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5. rinse the deck clean with a garden hose. 6. in a bucket pour one part borate (in this case tom used bora-care) and five parts of water and mix well using a cordless drill fitted with a paint-mixing paddle. 7. pour the borate solution into the pump sprayer and apply it to the deck and railings to kill algae. 8. let the deck dry for two or ...【Get Price】

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yes - you can stain composite decking but only for certain types of composite decking. several years ago we were called out to a raleigh home that had an expansive multi-level composite deck. the deck had the black mold spots everywhere which seems to be a very common problem with the older composite decks.【Get Price】

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glenn if the composite deck is newer you don’t want to seal it as the sealer won’t be able to penetrate. if it’s an older composite deck that’s absorbing water you can use our defy extreme composite deck sealer. to make sure it’s able to be sealed just sprinkle a few drops of water on the deck. if it soaks in it can be sealed.【Get Price】

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can you stain composite decking? the short answer: yes. while composite decks like aren’t designed or required to be paintable or stainable like their natural wood counterparts they can and will accept paint under certain circumstances – if properly cleaned prepped and primed. adding deck stain for composite decking or a topcoat of ...【Get Price】

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before you re-stain a deck there are a few steps you should take to prepare and get the deck ready to absorb the new color. if this is the first time deck stain color is going to be applied to the surface of your deck you’ll have slightly less prep work to do.【Get Price】

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work the stain into the spaces between the deck boards and wood grain with the 4” brush and extension pole. if a second coat is required refer to the product data page for recoat times. drying and recoat times are temperature humidity and film thickness dependent. tip: stain railings before staining the main deck.【Get Price】

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i agree that normal detergents can clean your deck just as efficiently as specialised decking cleaners. i also found that a stiff brush was really effective in removing stuck-on debris. however having had a traditional wood deck for years we have recently upgraded to a composite wood deck which provides a no-maintenance alternative to ...【Get Price】

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composite decking is a low maintenance product that will never require re-staining or re-painting unlike wooden decks — that’s probably one of the main reasons you chose it. however there are a few key things you need to know before washing your or brand composite decking.【Get Price】

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floor sanders can only sand surfaces that are perfectly flat and deck boards are slightly curved. that means it will take off too much in some sections and not enough in others. advertisement【Get Price】

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find out how to restain a cedar deck. learn why it's not necessary to sand the deck. just give it a good cleaning and then use a solid-color stain. if you prep the deck and apply the stain properly it should last five to seven years.【Get Price】