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to help build the foundation but account for leveling sloping etc. i did some research and found that the best (and most readily-available) fit seemed to be precast pier blocks (aka deck blocks or handi-blocks).【Get Price】

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pier blocks make it easy to create a freestanding deck that is not connected to the home. the average do-it-yourself homeowner with minimal carpentry skills can easily create a good-looking ...【Get Price】

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deck blocks sit directly on the ground so they are a bit more susceptible to movement though if the ground is pretty consistent where you plan to build it really shouldn't move much. the advantage of this is quite a savings in cost at the beginning and a bit of movement won't do any harm since it isn't attached to the house.【Get Price】

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how long does it take to build a deck by yourself? i don’t want to mislead you so here’s my secret to speed. building a deck in less than 48 hours takes… patience. it wasn’t done in a weekend. it was completed over weeks. cramming those 48 hours into a weekend takes two things: money & plans【Get Price】

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deck blocks are simple. to use deck blocks level the places where the block will be placed. using a mason's string level add or remove soil beneath the blocks until they are level from end to end. be sure to pack the earth before replacing the block after each adjustment. ready to build. deck blocks are ready to have the edge of a 2 x 6 ...【Get Price】

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a backyard deck is an excellent way to expand outdoor living space but decks can be complicated time consuming and pricey. one way to build a ground level deck with simple construction without breaking the bank is to use prefabricated deck blocks for your foundation.【Get Price】

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with spring in the air building a deck might be on your mind. building a deck is not as hard as you might think and if you follow some basic guidelines it can be a great diy project.【Get Price】

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the actual build out of the deck took us two solid weekends and a babysitter. my husband and i did this entirely ourselves so a few extra hands could have made this go a little faster. materials used: 52 deck block concrete piers; 15 16 foot 2×6 treated lumber; 35 16 foot x 6 foot veranda composite deck boards; 1 8 foot 4×4 treated lumber【Get Price】