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greg's hot tub was 8'x8'. a very common size but he wanted to design his deck so that the top of the hot tub sat flush with the deck surface. but the surrounding deck was fairly high off the ground so the hot tub had to be supported by an elevated substructure.【Get Price】

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a hot tub has components that will need service at some point. do not build a hot tub’s equipment side in to a deck with no access! this is painful for our service techs to discover when we head out to a house to do service. without proper access to safely service the equipment we may not be able to fix what ails your hot tub.【Get Price】

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position the hot tub or pool where you want it in your plan. select build> decks> straight deck edge from the menu then click and drag to draw a second deck room entirely inside the first one. if your spa has rounded edges such as in our example you can create the shape and then use the change line/arc edit tool on a straight corner segment ...【Get Price】

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build the permanent frame for the deck out of 2x6 pressure-treated beams (images 1 and 2). pressure-treated wood is critical since the deck will be exposed to rain and the water from the hot tub and pressure-treated lumber resists damage and deterioration from exposure to water or moisture.【Get Price】

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this is our full set of plans for a deck with a hot tub. see all of our free deck plans here. obviously you can tweak it for your own design but our free deck blueprint is a good start. this deck includes plans for built-in benches flanking the hot tub. click here for the full pdf. otherwise click the each image below to enlarge.【Get Price】

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hot tubs can be fabulous additions to the home but maximizing your backyard space to accommodate for it is key. some deck designs can be built around a hot tub depending on its size and capacity. once you figure out how to make your deck and hot tub work together in harmony you can choose how you want it to look.【Get Price】

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the size of your hot tub will determine the length of the 4x4s that you mount beneath the deck. make sure you have enough boards for two supports the same size as the the diameter of the hot tub. you will also need 4x4 lengths long enough to connect the bottom of the deck to the ground. for flat ground you will want four foundation cinder ...【Get Price】

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access to recessed hot tub decks if you are planning on installing a deck surrounding a hot tub or spa that is set on top of a concrete pad you will need to create an access hatch for the hot tub electrical hookup pump and controls.【Get Price】

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then inside there is a bench to sit on that is down under the water about 16″. the stone is a natural granite fieldstone from connecticut installed as a veneer to the concrete shell of the hot tub. tip: if you want to save on costs purchase a hot tub and then build a stone wall around it. first thing to do is select the tub such as sundance ...【Get Price】

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many people install a hot tub on their deck. if you've got other plans on where to install your hot tub one of the most important things to have is a solid and stable base for the hot tub. a full hot tub is heavy and if it's simply placed on the ground it may shift and settle over time. in addition spilled water around the tub can make the ...【Get Price】

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you are building a deck to enclose your hot tub. there will be electrical plumbing excavation issues and other aspects to address. a landscape architect will provide a layout of your plan and help guide your contractor if necessary.【Get Price】

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build a solid deck base to support the hot tub weight when it comes to structural support the safest bet is a solid base independent of the deck. but if you want to go the post and cement footing route beaulieu recommends consulting a professional to ensure your load calculations are correct.【Get Price】

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the second is to build a deck strong enough to support the weight of a hot tub filled with water and people enjoying themselves. you can use the plan below to construct a hot tub deck in one afternoon.【Get Price】

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short animated video showing the ideal way to build access for a hot tub built into a deck at deck level. remember access is needed in case of future service or upgrades to equipment.【Get Price】

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another important consideration when building a spa in a deck is the insulation around the tub. when sinking a spa shell into a deck without a spa cabinet some insulation should be planned for to save on heating costs. when a wood hot tub is sunk into the deck a heavy insulated pad can be wrapped around the tub below deck level.【Get Price】

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pour a concrete pit at least 30-inches larger than the hot tub to allow access to the motor and pump. if you choose this method you will place the tub in the pit and build a removable deck around the perimeter.【Get Price】