panels. i didn’t like that the posts made a rattling sound so i squirted some spray foam in the posts to hold everything tight. i used this same method on the non-standard sized post at the back since the 2 3/8″ end post fit over it.【Get Price】

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whether the ground is rough and patchy or goes up or down leveling out a fence line is essential for creating a strong sturdy fence that will last for generations. save back-breaking time by knowing the best way to build a good fence when the ground you need to surround is uneven.【Get Price】

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fit each clamp over a bar and screw it to the fencepost with 1 1/4-inch long wood screws. 4 cut enough 1 1/2-inch polypropylene netting from a 4-foot wide roll to stretch along one side of the fence.【Get Price】

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installing a chain link fence on unlevel ground. before trying to install a chain link fence on an uneven surface it is important to know the difference between the two purposes of fence posts. the first purpose is that of a terminal post which is a post that a fence panel ends on. the second type is a line post which merely provides support ...【Get Price】

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some clamp in place by means of a tension bolt while others simply fit over the post and are secured once the wood fencing is in place. setting the posts if you're converting from a chain-link to a wooden fence you don't have to worry about setting posts -- they should already be supported in concrete and spaced approximately 8 feet apart.【Get Price】

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we a nice new-ish traditional wood fence on two of the three borders of our backyard. one section (the longest section too i might add) is a terrible gnarly chain link fence. this thing is busted up! it’s crooked leaning and has been morphed over the years by trees growing in and around it. the old chain link fence is truly an eye sore:【Get Price】

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i want to buy the 6' tall wooden stockade fence panels and ... fence by attaching the chain link fence to one ... a wood fence up on chain link posts ... online service] chain link fence wholesale cost prices cyclone fence ...【Get Price】

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wood & link fence co. in yelm ~ chain link fence installation in 16 sep 2013 visit / or call (360) 338-6811 today! wood & link fence brings 36 years of professional fencing experience to satisfied customers in yelm and the surrounding areas.【Get Price】

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if you are installing privacy fence chances are you are looking to convert a 4 foot chain link fence to a 5 or 6 foot wood fence. if this is the case then the obvious problem is that your existing posts are too short for the taller fence.【Get Price】