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the patio estimate calculator will provide you with an estimated average price for a typical 12’ x 18’ paver tile patio as well as high and low ranges for more expensive and cheaper options. patio cost calculator【Get Price】

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this device provides a 15-foot area of protection perfect for porches and patios. it can be used for 12 hours at a time and is deet free without the need for sprays scents or smoke. it uses ...【Get Price】

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so if you’re asking what options you have for outdoor heating then let us compare some of the best choices available. natural gas heaters (mains gas) natural gas heating has been a cost effective way to add warmth to outdoor venues if your property already has. mains gas .【Get Price】

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gravel is often the most cost-effective choice for a patio at an average of $5 – $7 per square foot to install. gravel can often be laid with minimal prep work but because it is not a solid surface it is more suitable for low-traffic areas.【Get Price】

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concrete is typically the lowest cost option while stone is the most expensive option. however costs can vary considerably within each material category. a basic concrete patio will cost around six dollars a square foot while stamped and colored concrete can cost nearly twenty dollars a square foot. similarly a sandstone patio will cost ...【Get Price】

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15 patio & deck lighting options 1. torches. torches are a fantastic way to provide light for your patio or deck area. since you will be dealing with fire it is important that you take certain safety precautions when using these.【Get Price】

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at $6–$10 per square foot pea gravel is a low cost option. since the stones remain loose and don’t need to harden or set this gravel can be used to easily create a patio in any shape. it’s also as easy to install so it’s a relatively simple diy project even for a novice hardscaper. a pea gravel patio can last forever if properly ...【Get Price】

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"it's easy to put in and you can add exposed aggregate or even pieces of glass" says monica mroz landscape architect. the value of concrete is its price. "it’s the cheapest way to have a hard surface" says derek archer landscape designer for brentwood landscape & design.【Get Price】

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the average cost for a 16 x 12-foot concrete patio using heavy concrete pavers will be around $700 for a diy project. typically professional installation of the same-sized patio made of poured concrete will cost between $2000 and $4000 for materials and labor.【Get Price】

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applying a fresh stain or a sealer over an existing backyard patio is the most cost-effective idea for updating concrete. "expect to pay around $2 per square foot” said j.b. sassano ...【Get Price】

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that higher cost comes with more features such as slip resistance a longer lifespan and a more polished look. how much does a flagstone patio cost vs. stamped concrete? the cost of a flagstone patio is between $15 and $30 per square foot or $700 to $5000 in total. that’s more expensive than the $800 to $1200 price for a stamped concrete ...【Get Price】

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the owners of a san francisco townhome wanted to be cost effective wherever possible. st. john landscapes used decomposed granite for the lower patio and paths which is a cheaper option for a low-maintenance outdoor space.【Get Price】

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permeable concrete patio pavers are a cost-effective alternative to natural stone offering the same long-term durability at a more budget-friendly price. proper installation is essential to make sure to work with a qualified professional. get a free estimate for the installation of a hot tub patio【Get Price】

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the cost of patio supplies will vary depending on the materials selected. for example as of 2011 a patio made of small brick pavers typically cost $5.25 to $5.75 per square foot while using large concrete pavers would drop the price to about $3.50 per square foot donaldson says.【Get Price】

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the cost of resurfacing varies on the detail and size of your surface. it is a more cost-effective option than removing the existing concrete and pouring a new slab. a new pour patio can cost anywhere from $3 - $15 or more per sq. ft. depending on the size and detail of the design that is being installed. resurfacing costs between $3 and $10 ...【Get Price】

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which is more cost effective stone or concrete? comparing the two side-by-side it’s difficult to tell which is the more affordable option. right off the bat it’s going to cost you less money to buy and install concrete than stone but that doesn’t mean there are no other costs to consider.【Get Price】

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concrete patio areas can be an attractive and cost-effective option over paver patios. while they still do require some labor they’re often faster to set and the material generally costs less than stone or brick pavers. this concrete patio’s main draw centers around the gas fire pit.【Get Price】