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porch floor tongue and groove versus 2x6 boards pros and cons

porch floor tongue and groove versus 2x6 boards pros and cons one of our site visitor wrote and asked: "i have a porch i need to redo.the deck is currently built out of tongue and groove 2x6's and is rotting in areas.【Get Price】

how to choose wood floor widths | home guides | sf gate

plank. plank wood flooring is constructed from floor boards that typically range from 3 to 8 inches wide. the broad width of boards used in plank flooring makes it ideal for use in a rustic ...【Get Price】

floorboards vs new wood flooring vs parquet | mumsnet

you can take advantage of the access to clean out the void unblock the airbricks and do any plumbing or wiring that you can think of including phone broadband tv alarm speakers and to insulate or replace underfloor pipes. you can include access hatches. it is best done before you start laying carpet or decorating.【Get Price】

carpet vs. luxury vinyl flooring

while each flooring option offers its own set of obvious benefits the comparison between vinyl vs. carpet is actually much closer than you might think. both are available in different formats—for carpet there’s broadloom and carpet tiles and for vinyl there’s tile plank and resilient sheet. both have design versatility.【Get Price】

pros and cons of laminate flooring - the spruce

laminate flooring emerged on the residential flooring scene decades ago as an easy-to-install attractive and durable alternative to solid hardwood flooring. its technology has advanced by leaps and bounds since that time with sharper high-definition imaging deeper embossing better seaming mechanisms and a host of other innovations.【Get Price】

pros & cons of prefinished vs. unfinished wood flooring

the advantages of prefinished wood flooring prefinished wood flooring is the best avenue when hardwood prices installation cost and convenience are major factors for your flooring project. prefinished floors means less mess which has obvious advantages especially if you have children or pets that you don’t want exposed to fumes and other ...【Get Price】

ceiling solutions - everest industries limited

everest offer a cost-effective solution to space constraints. these are made using hpsc process which gives these boards high load carrying capacity with suitable framework of steel or timber. floor solutions using everest floor boards are quick and easy to install with minimum disruption to your existing setup.【Get Price】

why choose hardwood floorboards? -

advantages of hardwood floorboards value for money: virtually all real estate agents agree that hardwood floors add value to a home beyond their initial cost. a hardwood floor will last as long as your house lasts so will never need replacing.【Get Price】

top benefits of laminate flooring - advantages of laminate

one of the best benefits of laminate flooring is the variety of attractive styles. laminate is made using a high-definition printer that creates almost any realistic design you can dream of. from hardwood designs to tile décor laminate is available in a variety of colors and styles not to mention a variety of textures.【Get Price】

what is floating floor? - benefits and disadvantages. | esb ...

it is very hard to imagine a house being cosy without the warmth of wood flooring. the best way to quickly get the new floor under your feet is to use floating installation method.many of us of course heard the phrase: “installing floating floor”. it is not entirely correct as floating floor is a method of installation rather than a specific type of flooring material.【Get Price】

benefits of timber flooring - narangba timbers

benefits of timber flooring posted on april 21 2016 by jonathan pedersen as the resident timber flooring experts in brisbane we like providing information about why timber floors are such a great choice.【Get Price】

wide plank flooring pros and cons - the spruce

site-finished flooring has another advantage: seam-filling. after the floorboards are laid down there are always thin seams between the boards that can allow for moisture infiltration. water is one of the worst enemies of natural wood flooring. when wood flooring is site-finished the varnish fills in between the seams acting as a barrier ...【Get Price】

the many advantages of timber flooring in a home ...

the many advantages of timber flooring in a home. when it comes to selecting the flooring during building or renovation a timber floor is often recommended as the best choice for many reasons.【Get Price】

pros & cons of diagonal wood flooring | ehow - ehow | ehow

the boards can make a room appear longer or shorter depending on whether they run parallel or perpendicular to the longer wall. diagonal boards draw attention to the corners and de-emphasize the walls. this can be a great advantage in a room with a corner feature like a wood stove or alcove.【Get Price】

the benefits of chipboard flooring for your next project

no more creaking floorboards! if chipboard flooring is glued to the joists any movement can be kep to a minimum. this makes for a silent floor that won’t wobble and creak as it gets older. easy to cover. with tongue and groove on all sides you can lay using glue or concealed fixings to keep the floor surface smooth.【Get Price】

concrete vs timber floors - btl property

another advantage of a suspended floor is that in some circumstances where your property is on a sloping site using a solid floor can be very expensive as the walls to support the ground underneath would be very substantial and in turn expensive. solid concrete floor. source:【Get Price】

factors to consider when choosing your home's floorboards

there are advantages and disadvantages to both types of board. many argue that with engineered timber board that the advantages are that is can be inexpensive and easier and quicker to lay. it can also have insulation under the floorboards. solid timber floorboards on the other hand has natural insulation and natural warmth.【Get Price】

7 reasons why vinyl plank is better than ceramic tile

vinyl planks are taking over the flooring industry. as technology advances so does the way the flooring we install in our homes is engineered. here are 7 reasons why vinyl plank is a better choice than ceramic tile.【Get Price】

advantage alluminum bed wood system

an accurate recreation of actual wood grains digitally printed on a durable commercial grade floor laminate and applied to our extruded aluminum boards.sold in kit form and shipped complete with hidden bolt center strips stainless hardware additional under floor supports and your choice of wood grain patterns and colors.【Get Price】

the pros and cons of pine flooring - home reference

often chosen for its homey appearance and ability to stand up to years of use pine has the added benefits of being easy on the wallet and on the environment. pleasing appearance. pine is available in colors ranging from nearly white to golden yellow to deep rich browns and reds.【Get Price】

floating floors vs non-floating floors: what gives?

one of the most obvious advantages that a floating floor has over a non-floating floor is ease of installation. floating floors can be pieced together like a puzzle — leading to a more cost-effective and environmentally friendly approach by eliminating smelly and messy type adhesives and shortening the time spent on installation.【Get Price】