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hi hope this is in the right section. i am building a 5' closeboard fence on top of a small garden wall using 4x4 posts. i've got some bolt-down post holders to fix on to the top of the wall but i am not sure what size / type of fixings to use.【Get Price】

attach fence post to side of concrete

attaching fence post to side of retaining wall? - diychatroom it is a concrete retaining wall without a cap. the neighbor and i get along very well now; however i am worried that this may damage the relationship...【Get Price】

bulletin #269 fence and retaining wall requirements

fence - a fence is constructed of wood chain link wrought iron decorative steel masonry concrete or other similar types of materials. retaining wall - a wall built to support or control a mass of earth or water is a retaining wall. it may be constructed of wood masonry concrete metal or other material. planners are available to【Get Price】

anchoring fence on stone retaining wall : diy

i am looking to anchor a 5 ft privacy fence on top of a stone retaining wall that is on one side of my property. i have some pics to show the wall. unfortunately the wall is stone with cement which leads me to believe it will be a real bitch to anchor anything on or drill into.【Get Price】

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according to the diving fences act a retaining wall may not be the same as a dividing fence even if it stands on the point that separates two properties. the same applies to any wall that forms part of a house garage or other building. so if the retaining walls are part of private property the property owner is responsible for its maintenance.【Get Price】

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retaining walls have structural requirements unlike any other landscape walls. some garden walls aim at providing simple privacy marking property lines or keeping in pets and children. these can be built from simple cinderblocks or stacked stone—or they can be simple fences made from wood or vinyl.【Get Price】

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fence lines often need to be run over areas of pure rock for instance when putting up stock fence in rural areas. posts whether wooden or t-posts can be set in solid rock. it is a hard job that is best done with two workers. the result is a fence line supported by solid posts.【Get Price】

your guide to building a fence on top of retaining walls

it is common to install a fence behind the retaining wall block. if you want your fence placed closer to the wall at more than 3 feet you will need the help of a professional to do the design and ensure that the top of your wall can resist the forces from the fence. top of the wall block【Get Price】

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sinking those posts some 30 inches or more for a 6 foot high fence is best. if you have a 6 foot high fence and wish to attach it to posts cemented in the ground next to a retaining wall i would suggest buying longer posts to satisfy the fencing you have chosen. now please keep in mind what your specific retaining wall is made of...【Get Price】

can i build a retaining wall along an existing fence?

then line the dirt side of the wall with a suitable plastic (the kind that's used for building ponds). and fill up the ground to level it. as for the area between the fence and the retaining wall you could attach a run of 4x2 or 6x2 along the fence line to form a beam for which you can attach joists and lay some decking timber all the way along.【Get Price】

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attaching low retaining wall to fence post - gardenweb attaching low retaining wall to fence post. yogybear july 2 2012. i want to lay pavers to create a patio between my house and a wood fence.【Get Price】

attaching a fence to a retaining wall

attaching fence to concrete retaining wall ... titled retaining wall advice.. the fence posts to the retaining wall or set fence posts in concrete in/on.. solution ... online service] attaching a fence post to the side of a wall【Get Price】

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backfill the retaining wall ideally with a bit of gravel and ag pipe and geotextile (bidim) and then finish building the fence. if the retaining wall needed to be higher or looks higher than it is then you could use 200x100 treated pine sleeper buried on end at a slight angle backwards as independent posts for the retaining wall and either ...【Get Price】

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follow our steps on how to install our fence brackets onto the pioneer range of concrete retaining walls. find out more at https://www.aussieconcreteproducts...【Get Price】

attaching fence to retaining wall

attaching fence to retaining wall installing fence on top of a wall - fence depot while most fencing is usually installed into the ground situations exist when a retaining wall or any existing wall needs a fence installed on top .【Get Price】

attach fence post to concrete block wall

fences and railings are a common sight around retaining walls. . utilize the resistance from the soil mass between the wall and post footing to reduce the forces . installing the fence or railing directly behind the block is a common application.【Get Price】

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permits to replace an existing fence or retaining wall up to 42 inches tall can be approved the same day. if the wall replacement involves new footings it is a new wall. permits for new fences or walls up to 42 inches tall take approximately 3 weeks. for applications requiring public space committee attention the average timeframe is 45 to 90 ...【Get Price】