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this idea came to me after several close calls on our back deck stairs. rain ice coming inside from swimming etc... has led to these close calls. *i needed a solution that would not interfere with my ability to sweep clean or shovel the steps but provide excellent protection from falls. several years ago because of this issue i had paid a ridiculous amount of money for a roll (enough ...【Get Price】

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the old wooden steps leading to my deck get really slippery when it rains or in the winter and i have to go up and down them many times a day. i thought of tacking shingles on them but i'm afraid it would hold moisture in and they would rot faster. what about paint with sand mixed in it...【Get Price】

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traction tape is a quick and easy solution for slippery steps whether they’re wood or concrete but you have to seal the pores so the adhesive will hold. sealing the pores prevents water from getting under the tape and breaking the adhesive bond. if the steps are painted and the paint is in good shape just clean it well and apply the tape.【Get Price】

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anytime you have wood outside—whether it’s a set of steps like this or a wood deck or a walkway—sooner or later it’s going to get dirty and that means it’s going to get slick and dangerous. so the first step in preventing any slip and fall is to clean it thoroughly with a deck cleaner or a deck brightener.【Get Price】

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the dangers of slippery steps. wooden or concrete steps feature in most business homes and gardens in the uk. however rain and the build-up of algae or moss on the timber concrete or steel can make your stairs extremely slippery and dangerous. autumn leaves rain damp and frosty weather only compound the problem. false economies...【Get Price】

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icy stairs are a major problem in the winter for many and although rock salt will generally do the the trick it has a tendency to ruin concrete and get tracked through the house creating a mess. here's a simple solution to prevent icy stairs . . .【Get Price】

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q. my outdoor wood steps are getting slimy and slippery from algae the green stain that grows on them. how can i keep algae off the steps and also keep the steps from being so slippery? a. first ...【Get Price】

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we recently pulled up the ugly beige carpeting that was on our interior steps. underneath is hardwood. it looks better than than the horrible rug but now the steps are too slippery for our dogs. i have looked up stair treads but they are all 1. very “country kitchen” looking or 2. made for outdoor use. can you help us find a fun modern ...【Get Price】

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6 slippery deck solutions – cleaning prevention and cost in our recent decking questions and answers blog post we lightly touched on the problem of green and slippery decking which can clearly be a health hazard as well as unsightly.【Get Price】

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safe outdoor steps require non-slip solutions that add safety and prevent you or your dog from falling and slipping down the stairs. protective design works on wood treads tile marble and more. products include no-slip tapes and no-slip mats.【Get Price】

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looking to solve a slippery wooden floor or stairs problem? take a look into a leading range of non-slip for wood to avoid dangerous slip and fall accidents. at slipdoctors you will find a range of highly effective anti-slip for wood solutions that are built-to-last for years to come. our team understands our customers’ requirements ...【Get Price】

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anti-slip floor finish is a liquid solution that you can apply directly to your wood stairs to make them less slippery. using an anti-slip floor finish is an excellent option if you do not want to alter the appearance of your stairs by installing carpet or don’t want to deal with the minor issues that clear adhesive stair treads present.【Get Price】

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grass carpeting is a common solution for slippery stairs. most outdoor carpeting is resistant to color fading from the sun and some even have small holes within that carpet that allow water to drain making them even more effective at being slip-resistant. silica sand. silica sand can be used in the same way on existing concrete steps too.【Get Price】

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various types of grit added to paint will make wood steps slip-resistant. use special plastic grit and you'll never see it even as the paint wears away. apply a fresh coat of paint to the steps. then immediately sprinkle a generous coating of rubber grit to the surface. allow it to dry. then add a ...【Get Price】

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here’s how to transform your slippery steps or stairs: clean the steps well using a cleaner like spic ‘n span or other strong cleaner to remove any dirt oils or foreign matter then rinse well to remove all cleaner residue. when the steps are dry mask off a 3/4″ to 1″ border around the sides and back of the step.【Get Price】

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a slip and fall incident is bad enough on level ground but when such an incident occurs on a staircase it can be extremely dangerous. when you need non slip stair treads you'll want to choose the right product for the environment and the material of the stair surface.【Get Price】

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one of the easiest ways to treat slippery wooden steps is to apply a nonslip coating spray. the spray is a clear epoxy that provides a textured finish to ensure better traction on the stairs. you can use the spray on both interior and exterior wooden steps.【Get Price】

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outdoor wooden steps are exposed to harsh weather conditions year round and must be treated in order to maintain their structural integrity and beauty. penetrating finishes such as semi-transparent stains are a durable and attractive way to treat your wooden steps.【Get Price】

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when it rains our wooden steps develop a slimy coating. how can we make them less slippery? apply non-skid adhesive strips to each step or coat them with floor paint with added grit. if you go the floor-paint route make sure the steps are bone dry then paint the underneath and ends as well as the tops.【Get Price】