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how to replace a fence post in concrete: 15 steps (with pictures)

dig a hole around 1 side of the fence post. with a shovel break into the ground surrounding the fence post’s concrete base. keep digging until you create a half-circle gap between the ground and concrete. if possible dig a hole that is as deep as the concrete itself giving the post as much wiggle room as possible.【Get Price】

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concrete fence damage. when fence posts have become loose or have fallen out of plumb it is usually due to problems in the footing. sometimes it can also be due to problems in the backfill. over time concrete footings can crack or move and concrete footings that have failed are often hard to repair.【Get Price】

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the problem with fence post demolition is that when installed properly those posts are meant to withstand exactly the kind of side-to-side force you put on them to loosen them up. add to that any code requirements to accommodate the frost line and you may have three feet of post and concrete below ground.【Get Price】

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with a chainlink fence this is usually as simple as removing the retaining clips and the post cap to free it from the fence panel. for a wooden fence you’re going to need a few spare 2x4x8s to create some bracing for your fence panels first. attach your braces to both sides of the fence and stake them to the ground.【Get Price】

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to keep this damage from spreading too quickly and to prevent potentially unsafe conditions you’ll want to repair these problems before they get too big. this project guide offers steps and instructions on how you can repair those small cracks and crumbles yourself using just a few common masonry tools and a little bit of time.【Get Price】

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by holding the fence post in an upright position you will likely notice a gap between the wood and the concrete base that the post is set in this is where the post mender will go to stabilize the post in this position. step 5. start by setting the post mender in the gap between the post and the concrete base.【Get Price】

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fence post repair using concrete spur - duration: 8:49. greendayz garden & grounds maintenance 11407 views. 8:49. oz-post® wood post anchors - duration: 3:48.【Get Price】

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prepare premixed concrete stir it well and pour it into the hole around the post. slice the concrete mix periodically with a spade as you pour to eliminate any air pockets. at the top of the hole mound concrete around the base of the post to shed water.【Get Price】

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the concrete footing is of unknown size and depth. the damaged fence is close to buildings or utilities that restrict access by heavy equipment. (not even considering the rental expense or the damage they may cause to lawns). using brute force to lift concrete is a bad idea. concrete is extremely strong when compressed but extremely weak when ...【Get Price】

how to fix a wobbly fence with a concrete repair spur

you may have to chip away some of the existing concrete around the wooden fence post so your concrete repair spur sits flush to the wooden post. while you’re there – it’s a pretty good idea to give your fence & the newly exposed post a coat or two of wood preservative to help prevent any future decay.【Get Price】

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break up the concrete using a sledgehammer and chisel and remove the fence post. next put a new post in the hole make sure it's sitting level and then fill the hole with concrete. finally remove the pieces of the old post left in the fence attach the rails to the new post and replace any removed slats.【Get Price】

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i want to use cant rails and then featherboard. i can't work out how i can fix the cant rails to concrete posts. i have seen gates hung on intermediate concrete posts where a piece of 2x4 has been bolted to the concrete post.【Get Price】

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if you are erecting a fence on concrete you can dig out holes and sink the posts in place but it is much easier to use bolt-down brackets. these brackets are simply fixed to the concrete surface and the fence posts are inserted and secured into the bracket socket.【Get Price】

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a concrete fence repair spur means that rather than replacing a whole fence or post you can support it from one side of the fence thus keeping it solid and secure. first thing to do is clear the space around the wobbly fence post so you have access to the surrounding ground (this could mean clearing away bushes or other plants). 2. dig down【Get Price】

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this quick film shows you how to fix a fence post onto concrete using a fencefast post support.【Get Price】

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steel fence posts are intended to be set in concrete and to last for decades. if you decide to move your fence or even remove it altogether you need to take out the fence posts. that’s going to cause a problem as you have to take out something that was meant to remain in the same spot permanently. step 1 - prepare【Get Price】