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so this age old question has cropped up a few sections of fence have blown down and really the full lot needs doing as that is ready to go as well. i was out so my wife goes out to inspect the damage and meets the neighbour at the same time. my missus goes oh dear the fence has blown down and straight away the neighbour says you mean your fence.【Get Price】

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bottom . username di m(15) subject line: who owns the fence . di m(15) posted on 02-02-2013 at 4.46am ... their last dog chewed through our garden fence. the ...【Get Price】

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wowfudge. when i've paid for a fence i've made damn sure that i have the nicer flat side facing my garden and so does everyone else that i know. piglet john. yes. the front fence normally faces the road so that when people look at the front of your house it looks nicer. also normally the battens or rails go from top to bottom.【Get Price】

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your neighbour might be prepared to split the costs with you but if that does not work you can always put up your own fence – but this must be on your own side of the legal boundary. determining precisely where this lies can be as problematic as working out who owns a fence.【Get Price】

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that is the common law provides that unless agreed otherwise boundary line fences are owned by both property owners when both owners are using the fence. a fence built and used solely by the builder of the fence is owned by the builder of the fence and is not a boundary line fence at all.【Get Price】

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if your fence is right on the property line between your neighbor’s property and your property neither you nor your neighbor owns a side; it’s a shared fence and a shared responsibility. if the fence falls to one side of the property line it is wholly owned by the property owner whose side it’s on. it’s important to know whether or ...【Get Price】

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hi could you tell me who owns the bottom fence me or the adjouning house in another road as it has nearly blown down in recent weeks.the fence was there when we moved in and the other property has changed ownership aswell.【Get Price】

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still better be on the safe side with a happy neighbour clean criminal record and an intact bank account. no matter the condition of your fence or wall at yes homebuyers if you need to sell your house fast contact us on 0808 278 2823 and kelvin will be there to help. further reading: how to revamp your garden and add value to your house【Get Price】

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if you are unsure as to where your boundary is or who owns it the starting point is always your title deeds. if your house has been built on a new estate then it is likely that there will be a reasonable scale plan showing the garden boundaries. you should always ask your solicitor or conveyancer for a copy of your boundary plan.【Get Price】

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oh boy. well there's the legal answer and then there's the neighbourly answer. a fence on the property line is really in joint ownership. so you can paint your side whatever colour you want.【Get Price】

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it is normally best to assume the fence is your neighbours’ fence unless they have confirmed in writing that they don’t own it. in that case the remedy is the same as “the neighbours will not fix their fence ”. i want to put trellis on the fence or replace the fence. if this is your fence you can do this. remember that rear fences over ...【Get Price】

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if you don't like the conditon of the fence you have 2 options you can build your own fence right against his just on your side of the property line or you can pay to have his fence repaired but check with him first its his fence and he doesn't have to let you fix it and after the repairs are done he still owns the fence.【Get Price】

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for example your neighbour might be required to make repairs if he or she has previously taken care of the fence; even if the structure itself is located on your side of the boundary. fence ownership rules in terms of performing any alterations. what does garden fence law say about modifying a boundary fence?【Get Price】

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the poet robert frost's admonition that "good fences make good neighbors" is true to a certain extent but the neighborly peace may be disrupted by a dispute over who actually owns the fence. conflicts often erupt when it comes time to repair or replace the fence or when new construction or new ownership takes place.【Get Price】

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how can i tell who owns the fence at the bottom of the garden. the title deed plan does not show anything. it is the solid screen type and the posts are on my neighbours side.【Get Price】

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find out for certain who owns the fence and where your property lines are--you may have to have a surveyor come find out--and what your legal rights are before doing any repairs or corrections. it's not worth the bad blood between neighbors to cause problems you don't have to.【Get Price】

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for the one at the bottom of our garden we had no idea but we chose to replace it ourselves because we wanted it to match the new one on our left. if you want the fence replacing that borders houses 1 3 5 and 7 then you may be best to do it yourself otherwise you could end up with four different fence types if the neighbours are picky about ...【Get Price】

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the stalk of the ‘t’ will sit on the boundary and come out into your garden or property which means that fence is your responsibility. if two ‘t’s’ come together to form a ‘h’ shape that indicates a shared boundary in which case the fairest thing to do would be to split upkeep and repair bills 50/50.【Get Price】

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a if the fence is yours or jointly owned there should be no problem provided the plants don’t stray into next door's garden. if the fence is your neighbour's then he can say no. the most practical way around this is to train your climbers up freestanding tripods or erect trellis or use posts and wires to support them.【Get Price】

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"usually" (note the inverted comma's) if you are looking out into your garden then the fence you own is on the left hand side. if you house is detached or semi and no other property backs onto the ...【Get Price】

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here we go again! (this question has come up countless times over the years!). there is no fixed 'left/right' rule about who owns a fence. however if you think about how you'd erect a fence at the front of your property it would almost certainly be with the posts on the inside of the fence and the boards on the outside.【Get Price】

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wondering where your fence boundary is? find out who has responsibility for your fence hedge or wall with our useful guide. want to find out who's responsible for painting the fence maintaining the wall or cutting the hedge between you and your neighbour's properties? our first and best piece of advice is to talk over any issues with your neighbour calmly rather than argue. but it does ...【Get Price】

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no matter the condition of your fence or wall at yes homebuyers if you need to sell your house fast contact us on 0808 278 2823 and kelvin will be there to help. further reading: how to revamp your garden and add value to your house【Get Price】

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– we currently have an adequate boundary fence where 1/3rd of the fence is new colourbond 1.8meter high 1/3 is an old 1meter high wooden fence and the other 1/3 at the front is a rock garden – neighbor wants to build a second dwelling which would create a privacy issue and change the classification of the fence to ‘inadequate’ as the ...【Get Price】

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typically speaking who has resposbility for/owns the fences in your garden. geetee1972. member. ... the bottom of the garden is what i’m having to fork out for damned if i’m paying for ...【Get Price】

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while some causes of damage to garden fences are covered under your home insurance there are usually some exclusions. for example should your garden fence be damaged by a falling tree or during a storm then this would typically be excluded under most policies.【Get Price】

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the wording of the deeds may indicate the position or typically if your house has been built on a new estate then it is likely that there will be a scale plan showing the garden boundaries by reference to 't' marks on the plan which usually refers to who has responsibility for the maintenance and repair of a boundary feature.【Get Price】

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the fence is then owned by the property which has the rest of the "t" on its land. you can have the situation where the deeds are no help at all as they do not refer to the fences or indeed the boundaries can be jointly owned. generally the posts & arris rails point to the property which owns the fence.【Get Price】

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it will depend on the deeds but usually you own the fence to your left and your neighbour owns the fence on your right \ their left (although that seems to be the opposite for @wahreo). for the fence at the foot of the garden typically it will be shared ownership between you and that neighbour unless it's their left-hand fence in which case ...【Get Price】